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Make Employee Onboarding Fun with

Revolutionize the Way You Onboard New Hires with Our AI-Enabled Solution Integrated within Microsoft Teams, and Make a Lasting Impression from Day One!
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Simplify Onboarding for New Hires

Make the onboarding process seamless for new employees with our automated solution integrated into MS Teams.

Reduce manual tasks and paperwork, so that new hires can start being productive faster.

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Boost Productivity for HR Teams and Support Agents

Empower your HR team and support agents with an automated onboarding solution that simplifies the process for them.

With, you can free up their time to focus on other important tasks and ensure a positive onboarding experience for your new hires.

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Maximize Engagement and Retention of New Hires

Welcome new hires with a personalized onboarding experience that keeps them engaged and motivated from day one.

Our automated solution sends timely reminders for completing necessary tasks, providing a positive experience that leads to higher retention rates and increased employee satisfaction.

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Ensure Compliance Effortlessly

Our automated onboarding solution generates all necessary documents and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

With, you can rest assured that all compliance requirements are being met, while saving time and resources on manual onboarding tasks.

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Most Feature Rich HR Service Desk

Cut Your HR Support Volume in Half
Leverage artificial intelligence and automation to resolve common HR requests automatically, enabling HR teams to focus on more complex tasks.
Deliver Amazing Service Experience
Deliver a superior service experience to employees, providing personalized support and assistance via MS Teams and other leading channels.
Empower Employees with Self-Service
Enable employees to resolve common HR requests themselves, reducing the need for HR support and increasing overall productivity.
Revolutionize Your HRIS Experience
Streamline HR processes and makes HRIS more user-friendly, providing a better experience for both employees and HR teams.
Make Employees Feel Supported
Enable HR teams to provide timely support and assistance to employees, making them feel valued & supported.
Data Driven Employee Engagement
Measure and increase employee engagement levels, driving better business outcomes and enhancing the employee experience.