Smart Ticketing With Rezolve.Ai And Microsoft Teams

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Smart Ticketing With Rezolve.Ai And Microsoft Teams

Smart Ticketing With Rezolve.Ai And Microsoft Teams

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Smart Ticketing With Rezolve.Ai And Microsoft Teams

It is common for employees to encounter issues while working within an organization. These issues may be regarding the setup by the organization, the usage of the software platform everyone works on, or the support provided by the organization, especially while onboarding the concerned employee. 

This results in an employee finding themselves in the middle of a fix and not resolving their issues the best way possible. If you are willing to provide personalized solutions to the issues faced by your employees, it is advisable to implement a service desk that understands the context of their problems and provides them with a solution that is tailored just for them. 

The modern service desk allows employees to resolve their own issues without depending on support agents from the first level itself. AI and advanced machine learning drive it to provide personalized support to the employees, is an AI-driven employee service desk that helps you automate how you provide support to your employees. It is integrated with Microsoft Teams to help your employees obtain seamless and integrated support using the collaborative platform itself. allows your employees to auto-resolve their issues via smart ticketing. This makes the ticketing system invisible for the employees, helping them obtain context-based support within seconds. 

Before discussing the smart ticketing system incorporated by, let us look at the significant issues with the traditional ticketing system. 

Major Issues With The Traditional Ticketing System

  • Confused Employees

    The traditional ticketing system is not made for all employees. It is a fairly complicated system that is suited for employees having technical know-how and experience. If you implement the traditional ticketing system in an organization with non-technical employees, your employees are likely to get confused with its functionality, providing you with insufficient value for your investment.

  • Delayed Support

    Traditional ticketing involves support agents from the get-go. This results in the agents getting overburdened with requests from employees across the board. Ultimately, this results in delays in the support provided as the requests often exhaust the bandwidth of the agents. With the traditional ticketing system, employees in urgent need of support would have to wait for their issues to get resolved until the agents get to their case.

  • Priority Issues

    Naturally, support agents prioritize cases that are more complicated and bigger in scale than the more basic ones. As the agents resolve the more prominent cases first, employees with more basic and simple cases have to wait even if it would ideally take a few minutes to solve their issues.

  • Lack Of Personalization

    The traditional ticketing system fails to optimize knowledge management and make the most of an organization's knowledge base. This results in the support provided being generic. This approach is likely to provide template answers to specific questions asked by employees, making the purpose of the service desk void. – The Smart Ticketing System

As opposed to the traditional approach, provides users with a smart ticketing system. Powered by AI, the modern service desk makes use of a ticketing system that makes all the tedious processes invisible to your employees. Instead of worrying about locating the ticketing platform and understanding its functionality, allows employees to get their issues resolved simply by chatting with virtual assistants. provides you with a service desk that understands the context of the issues faced by your employees and provides solutions that are tailored according to their specific needs and preferences.

Moreover, is integrated with Microsoft Teams, making it easier for your employees to get their issues resolved without having to depend on anyone. The service desk allows them to auto-resolve their issues while using Microsoft Teams to carry on with their work.

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How Does The Smart Ticketing System Work?

The smart ticketing system makes use of conversational AI to help your employees interact with AI chatbots. This provides users with an ideal mix of human-like interaction and the precision of a machine. With, your employees can find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems by having a chat on Microsoft Teams.

Here are some of the major steps involved in obtaining seamless employee support with the help of and Microsoft Teams

  • Obtaining quick answers to basic questions

    The AI chatbots assist your employees as soon as they log into the service desk. They can obtain answers to all essential questions through a chat in a matter of a few seconds. This helps you solve the issue of employees with basic issues having to wait for solutions from support agents. By eliminating the need for agents in the first level of support (L1), makes employee support more accessible, faster, and more streamlined.

  • Getting The Cases Routed To Support Agents

    Generally, employees obtain suitable answers to their questions during the first level and get back to their work. However, if they are not satisfied with the support obtained, they can get their cases routed to a suitable support agent. As opposed to the traditional ticketing system, allows your employees to create tickets by sending a simple message via chat. On receiving the command, the service desk would automatically create a ticket on your employee’s behalf and route the same to an agent. The platform would also provide the agent with all relevant details that would help them provide an appropriate solution to the problem.

    Once created, the service desk would track the support tickets created for your employees and keep them updated about the same in real-time. From the moment a ticket is created until it is closed, your employees will keep getting regular alerts about the status of their case. Instead of interacting directly with the employees, the support agents communicate with them through AI chatbots. The virtual assistants serve as a connecting link between your employees and the agents.

    Finally, once an issue is resolved and your employee is satisfied with the solution, would close the ticket and record details of the same into an organized database.

  • Live Interaction With Agents does not take direct interaction with support agents entirely out of the equation. If your employees are willing to do so, it allows them to have a live chat or a call with support agents to obtain holistic solutions to their issues.

Major Benefits Of The Smart Ticketing System

  • Saving Time And Money

    With the smart ticketing system, your employees can obtain seamless and personalized support within a few seconds. makes sure that the users do not have to wait any longer to resolve their issues than required, affecting their work.

    Also, implementing a modern service desk helps you cut down on setting up different helpdesks for different departments. It also helps you save money you would otherwise spend on hiring dedicated support agents.

  • Human-like Interactions

    Using a smart ticketing system enables your employees to interact with the AI chatbots just like they would have with a support agent. These virtual assistants can be considered automated support agents available 24/7 for your employees.

  • Understanding The Context Of The Issue

    Instead of providing a generic template in employee support, understands the context of the issue by tracking the history of conversations with the concerned employee. This allows the chatbots and the support agents to understand where the employee is coming from and which solutions would suit them the most.

  • Easy To Understand And Use

    The UI of is kept simple and understandable for technical and non-technical users. Even if your employees have little to no knowledge about programming or the use of ticketing platforms in general, you can rest assured that they would have no difficulty in getting their issues resolved.

  • Competent Knowledge Management helps you in making the most of your enterprise knowledge via optimized knowledge management. Whenever your employees ask a question or do a search, the service desk scans the knowledge base to develop the most suitable solutions for the concerned employee.

  • Microlearning Features

    The smart ticketing system in can also be used for providing training to your employees. If you are willing to get your employees trained in specific micro-skills, you can add the training resources to your knowledge base and allow your employees to access them as and when required. Moreover, you can make microlearning exciting and fun for your employees by setting milestones at different stages and making use of engaging content formats apart from plain text, such as animations, videos, pictures, infographics, and much more. This increases the retention capacity of your employees and helps them get trained faster.

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The Final Word

The smart ticketing system in and Microsoft Teams is designed for automated and sustainable employee support. Organizations across industries should make the much-needed switch to an automated service desk to engage more employees and increase their productivity.

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