$11 Mn in Series A for - A Modern GenAI Service Desk

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$11 Mn in Series A for - A Modern GenAI Service Desk
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What do brighter and happier service desk professionals have in common?

A GenAI platform like is backing them up! Our modern GenAI platform for employee service desk operations recently garnered $11 million in its Series A financing round. The primary investor was SIG Venture Capital, with additional contributions from Exfinity Venture Partners, 9Unicorns, and Tri-Valley Ventures.  

This capital injection will propel the platform's expansion and further enhance its AI capabilities to revolutionize the employee service desk experience. Bhavanipratap Rana, an Investment Advisor at SIG Venture Capital, remarked on their investment, emphasizing the founders' objective to elevate conventional support platforms to the next generation with artificial intelligence.    

Our SaaS platforms aim to disrupt the mere process stream of traditional service desks to an intelligent enterprise layer that curtails the necessity for manual interference. is built to provide accurate employee support 24/7, orchestrate complex tasks for IT and HR, and even act as a single source of truth for organizational knowledge.    

One of's strengths lies in its seamless integration with team collaboration tool such as MS Teams. It boasts an array of sophisticated features like a state-of-the-art AI chatbot, contemporary knowledge management systems, AI-backed ticketing, on-the-go microlearning, automated desktop operations, live expert consultation, and streamlined approval processes. These are all part of its strategy to optimize the workplace atmosphere.    

Saurabh Kumar,'s CEO, points out the outdated technical support ticketing and phone assistance process, which he believes is financially draining for companies and hampers employee efficiency. "The pressing need of the hour is a transformation, and that's where steps in, shaping the next generation of support," Kumar explains.  

Our main headquarters are in California, and we also operate from Chennai and Dehradun in India and have set its footprint in Toronto, Canada. The US stands out as the primary market for the firm. is in direct competition with established names like Freshdesk, ServiceNow, Kahoot, and Jira.

To date, has accumulated $13.5 million across three funding rounds.  

In November 2020, we secured $500K in funding, primarily backed by Venture Catalysts. We have consistently garnered category-leading badges on G2 for the past few years, along with excellent user reviews. is continually evolving and promises to give enterprises cutting-edge conversational AI employee support at any scale.  

Why Generative AI and why now?  

Generative AI is an innovative technology that is disrupting businesses at all levels. is the first proof-of-value solution that infuses this technology into enterprise service desk operations. Enterprises planning to implement GenAI in their operations for cost optimization and ROI can move from sandbox to production with this innovative SaaS platform.  

It can resolve more than 65% of tickets and queries automatically, route and categorize others to the appropriate agent, and handle many processes on its own. Moreover, offers a modern dashboard to give a bird's eye view of employee service desk ops and empowers Service Desk Managers to make informed decisions. will keep rolling out new features and AI capabilities to wholistically elevate employee service desk experience across enterprises.  

No wonder it is becoming a clear choice for smarter, more productive, and happier service desk professionals.

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