2021: The Rise Of Microsoft Teams

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2021: The Rise Of Microsoft Teams
MS Teams

Due to the Covid-19, there has been a rapid rise in the acceptance of applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco’s Webex, and many other similar applications. Because of this Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella believes that 2021 can be one of the most prolific years for his conferencing software Microsoft Teams.

In a recent interview, Satya Nadella stated that he is planning to convert Microsoft Teams into a much wider digital platform. Combining various tools with Teams can act as the glue that will be able to grasp the digital work environment in a single place, appointing meetings, chatbot application, and many other utilities at a single focused interface.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Satya Nadella was forced to give more attention to Microsoft Teams as most of the business organizations started acquiring various digitalized associated applications to continue their work while maintaining the basic social distancing rules that were imposed during the peak times of the pandemic.

At the end of October, there was a major rise in Teams users which was estimated at almost 115 million. This is more than 100 million users as compared to previous years.

What Next: The Post-Covid World

With the rapid rise in the users of Teams. Microsoft started giving more attention to this application and started fixing some major bugs to improve it rapidly. They started taking genuine feedbacks from various organizations and made changes according to it.

For a smooth call and meeting experience, Microsoft created a Wide Gallery view which will help you in having larger meetings smoothly and reliably.

Even after all these updates, Microsoft knows that they still need to keep making alterations if they want Microsoft Teams to become a strong competition against many other video conferencing tools in the market industry.

Many other applications have added some new and significant features throughout this pandemic period in 2020 which can also lead to more rigid competition in this digital connecting space for the ITSM Industries.

Due to this rise in competition in the market, Microsoft Teams started giving out a free add-on for its Office Software in the Teams, which makes it a more preferable choice for the employees and saves a lot of money.

It can be quite difficult to imagine what the requirements of the digital world will be in the upcoming years. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically tilted the work environment trends, and how our work culture will look once the pandemic is over is still a surprise.

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