Ultimate List Of Service Desk Faqs

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Ultimate List Of Service Desk Faqs
Service Desk
  1. What is the future of Service desks?
    Neither the employees like creating tickets nor agents like answering the repetitive calls. In the last decade, enterprises are familiar with technology and AI but it is time to implement all the knowledge.
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  2. Why automation is the future of the Service desk industry?
    To elevate the employee experience and customer satisfaction enterprises should automate basic support or information. Here are the few facts you should know which might convince you to automate your support systems…
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  3. Is it important to adopt tools in automation?
    Having a few tools will not only help you support the employees instantly but increases productivity. Here are some facts you need to while you choose the perfect tool for your business.
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  4. What is the traditional service desk?
    In simple words, an employee who is looking for support has to raise a ticket or look for information on the intranet. This is a traditional way of supporting employees and this is a failure model. Why?
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  5. How can AI help in Service Automation?
    The Virtual Assistants or the chatbots provide quick and reliable information within 15seconds and do the ticketing on the employee’s behalf. AI-based Service Delivery models reduce the stress on agents and employees by automating most of the tasks.
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  6. What are unproductive things employees waste their time on?
    Support agents waste time closing tickets and answering mundane calls during work hours. This reduces the productivity amongst teams and finds out the list of unproductive tasks employees/agents do during work hours.
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  7. Why traditional intranet is ineffective for knowledge management?
    Forty-nine percent of the employees find it hard to locate a document on an intranet, therefore, employees don’t use the intranet or self-help portals. Besides, what are the other limitations?
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  8. What are the key features of an automation tool enterprises should consider? For a self-service portal to work and integrate into the current system effortlessly, it should encompass the following features.
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  9. Why Auto-resolution is better than self-service?
    When employees are in the urge of finding support, they should either look for information on the intranet or get in touch with the support agent to raise a ticket. This process consumes a lot of time, therefore initial level/L1 support can be automated with the help of AI.
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  10. What is the three-step formula in auto-resolution?
    For faster resolutions and independent employees auto-resolution is key which includes 3 Es - Enable, enable, and educate. Read more on 3 E’s.
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  11. What is Auto-resolution and how is it different from Self-Service?
    The Auto-resolution construct is primarily based on the concept of a Virtual Assistant. Primarily, three aspects impact auto resolution. Here are the aspects and a detailed explanation of Auto-resolution and Self-service.
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  12. What are the pros and cons of using Chatbots in automation?
    Virtual assistance or chatbots are AI-based humans who help employees find support instantly. Since these are pre-programmed, there might be some pitfalls. Your doubts are cleared here.
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  13. What is Knowledge Management and is there a change in the way it is defined today?
    According to the traditional definition, Knowledge Management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effective use of knowledge. Find out the new definition of Knowledge Management and how it has changed.
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  14. What is the problem with Traditional Knowledge Management Systems?
    Traditional Management System is the core need in Service Industry, however, there are six reasons why the traditional system failed according to research. Here are the 6 reasons…
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  15. If a traditional Knowledge Management System failed what is the latest trend(s) in Modern Knowledge System?
    There are 7 key trends in the Modern Knowledge Management System. All seven are explained here.
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  16. What is ‘s approach towards Knowledge Management?
    Knowledge is the life-blood of modern knowledge-driven enterprises. helps the employees to find the right information at the right time instantly. Read how is is doing it.
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  17. What are the Top 5 reasons why employees don’t like creating tickets?
    While self-service is a boon to the service desk, it is a time-consuming process to find the information. Since employees have to fill in some details and the waiting time is hours and days, employees don’t like creating tickets. Besides, here are the reasons why employees don’t create tickets on the service desk.
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  18. CSAT is the key metric that drives the ITSM industry. What are the top 5 Customer KPIs to track?
    When we provide a service to employees it is important to track how is the process. OCR, FCS, FRT, MTTR, Agent Satisfaction are the 5 Customer KPIs to track. Read their explanation here.
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  19. Why MS Teams should be integrated into the Service desk?
    Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork where we users can chat, meet, share files, and access business apps. However, to enable maximum efficiency of these digital workspaces, the IT Service Desk can use teams for creating and resolving the ticket.
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  20. What are the key features of MS Teams in Service Desk Management?
    Four key features can convince you to integrate MS Teams into your support system and read why MS Teams is ideal for your business here.
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