2021: How Conversational Ai Is Changing Employee Service Desk

2021: How Conversational Ai Is Changing Employee Service Desk
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Communication is an integral part of any organization. Whether it is the organization communicating with the clients or employees communicating with each other, it is essential to streamline communication to ensure smooth functioning. 

While businesses have been investing a handsome amount of money in communicating with the clients, they often miss out on a critical area where communication can be improved – The employee service desk. 

Traditional service desks have been used in organizations for decades, providing generic answers to the queries. The often long, drawn-out, and confusing nature of traditional service desks did little to improve employee support. 

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However, things are changing as we walk into more digitized times and adopt technologies that make the business processes simpler. One such technology that has been changing the employee service desk for good is- 'Conversational AI'. 

The Need for Conversational AI

Before the advent of automation and artificial intelligence in the employee help desk realm, employee support was scattered and fragmented, making it difficult for the employees to seek assistance that was wholesome and suited to their needs. 

With AI incorporated within employee service desks, support has become highly automated, and users started getting more personalized services. In more ways than one, the AI-driven employee service desk shifted the focus from agents to the employees seeking support. 

Conversational AI has pushed automated technology a notch higher and provided employees with a system they can talk to. Chatbots and voice assistants are now answering employees' questions and providing the solutions they are seeking just like a support executive would. 

The adoption of conversational AI has increased and has empowered businesses to help their employees obtain suitable support. This is further supported by the reports that indicate conversational AI market size will likely increase from $4.2 billion in 2019 to $15.7 billion by 2024. 

Conversational AI and Employee Service Desk

Conversational AI and employee service desk is a match made in digital heaven! Along with handling repetitive service requests and resolving employee issues at once, the technology provides a highly personal experience to your employees. 

Several prominent companies have already started incorporating conversational AI into their employee service desks., an AI-powered employee helpdesk, can be integrated within Microsoft Teams to provide wholesome support to the users. It allows users to have productive conversations with chatbots about the specific issues they face, the skills they want to learn, or the answers they are looking for. 

Artificial intelligence has been changing the look, feel, and approach of an employee help desk to a great extent. 

5 Benefits of Using Conversational AI:

  • 24/7 Information Retrieval: In most cases involving human support agents, there is a dedicated time interval during which the employee can expect to obtain assistance. It takes longer for an agent to get to a specific employee, understand the problem, and provide them with a valuable solution.  
  • Fortunately, chatbots never get tired! AI-powered chatbots and voice assistants can be accessed by users 24/7, whenever they are facing issues. Also, the use of machine learning tools allows the system to scan the organization's knowledge base, retrieve specific information concerning the question asked, and provide the same to the users within seconds.  

  • Reduced Support Costs: When you have automated chatbots guiding your employees to learn new processes and get trained, you would not need to spend money on paying support costs.  
  • AI-enabled employee service desk makes your employees self-sufficient in getting their issues resolved and learning new skills. This leads to a heightened sense of motivation, which is pivotal in leveraging their productivity.  

  • Speedy Resolution of Cases: With a traditional employee service desk, your employees can expect to get their cases resolved in a few hours (at least). On the other hand, conversational AI makes this process much faster, eliminating the need for going through multiple levels before it reaches the service agent.  
  • AI-driven service desks keep track of the entire history of employee interactions, questions asked, tickets created, and information provided in the past. Using this data, the system looks into the existing enterprise data to pinpoint a definite solution and provides the same to your employee without wasting any time.  

  • Human-like Adaption and Learning: Conversational AI works like a human service agent helping your employees whenever they need it. The technology is designed to allow the system to learn and adapt as you keep interacting with it. After repeated interactions with the chatbots, the service desk will gauge the user's preferences and areas where they might need help. It never asks the basic screening questions repeatedly to make the conversation seem real and evolved.  
  • Based on the service desk interactions, the platform will keep giving users specific suggestions based on the machine's interpretation of their needs. This gives a whole new dimension to the support provided to your employees.  

  • Omnichannel Approach: Depending on their job's nature and the position they hold in the organization, your employees may use desktops, laptops, or their mobile phones for accessing the employee service desk.  
  • Conversational AI is platform-fluid and works effectively on all digital devices having access to your service desk. This makes it flexible and convenient for employees who do not necessarily have a desk job to obtain real-time assistance from the AI-driven employee help desk.

The Final Word 

When it comes to making new technological developments in employee support, the sky is the limit! The use of AI-enabled chatbots and voice assistants has changed the way employees perceive service desks.

This is undoubtedly the best alternative to the traditional help desks that are essentially more favorable for the agents than the employees. Here, the employees looking for help are at the heart of the service, and all their needs are taken care of with the help of seamless automation and machine learning.

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