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Engaging Employee Surveys within Microsoft Teams

Say Goodbye to Boring and Ineffective Employee Surveys and Hello to Our Automated, Integrated and Engaging Solution within Microsoft Teams
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Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

With HR Service Desk, HR Managers can easily create and distribute automated employee surveys, all from within MS Teams.

Our platform features advanced reporting and analytics tools that enable managers to quickly analyze and act on survey results, improving overall employee satisfaction and engagement.

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Streamlined Survey Creation and Distribution HR Service Desk offers a streamlined survey creation and distribution process, eliminating the need for manual survey creation and distribution.

Our platform enables HR Managers to create custom surveys and distribute them to targeted employee groups, all from within MS Teams.

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Improved Employee Engagement and Feedback HR Service Desk features automated employee surveys that enable employees to provide feedback and engage with their organization in a meaningful way.

Our platform ensures that survey responses are anonymous and confidential, fostering a culture of openness and trust between employees and management.

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Simplify Employee Surveys and Management with HR Service Desk offers a range of features designed to simplify employee survey creation and management, including automated survey creation and distribution, advanced reporting and analytics, and anonymous and confidential survey responses.

By using HR Service Desk, organizations can improve employee engagement and feedback, streamline HR management processes, and foster a culture of openness and trust.

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Most Feature Rich HR Service Desk

Cut Your HR Support Volume in Half
Leverage artificial intelligence and automation to resolve common HR requests automatically, enabling HR teams to focus on more complex tasks.
Deliver Amazing Service Experience
Deliver a superior service experience to employees, providing personalized support and assistance via MS Teams and other leading channels.
Empower Employees with Self-Service
Enable employees to resolve common HR requests themselves, reducing the need for HR support and increasing overall productivity.
Revolutionize Your HRIS Experience
Streamline HR processes and makes HRIS more user-friendly, providing a better experience for both employees and HR teams.
Make Employees Feel Supported
Enable HR teams to provide timely support and assistance to employees, making them feel valued & supported.
Data Driven Employee Engagement
Measure and increase employee engagement levels, driving better business outcomes and enhancing the employee experience.