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Learning how to use Rezolve Ticketing 2.0 UI

In this guide, we will get a step by step guide on all of the below topics. We recommend that you use the table of content to jump directly to what you need help with.

About ticketing 2.0 UI and its current status          Page 4

Accessing Ticketing 2.0 UI            Page4

Inbox Layout (Left Side Panel)    

  • Quick View Options         Page4

Using Filters      

  • Creating a Filter Page 6
  • Saving a Filter     Page8
  • Running a Saved Filter    Page9
  • Edit a Saved Filter            Page10
  • Delete a Saved Filter       Page11

Using Sort Option            

  • To sort by a specific ticketing field             Page 12

To Reset the View to Default        Page12

Understanding the meaning of the inbox items    Page 13

Search for a Specific ticket            Page13

Viewing an existing Ticket and Removing tickets from viewing PANE (Middle Panel)               Page 15

Get Direct Ticket URL/link             Page16

Create a NEW TICKET      Page17

Adding a watcher to a ticket        Page19

Creating a Requester or Watcher Manually          

  • Create a Requester          Page20
  • Create a Watcher             Page20

Updating a ticket              

  • Updating Subject, Description, Domain, Category, Subcategory, Priority, Queue, Assigned To, or Requested for Fields   Page 21
  • Add or Remove a Watcher            Page21
  • Adding an Attachment    Page22
  • Remove an Attachment  Page22
  • Changing Status of a Ticket          Page22
  • Adding a Note    Page 23
  • Quick Notes        Page25
  • Creating a Quick Note for Team Usage     Page 25
  • Edit a Quick Note             Page27
  • Delete a Quick Note        Page28
  • Using a Quick Note in a Ticket     Page 29
  • Tagging Someone in a Note          Page30

Including Ticket History in Notification Email        Page 31

Linking Tickets (Parent/Child ticket concept)              Page 32

Audit Trail (Ticket History)          

  • About History tab            Page33
  • Reading the History tab  Page33
  • More on Details of Change           Page33

Viewing Chat Transcript in a ticket            

  • Bot Chat Transcript (Interactions with the Bot)     Page 35
  • Live Agent Chat Transcript (Interaction with Live Agent)    Page 35

Printing a Ticket Page 36

Transferring a Ticket        Page37

Understanding tickets created via email (Monitored Mailboxes)    

  • Ticket maintaining the Email’s HTML format          Page 38
  • What happens with email replies?            Page 38

Right Side Panel Page 39

Ability to calculate an agent's time spent on a ticket          Page 40

Customizing Inbox Layout            

  • Collapsible side panels    Page40
  • Resize Left Panel               Page40

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