Morsel.Ai Microlearning: A Smart Platform To Increase Your Remote Employee Engagement In 2022

Morsel.Ai Microlearning: A Smart Platform To Increase Your Remote Employee Engagement In 2022
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Employee engagement plays a pivotal role in determining how effective you have been in catering to your workforce. As we entered 2022, we carry all the new trends and technologies invested in over the last year. One of the most (if not the most) important trends to be popularized in 2021 was that of remote working. As organizations were limping back to normalcy after the catastrophic COVID-19 crisis, several employees across the world preferred working remotely instead of on-premise. With the Omicron danger looming on the horizon, it is safe to say that the trend is here to stay. To make employee training more straightforward and more efficient, the microlearning platform provides you with a new digital learning model.

What Is Microlearning Platform? is a conversational microlearning platform that allows employees to train themselves through a centralized platform. It prevents you from spending a fortune hiring trainers and organizing workshops for your employees. The conversational microlearning platform provides your employees with bite-sized training content that caters to their attention span.

Microlearning is a relatively new digital learning model that involves the consumption of limited training resources that do not take up more than a few minutes of users. It revolves around adding relevant material to your organization's knowledge base and having your employees access the same from any location.

Conversational AI in the microlearning platform allows your employees to interact with AI chatbots. This makes the learning process more effective. Implementing the conversational microlearning platform within your organization is as good as assigning a virtual trainer to every employee. allows your employees to get their doubts cleared and queries answered simply by interacting with virtual assistants.

Why Should You Invest In  

Here are some of the key reasons why you should invest in to increase remote employee engagement:  

  1. Personalized Training allows you to provide personalized training to your remote employees without hiring dedicated trainers for them. The use of AI makes the platform understand the context of the questions asked by your employees and keep track of their progress. As the users interact with the microlearning platform, the platform grows with them and learns new aspects. This allows to provide tailor-made training sessions and suggestions to your employees.

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  2. Better Retention Of Information

    If you expose your remote employees to dozens of pages of a manual or a handbook, they are likely to forget the information consumed by them. The conversational microlearning platform of allows your employees to retain most of the information provided to them. As the users are provided with limited content regularly, it becomes easier to remember the lessons learned over time. Ultimately, better retention of information allows your employees to get trained in a much faster and more effective manner.

  3. Integration With Microsoft Teams is available to users through Microsoft Teams. This integration with the collaborative platform allows MS Teams users to get trained on the same platform they use for work every day. Moreover, when the collaborative platform is used for training purposes, it allows your employees to implement the skills learned in the work they do immediately. This helps ascertain the efficiency of the training sessions.

  4. Valuable Analytics microlearning platform provides users with valuable reports and analytics to assess their progress and training sessions. Based on the interactions of users with the chatbots and the lessons learned, the platform lets the management and users know about the specific strengths and weaknesses of every employee. This allows you to make necessary changes to the training material provided to your workforce and make essential decisions regarding the training of your remote employees.

  5. Live Chat With Experts

    If your remote employees face any difficulties while getting themselves trained, allows them to have live interactions with the experts. These experts can be dedicated professionals, support agents, or creators of the training content provided to your employees. This allows your employees to obtain personalized support from the experts in real-time.

  6. Personalized Assignments

    Every employee has different strengths, weaknesses, needs, and preferences. allows you to create and send personalized assignments to specific employees based on their specific requirements. This helps the management cater to the different learning abilities of different employees. The microlearning platform also facilitates quick and effective monitoring of the performances of different employees working remotely.

  7. Offline Messaging

    The conversational microlearning platform ensures that the dedicated experts receive messages from users in case they are offline at the moment. On coming online, the experts can look into the doubts and provide personalized solutions.

  8. Easy And Understandable UI

    The user interface of is deliberately kept simple and easy to understand, making it an ideal conversational microlearning platform for everyone. Even if your remote employees are not too tech-savvy, they can use the platform and get themselves trained without any hassles.

  9. Increased Self-reliance

    Especially in the case of new hires, allows the employees to get increasingly self-reliant. The microlearning platform prevents them from being dependent on dedicated trained for learning new skills. This helps you boost the morale of your workforce, keeping them more engaged and motivated while working. Increased self-reliance within your team leads to higher organizational productivity.

  10. Staying In Tune With The Trends

    Digital microlearning platforms like allow your employees to get trained in skills and technologies that sync with the current market trends. This allows your organization to stay ahead of the curve and create its niche in the industry you operate in. Moreover, teaching new and relevant skills to your employees helps you look after their professional development. Most of the modern skills taught to the employees are likely to stay with them in the future, irrespective of the organization they work for.

Conclusion: A conversational approach to microlearning  

As we enter into the third month of 2022, organizations must utilize the conversational microlearning platform of to enhance employee engagement. The modern approach to employee training is here to stay and will get more relevant in the years to come. It is, therefore, advisable to make the much-needed switch to AI-driven platforms to train your employees.

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