Does Your Employee Service Desk Have An Invisible Ticketing System?

Does Your Employee Service Desk Have An Invisible Ticketing System?
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As the trend of remote working has increased substantially over the last two years, it has become challenging for organizations to provide personalized support to their employees. This has led to advanced and automated service desks that provide users with features like the invisible ticketing system. 

An invisible ticketing system makes it simpler for your employees to seek personalized support without resorting to traditional means of communication such as calls and emails. By making the ticketing system invisible, you can help your employees create, track, and close their tickets without making any efforts to do the same. 

Before understanding how an invisible ticketing system allows you to leverage employee support, let us understand why the traditional ticketing system is no longer relevant? 

Why Is The Traditional Ticketing System No Longer Relevant?

  1. Complicated Functionality

    The traditional ticketing system often made it difficult for users to locate specific channels for creating their support tickets. Especially in the case of non-technical employees, this led to increased confusion in getting their cases resolved effectively. As a result, users often preferred making quick calls and writing emails instead of creating support tickets.

  2. Agent-friendly Approach

    The traditional ticketing software platforms often favoured the support agents instead of the employees. They were designed for the agents to receive and track employee cases as they often found it confusing and tedious. This made the traditional ticketing system cater to the support agents more than the employees willing to resolve their issues.

  3. Lack Of Knowledge Base Optimization

    The traditional ticketing system did not allow the employees to make the most of the enterprise knowledge base to resolve their issues. Here, knowledge management was limited to the support agents as they looked into the cases routed to them.

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  4. Lack Of Quick And Personalized Support

    The traditional ticketing system routed all cases to the support agents, which often led to them getting overburdened with cases. This prevented the agents from looking into every case effectively and often provided delayed and generic support to the employees.

Why Should Your Employee Service Desk Have An Invisible Ticketing System?

  1. Simplified Resolution Of Issues

    An invisible ticketing system makes the entire process of creating, tracking, and closing support tickets simpler for your employees. The essence of this system lies in the fact that it does not require your employees to be aware of the conventional ticketing process at all. It allows them to obtain solutions to their issues without looking for specific channels or platforms to create support tickets manually.

  2. Seamless Knowledge Management Through Conversational AI

    A service desk with an invisible ticketing system facilitates seamless and automated knowledge management with the help of conversational AI. This allows your employees to interact with AI chatbots to resolve their issues. These chatbots understand the context of the issues faced by your employees as they scan through your enterprise knowledge base to provide personalized support.

  3. Employee-friendly Support

    While the traditional approach to ticketing favoured only the help desk agents, the invisible ticketing system is designed to help your employees obtain seamless support. Here, the control of creating tickets lies in the hands of your employees, empowering them to resolve their issues. Such auto-resolution of issues prevents your employees from being dependent on anyone else for personalized assistance.

  4. Reduced Burden On Agents

    Along with helping your employees, the invisible ticketing system also helps your agents deal with the cases in a more streamlined way. Modern service desks automate the direct support provided to your employees with the help of AI chatbots. This leads to many cases getting filtered before they reach the support agents.

    As the caseload for your help desk agents reduces, it allows them to look into every case with precision and tailor adequate support based on the needs and preferences of your employees. This increases the overall quality of support provided to your employees.

  5. Process Automation

    Especially in the case of IT employees, professionals are often required to perform repetitive tasks such as changing or resetting employees' passwords. Performing the same tasks repeatedly takes up the time and effort that could have been invested in more productive activities.

    Modern service desks with an invisible ticketing system allow your employees to automate such repetitive tasks by themselves. By giving simple commands to the chatbots, your employees can get their passwords changed or reset with little to no involvement from the IT department. This relieves your IT employees from spending their time and effort carrying out repetitive processes.

  6. Integration With Collaborative Platforms

    It is impossible to imagine remote work without online collaborative platforms. Service desks with an invisible ticketing system can be readily integrated with online collaborative platforms to streamline further the support provided to your employees. This allows you to provide a centralized platform to the management and your employees, helping them avail personalized support on the same platform used for work.

  7. Getting The Right Agent For Help

    AI-based employee service desks with an invisible ticketing system facilitate routing the right cases to the right agents. Moreover, AI chatbots send all relevant details regarding specific employees to suitable agents, helping them provide solutions based on the needs and requirements of the employees. Once a case is resolved, modern service desks add the details to your enterprise knowledge base, allowing the system to grow with every solution provided to your employees. This further helps you improve the quality of employee support provided through a single unified platform.

The Final Word 

If your employee service desk does not provide you with the feature of an invisible ticketing system, these are some of the most important reasons that should help you make the much-needed shift. To streamline your business processes while following the trend of remote working and hybrid workplaces, it is always advisable to optimize technologies like AI and machine learning based on the needs and preferences of your employees.

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