10 Things To Implement In Microsoft Teams Based Service Desk

10 Things To Implement In Microsoft Teams Based Service Desk
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Microsoft Teams is the future of the workplace as organizations go online, and employees start working remotely. It is a platform that has all the tools, apps, and services integrated, making it the one-stop destination for any business or organization. The Teams' powerful insights bring forth the relevant data patterns and boost employee productivity to newer heights.

Being able to deal with and resolve incoming issues swiftly is one of the traits of productive offices. And integration of Teams with the right tools becomes a pivotal detail to be focused on.

Here are the 10 must-haves for Microsoft Teams-based service desks:

  1. Support for Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is the fastest-growing integration technology. It provides powerful insights for organizations and assists them in analyzing the data. Artificial intelligence helps the service desk agents create relevant and unique solutions based on the employee's query. The solution is fully automated and does not require an agent's input or physical presence.

  2. Automation Power: Employees looking for solutions expect a fast and relevant solution to their query, and this is accomplished with automation, which auto-resolves more than 45% of employee issues, allowing service desk agents to focus on other complex issues. Artificial intelligence automates the whole process rather than just one part of it.

  3. Chat-Bots: Chatbots are one of the important tools for a service desk, as they provide the feature of 24x7 assistance to the employees and on-the-spot solutions customized to employees' queries. When chatbots are integrated with artificial intelligence, they analyze the recurring and repetitive inquiries and auto-resolve them completely.

  4. Natural Language Processing: A natural language processor (NLP) is a key attribute for chatbots. A natural language processor interprets input and decodes it for understanding by the chatbot, providing the solutions. A natural language processor helps distinguish among different slang and accents.

  5. Customization Freedom: Microsoft Teams based support desk should allow users to customize the system and make it a personalized product, delivering unique solutions that integrate smoothly with the current IT system without significant effort. This will ensure the shift is seamless, and employees will be encouraged to use it.

  6. Multi-Language Support: A service desk that supports multi-lingual employees has a great advantage and encourages the employees to use the portal more often. It helps in providing solutions that are easily understandable and executable. The multi-lingual feature makes the employees self-sufficient and promotes the self-help culture in the organization.

  7. Multiple Operating System Support: The integration of the service desk within MS Teams should seamlessly allow it to run on any operating system, such as Windows, MAC, or any other. The service desk should provide a user-friendly interface for smooth operation and use of the service desk.

  8. All in One Solution: MS Teams based service desk should be an all in one answer to any problem. From answering the queries to reporting issues, employees should not have to go anywhere else. This helps in better communication between the departments of the organization in the event of any communication problem.

  9. Real-Time Tracking: The integrated service desk within Microsoft Teams should provide better insights and updates to employees by providing seamless tracking of incidents, queries, and tickets in real-time. Real-time tracking enables the communication between departments and results in more accountability.

  10. Embed With Everything: The service desk should integrate with multiple devices and applications to provide seamless services for remote employees. The embedding is critical to the reliability of an MS Teams-based service desk that allows remote employees to have benefits at their fingertips and work simultaneously from a single platform.

The above-mentioned features are crucial for organizations to simplify workflows, refocus on what matters the most and work smarter! Microsoft Teams offers unsurpassed support to employees with service desk integration and a coherent working experience

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