How Twitter-Age Knowledge Management Is Enhancing Employee Experience In The New Normal

How Twitter-Age Knowledge Management Is Enhancing Employee Experience In The New Normal
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After the catastrophic global pandemic, organizations are slowly getting back on track and starting on-premise work. However, the COVID-19 crisis has given rise to the “new normal” that is here to stay. Over the last two years, organizations around the globe have adopted trends that have changed how companies' function. This has led to an increase in automated knowledge management. 

As remote working and hybrid workplaces have become the new normal, organizations need to optimize knowledge management in order to provide seamless support to their employees. The new-age employees are no longer comfortable spending a significant amount of time looking for personalized solutions to their issues. Advanced knowledge management allows you to provide seamless support to your employees at their fingertips. 

What Do You Mean By Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management refers to a set of processes that involve storing and retrieving contextual information (knowledge) within a centralized system to provide support to internal and external users. If you are willing to leverage the employee experience within your organization, it is important to optimize your internal knowledge management system. 

A knowledge management system includes a wide range of information, including company policies, guides, manuals, tutorials, training resources, FAQs, case studies, presentations, and much more. This information can be accessed by employees based on their specific needs and requirements.

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Using Knowledge Management To Enhance Employee Experience

As business processes are getting more impersonal and organizations are functioning virtually, improving employee experience has become more critical. Effective knowledge management helps your on-premise and remote employees find quick and relevant solutions to their problems without having to look for them on multiple platforms. 

Here are some of the most important benefits you can avail yourself of by using knowledge management to enhance the experience of your employees in the new normal: 

  • Reduced Dependence On Support Agents

    Traditional employee service desks often resulted in the employees becoming overly dependent on the support agents to resolve their issues. Almost every issue faced by employees, irrespective of its triviality, was routed to the agents. This led to the agents getting overburdened with cases, reducing the overall effectiveness of the support provided.

    With modern knowledge management systems, your employees can obtain solutions to their questions without approaching the support agents. The knowledge management features of modern service desks use AI and machine learning to understand the context of the issues faced by your employees and provide them with personalized solutions.

  • Making Employee Support More Interactive

    Through conversational AI, modern service desks facilitate automated knowledge management by making your employees interact with chatbots. The AI chatbots handle the first level of support, freeing the agents from getting involved. Whenever an employee interacts with a chatbot, it considers relevant historical data, scans your enterprise knowledge base, and returns with personalized answers within a few seconds. This allows your employees to find quick resolutions without having to wait for too long.

  • Improved Customer Support

    Especially in the case of employees interacting directly with customers, seamless knowledge management allows them to provide faster and more efficient customer support. While interacting with customers, modern knowledge management systems provide them with all necessary information, including articles, historical records, customer profiles, etc., for effective handling of cases. When your employees are offered ease of operation, it increases their engagement and productivity.

  • Integration With Collaborative Platforms

    Service desks with automated knowledge management systems can be readily integrated with collaborative platforms used within your organization. This allows your employees to obtain quick and personalized support on the same platform they use for work daily. This provides management and your employees with a centralized platform to obtain all necessary information on a single unified interface.

  • Organized Approach To Employee Support

    Traditional employee service desks often received criticism for being fragmented. They failed to provide adequate support to employees working in all departments within an organization. While ITSM took care of the IT employees, other departments often had to report to more tedious obtaining support. Modern knowledge management systems are equipped to cater to employees working in all departments. As long as the management has added relevant resources to the platform, you can provide seamless support to every single employee working in your organization from the same system.

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  • Getting Your Employees Trained

    As the need for digitization keeps increasing, organizations have switched to digital modes of training their employees. Implementation of learning management systems (LMS) and microlearning allows you to train your employees in specific skills without hiring dedicated trainers. Moreover, this allows you to train your remote employees in highly relevant skills and sync with the latest trends in the market.

    The modern approach to knowledge management makes your employees self-reliant by helping them train themselves. Especially in the case of new hires, getting self-reliant boosts their morale and motivates them to give their best.

  • Use Of Engaging Content Formats

    Modern knowledge management systems do not stick to plain text while providing support to your employees. As opposed to providing lengthy manuals with generic solutions in the case of traditional service desks, advanced knowledge management features allow you to add images, videos, animations, infographics, and other engaging content formats. This allows your employees to retain the information consumed and improves their search experience.

The Final Word 

These were some of the key benefits of using knowledge management for enhancing employee experience in the new normal. The increasing relevance of remote working calls for the implementation of service desks with advanced knowledge management features. This helps you provide personalized answers and suggestions to your employees whenever they need specific information. The use of AI and machine learning technologies allows these platforms to learn and grow with every interaction, further improving the employee experience within your organization.

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