5 Reasons To Implement A Modern Employee Help Desk In 2021

5 Reasons To Implement A Modern Employee Help Desk In 2021
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The need for automation and personalization is increasing steadily over time. As we enter 2021, everyone needs to gain more by doing less, including customers, employees, and organizations, which lead to the rise of the Modern Employee Service Desk. 

Employee help desks are no longer relying on the traditional and time-consuming ticketing system to provide generic solutions to specific employee problems. 

5 Reasons Modern Help Desk is the best:

Here are some of how a modern employee help desk works in 2021: 

  1. A single-window approach

  2. Understanding the context

  3. Use of knowledge base

  4. Cost-effective employee training

  5. Use of engaging content

  6. Use of conversational AI

Artificial intelligence has proven to be one of the most successful modern technologies for streamlining business processes. Statistics show that 54% of business executives say that adopting AI in their workplace has boosted their productivity. 

This is because conversational artificial intelligence (AI) helps you automate repetitive processes, understand inputs, and generate personalized responses, just like a human would. 

Using the same technology in an employee help desk revolutionizes how employees seek support from support desk/teams. While the traditional help desks left employees confused, dissatisfied, and waiting too long to get their queries answered, AI-driven employees help desks bring solutions to their desks in no time. 

A Single-window Approach

In traditional help desks, employees had to knock on several agents' doors to answer their questions. Different help desks for different departments often confused employees to find the best possible answer to their queries. 

This rendered employees clueless as they had no idea whom to call and where to get support. Traditional help desks often confused employees, which made them stop using self-service portals altogether (resorted to other means of getting their issues resolved). 

However, a modern employee help desk has changed this perspective forever. It provides employees with a single-window approach for quick support. A single window approach integrated with collaborative tools like Microsoft teams helps the support teams take care of all the questions employees has, irrespective of their departments. 

Instead of a fragmented first line of support, modern help desks offer a single point of access to all support. 

Understanding the Context

Earlier, an employee help desk provided only generic answers to employees' questions, making them search for the exact solution in the content provided. 

The advent of artificial intelligence in the modern help desks has made it possible for organizations to track the interactions with employees and the support provided to them. This provides a context to the virtual assistants for answering specific questions. 

Whenever an employee looks for support, Virtual Assistant understands the context and perspective then provides a perfect solution to the employee. 

Use of Knowledge Base 

Enterprise knowledge has stayed unused and under-utilized for the longest time. Organizations often confuse knowledge with data and miss out on optimizing their knowledge base to provide seamless support to the employees. 

Modern help desks provide scalable solutions through knowledge management. Whenever employees ask for help, an AI-based virtual assistant will scan the enterprise knowledge base, returning the most appropriate information. 

Cost-effective Employee Training 

Many organizations spend the right amount of time training their employees to perform specific processes and using specific software platforms. Hiring experts and conducting extensive training sessions often take a toll on their budget. 

The advanced employee help desks take care of the aspect of employee training as well. As discussed above, organizations can provide all relevant training resources to their employees when required through good knowledge management. This allows the employees to learn various skills independently, without having to depend on an expert to guide them every step of the way. 

This reduces the amount of money needed to train new employees or integrate new software platforms. 

Furthermore, training employees through an employee help desk creates a sense of self-reliance and independence, leading to higher productivity and motivation. 

Use of Engaging Content 

Not everyone prefers reading long pages of user manuals and guides to get answers to their questions. While traditional help desks stick to long-form text (and a few images) to provide employee support, the modern help desks make the process more engaging. 

Based on the employees' needs and preferences, the help desks in 2021 provide content in an array of engaging formats – videos, charts, animations, or webinars. Here, the focus is on increasing the information retention capacity of the employees through AV media. 

Use of Conversational AI 

Automation, machine learning, and human expertise combine to provide personalized support for employees through conversational AI. Through virtual assistants on the front-end, employees can have productive conversations, connecting them to the right experts (if needed). 

Several prominent companies have been implementing these solutions to leverage their employee support. For example, can be integrated within Microsoft Teams. is an AI-driven employee help desk that uses conversational AI and automated knowledge management to provide customized solutions to the employees' queries in real-time. 

From solving the most fundamental issues and coaching microlearning classes to teaching specific skills and facilitating process automation, AI help desks like enable organizations to provide holistic support to their employees. 

The Final Word 

It is essential to understand that an employee help desk is not limited to ITSM. It goes beyond mere IT support and provides seamless employee support for every department within an organization. 

With the need for digitization showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, it is safe to say that the modern employee help desk is here to stay and transform employee support for good!

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