Ai-Powered Desktop Automation For A Streamlined Employee Support

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Ai-Powered Desktop Automation For A Streamlined Employee Support
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Desktop automation is a new concept. So far, if any issue needs intervention at a desktop level – technicians and agents have to remote login and view the issue and then take actions to resolve it. There is a lot of software in the industry that allows that – however, none marries AI or automation engines with desktop-level resolution. makes that happen.  

Imagine the following scenarios:  

  • It is 11 pm the night, and an employee wants to configure his/her new laptop. However, they cannot do it alone and need handholding. No human agent is available.

  • An employee faces some issues with Outlook – and chats with an AI solution. AI solution realized that it needs to reboot outlook as part of troubleshooting – but does not have a way to do it. It creates a ticket for a human agent.

  • An employee has a OneDrive issue. It takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes for a human agent to resolve it with remote access. PAIN!

  • An employee comes across a hardware issue, and the AI system creates a basic ticket. The human agent would have liked some basic data on hardware performance – but it is not there. Now, human agents will have to coordinate a time with the employee to get remote access to run a PowerShell script and see the performance.

Scenarios like these are playing out every day at most service desks. Traditional service desks assume that human agents will perform all these repetitive tasks. Most modern AI systems do not have reach into desktop automation – and therefore are limited to what kind of resolution they can provide. has changed this and created an end-to-end solution that starts at MS Teams for employees – and can access desktop-level PowerShell scripts (with the right permissions) to achieve previously unachievable automation. Apart from allowing virtual agents to accomplish these tasks, also provides access to human agents in the same way some traditional systems do.  

Tasks That’s Desktop Automation Can Accomplish

  • Software Install

  • Network Printer Install

  • OneDrive Troubleshooting

  • Enable/Disable USB Drives

  • Cache Cleaning

  • Device Settings Configuration

  • New Laptop Setup Assistance

  • Fix Filesystem Issues

  • Proactively Monitor Device and Create Tickets 


Apart from desktop access, comes with many out-of-the-box PowerShell scripts that allow you to get started quickly. Service desk automation is gaining momentum. It might be time for you to invest in a platform that supports desktop automation.

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