How To Power Up Hr Productivity With Rezolve.Ai?

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How To Power Up Hr Productivity With Rezolve.Ai?

How To Power Up Hr Productivity With Rezolve.Ai?

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How To Power Up Hr Productivity With Rezolve.Ai?

Employees are precious assets of an organization. Their dedication, hard work, and persistence help a company attain its goals and grow its business. It is, therefore, important for an organization to manage its employees effectively and make sure that it hires the right employees for the right jobs. 

This is what makes the role of the HR department, in equal parts, critical and challenging. Owing to humans' dynamic and inherently unique nature, HR managers are faced with a plethora of challenges while hiring suitable employees and ensuring their engagement once they are hired. 

Why Is HR Productivity Important For An Organization?

  1. Effective recruitment and selection

    High HR productivity ensures more streamlined recruitment and selection of employees for specific jobs. Right from creating a pool of suitable candidates to selecting the most capable ones, the HR department makes sure that an organization is always equipped with skilled and capable employees. An organization often trusts its HR department in sourcing talent that adds to the company's overall productivity.

  2. Developing Compensation Structures

    HR professionals help an organization in deciding a suitable structure for wages and salaries. They make sure that the salaries paid to different employees are in sync with their capabilities and efforts. The HR department is also responsible for assessing the industry's pay standards and deciding on the salary/wage structure accordingly.

  3. Assessing Employee Benefits

    The HR department helps an organization assess benefits that best suit its employees. Dedicated benefits specialists scout the market and come up with benefits that allow an organization to retain its employees without exhausting its budget while providing employee benefits. HR professionals are also responsible for communicating these benefits to the employee as and when required.

  4. Employee Onboarding

    It is important to note that recruitment and onboarding are two different processes. While recruitment is limited to creating a pool of suitable candidates and selecting the ideal ones, employee onboarding involves ensuring that the new employees are comfortable working with their teams and are well-versed with their responsibilities.

    Along with recruitment and selection, the HR department handles the entire onboarding process to ensure high engagement and productivity.

  5. Undertaking Safety And Risk Management

    It is the responsibility of the HR department to ensure that all the employees in an organization work in a safe and healthy environment. From adopting measures to avoid workplace injuries/accidents to handling harassment reporting, HR professionals ensure that employees enjoy a long and smooth run in an organization.

  6. Overlooking Training and Development

    Whether new employees need to be trained on joining the company or the existing ones are required to learn new skills, the HR department overlooks effective training and development of the employees. It looks for the most suitable training programs and signs the employees up to ensure their professional and personal development.

  7. Ensuring Employee Satisfaction

    It is the HR department that is directly responsible for the work satisfaction obtained by the employees. HR professionals are always available to redress grievances, resolve issues, and motivate their employees to get their work done in the best way possible.

Powering Up HR Productivity With is an AI-driven HR helpdesk that provides automated and personalized support to your employees. From onboarding employees to training them, it allows your HR department to undertake a number of processes through a single integrated platform.

To optimize the power of the HR helpdesk, is integrated with Microsoft Teams. This allows users to obtain an array of support processes through the collaborative platform of Microsoft Teams, a process named by the company as "teamsification." Teamsifying your HR helpdesk allows your HR managers to focus on the individual requirements of your employees and work towards leveraging their productivity.

Here are some of the key features offered by that help you power up your HR productivity

  1. Automated Onboarding Of Employees

    As mentioned earlier, employee onboarding is a longer and more holistic approach as compared to recruitment. Traditional onboarding processes often result in hiring managers spending most of their time filling out tickets and forms for the new employees. Also, they rarely succeed in providing employees with personalized onboarding services and measuring the same effectiveness. helps HR managers automate and streamline their onboarding processes, especially if they work remotely. The AI-driven helpdesk helps you create personalized emails for the new employees based on their user persona and deliver them on their first day at work.

    HR managers can provide the new employees with all relevant details in these personalized emails, including a customized welcome letter, usernames and passwords to email/collaborative platforms, company policies, contact details of their team members, and much more. makes it possible for your HR department to undertake all employee onboarding processes via Microsoft Teams, saving your team members a considerable amount of time and effort.

  2. Streamlining Employee Recruitment

    Recruiting the right employees is one of the biggest challenges faced by HR managers. They often find it difficult and tedious to screen all the job applications received, answer questions of the candidates, shortlist the selected candidates, schedule interviews, and carry out a range of other processes. allows hiring managers to automate recruiting processes such as creating role-specific screening questions. This helps HR managers to screen the most suitable candidates based on their roles and qualifications without spending much time and effort.

    The helpdesk also provides quick answers to all questions asked by candidates regarding the recruitment process, their roles/responsibilities, etc. The HR department can use a single integrated platform to streamline all recruitment processes, right from screening candidates to scheduling interviews.

  3. Conversational AI To Auto-resolve Employee Issues

    One of the most significant responsibilities shouldered by the HR department within an organization is to ensure employee satisfaction and engagement. The traditional helpdesks often rendered employees helpless by providing generic solutions to their problems. tackles the shortcomings of a traditional helpdesk through conversational AI. This allows your employees to interact with AI chatbots to get their issues resolved. With the ideal combination of human touch and the precision of a machine, chatbots replace support agents to provide the first level of support to your employees. All they need to do is initiate a chat on Microsoft Teams, and the chatbots will provide them with all the required information by scanning the knowledge base.

    Further, your employees can choose to get their cases routed to support agents to obtain better insights into their issues. Here, the agents look into the issues raised and communicate with your employees through the platform

  4. Communicating Employee Benefits helps HR managers to communicate all relevant benefits to their employees through a single unified platform. It allows your employees to ask questions about the benefits offered to them and provides them with tailored answers just for them.

    Moreover, the AI helpdesk allows your employees to ask questions in their natural language by processing the same, understanding its context, and providing answers accordingly.

  5. Communicating HR Policies To Employees

    Like employee benefits, allows HR managers to communicate HR policies to their employees via Microsoft Teams. It provides personalized answers to a range of questions your employees may have about the HR policies of your organization. Moreover, the helpdesk notifies every employee if a new policy is added or the existing ones are altered.

  6. Providing Microlearning Features To Your Employees

    If you need your employees to train in specific skills to improve their productivity, HR managers can automate the training process via This helps you cut down the cost of hiring trainers and organizing dedicated training sessions.

    You can add training resources and relevant materials to your enterprise knowledge base and have your employees access the same through Microsoft Teams. This helps your employees train themselves and become increasingly self-reliant, making the job of your HR managers easier. High independence and a developed skill-set lead to increased engagement and productivity of your employees.

  7. Anonymous Harassment Reporting allows your employees to report all harassment issues they face at work to the management simply by chatting on Microsoft Teams. The HR helpdesk guides them through harassment reporting and ensures the complete anonymity of the employee while the issue is dealt with.

    Moreover, the platform has an in-built case management system for tracking and managing every issue reported to provide personalized assistance to your employees. Streamlined harassment reporting and keeping track of troubled employees allow the management to undertake data-driven analytics on the issues faced by the employees and take strict actions to remediate the same.

The Final Word 

These were some of the major ways in which helps you in leveraging the productivity of your HR department. The AI-driven HR helpdesk ensures quick and personal resolution of employee issues and relieves your HR managers from spending time, effort, and money by streamlining all their processes.

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