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Approval Framework

Often, any important decision involves the opinion/consent of several parties to make it a success. Similarly, this is the case when processing certain requests from a user, there are scenarios where stakeholders are involved and consent is required from them to proceed with completing it.

Approval framework - The approval framework allows us to configure an approval process that someone must approve or reject before it can be processed in the system. So instead of the bot executing the request directly in the system, we can have a human intervene and decide if the request should be allowed to go to the next stage or not.

Let us take a simple example of an employee who wants the reimbursement of the expenses incurred during the month. The reimbursement process will have

Step A- User submitting the request

Step B- Approver reviewing the requests

Step C- If good--> Send the request to the finance team to process.

If not good--> Reject the request and ask for more information from requestor etc

Step D- Finance team process the expenses.

This new framework enables us to create a harmony between the Step A, B, C and D. If the approver choose to proceed ahead with the request it will go to finance team for processing and if not the request can be closed or returned back for more details.

The above example is just for the context, in real world this process can be more complex involving multiple back and forth exchanges between different stakeholders involved. Approval framework is capable to handle such complexities also. This can also work as a work flow involving multiple steps before it is processed.

Informing approvers and requestors- We can have the requestors and approvers informed about the request at every step via emails and notifications.

Information gathering- Collection of the information for requests submission can be customized as per the requirement, team will do that. We can have forms with input fields gathering the information along with the attachments.

Configuring Approvers- Approvers can be configured for differents requests- If Approver A is required for reviewing expenses and Approver B is required for reviweing leaves application, frameworks allows us to do that classification.

Journey of requests(for a single step approval)- Requested-> Assigned-> Approved or Rejected.


The users with Approver role will see a new module Request Management where they can Approve or Reject requests.



Analytics- This framework enable us to view execellent analytics these type of requests with reports like :

  • Request Approval Report - Gives detail of all requests
  • SLA Report.- GIven the data abaout the number of requests processed within timeframe and which are out of timeframe.
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