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Automate Software Provisioning Within MS Teams

Say Goodbye to Manual Setups and Hello to Automated Software Provisioning, All within Microsoft Teams! Give Access To New Tools And Software In Seconds
Streamline Software Provisioning

Automate software provisioning within MS Teams to streamline the process and save time for support agents and employees.

This feature simplifies complex provisioning processes, reducing errors and making it more user-friendly.

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Boost Productivity and Enhance Employee Satisfaction

Automating software provisioning eliminates the need for manual installation, allowing employees to focus on their work and support agents to handle requests more efficiently.

This improves productivity and satisfaction for both parties.

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Improve Security and Manage Provisioning Effortlessly

The automated software provisioning feature within MS Teams reduces the risk of security breaches by ensuring that all software installations are up-to-date and secure.

Support agents can manage provisioning requests effortlessly, reducing their workload and improving customer satisfaction.

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Save Time and Money with Automated Provisioning

Automating software provisioning saves time and resources, reducing costs and improving overall efficiency for both support agents and employees.

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Most Feature Rich IT Service Desk

Smart Chatbot in Teams and Slack
Enable employees to receive fast and accurate IT support within 10 seconds through a smart chatbot that can be accessed via MS Teams and Slack.
‘Invisible’ Ticketing
Create, update and inquire about tickets simply by having a conversation with the chatbot, that seamlessly integrates with MS Teams.
‘In-built’ Live Chat in MS Teams
Receive real-time support and assistance from IT support teams via an ‘in-built’ live chat feature within MS Teams.
“Twitter-Age” Knowledge Management
Provide employees with access to up-to-date IT information, with a smart feedback loop that continually improves the accuracy and relevance of the knowledge base.
Interactive Notifications Via MS Teams
Empower IT teams to send interactive notifications to employees via MS Teams, enabling them to quickly and easily take action on important IT tasks.
No Code Automation
IT teams can create powerful automation workflows to streamline IT processes and reduce manual effort, enabling them to focus on higher-value activities.