How To Build A Smarter Service Desk: Use Chatbot-To-Expert Live Agent Transfer Like A Pro

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How To Build A Smarter Service Desk: Use Chatbot-To-Expert Live Agent Transfer Like A Pro
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As business processes keep getting increasingly automated and digitized, the need to provide personalized support to your employees increases as well. To make employee support more simplified and effective, organizations across all major industries implement chatbots that provide personalized assistance to employees. These virtual assistants help you build a smarter service desk that understands the issues faced by your employees and tailors solutions based on their needs and preferences. 

What Is A Chatbot?

Breaking down the term, a chatbot can be defined as a robot that chats with users. Chatbots are virtual assistants who interact with users to resolve their issues, take specific commands, and undertake specific processes. When used in an employee service desk, a chatbot can be used to provide your employees with a human-like experience with the finesse of a machine.

How Does Chatbot-to-expert Live Agent Transfer Work In A Service Desk?

Chatbot-to-expert live agent transfer is a feature provided by - a modern service desk within MS Teams to help organizations provide seamless and automated support to employees. Here, the service desk is used to filter cases that can be resolved without the involvement of the support agents and route the remaining ones to suitable professionals.

Employees can interact with a chatbot within the modern service desk whenever they face an issue. The virtual assistant automates the primary support by scanning your enterprise knowledge base and developing an appropriate solution within seconds. The chatbot understands the context of the issue raised by the concerned employee and tailors the solution accordingly. 

Most cases are resolved at this stage, making your employees go back to work. However, if an employee wants to interact with a live agent, they can ask the chatbot to do the same. This would lead to the chatbot routing their case to a suitable agent. The virtual assistant would also send all relevant details about the concerned employee and the case to provide the agent with sufficient context. 

Once the agent comes on board, the employee can interact with them on chat or through a call. Live interaction with the agent allows your employee to resolve their issue in a more streamlined and personalized manner. When the case is resolved, the chatbot will record the details about the same in the knowledge base for future references. 

The chatbot-to-expert live agent transfer feature forms the basis of the invisible ticketing system. Here, the chatbots automate the entire ticketing system without letting your employees perform any manual processes. They need to interact with a chatbot to create their support ticket. This makes the ticketing system simpler and more efficient. 

Keys To Building A Smarter Service Desk Using Chatbot-to-expert Live Agent Transfer

Here are some of the most important keys to keep in mind as you build a smarter service desk with the chatbot-to-expert live agent transfer

  1. Profiling The Ideal Users

    As you implement an automated service desk within your organization, it is important to understand the users for whom you are building the platform. While most modern employee service desks help employees working in all departments, you can choose to target a specific department to provide support through the service desk.

    Profiling users would also help you set specific triggers for your chatbots. This would help the platform understand the issues faced by your employees and provide them with adequate support.

  2. Setting The Goal For Your Strategy

    Along with understanding the users of your service desk, it is crucial to define the goals for your strategy clearly. The objectives you are willing to attain would determine the chatbots to be developed. Are you willing to provide answers to the questions asked by your employees? Do you want to automate specific processes? Do you want chatbots to assist in project management? Do you want to integrate your service desk with your collaborative platform? Answering such questions would provide you with a sense of direction and build suitable chatbots to support your employees.

  3. Ascertaining The Strengths Of The Platform

    Based on the platform on which you are willing to deploy chatbots, it is crucial to ascertain the activities that can be performed best using that platform. For example, if you are using AI-powered chatbots in a modern service desk integrated with your collaborative platform, you can focus on designing a conversation strategy that allows your employees to look into your knowledge base for information related to the projects they are working on. Identifying such strengths would help you select the processes undertaken by the chatbots.

Benefits Of Using’s Chatbot-to-expert Live Agent Transfer In Your Service Desk

Here are some of the major benefits of adding AI chatbots to your service desk: 

The Final Word 

These were some crucial aspects to consider while building a smarter service desk using chatbot-to-expert live agent transfer. Implementing a smarter service desk within your organization allows you to let your employees auto-resolve their issues and obtain seamless assistance from dedicated experts without unnecessary delays. Ultimately, streamlined support helps you increase your employees' overall rate of engagement and productivity.

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