4 Ways Ai Help Desk Software Supports The It Help Desk

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4 Ways Ai Help Desk Software Supports The It Help Desk
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Artificial Intelligence has influenced everything, including IT support functions and help desks. It would not be incorrect if we said Artificial Intelligence (AI) would become an indispensable part of the help desk within the next few years. 

AI help desk software, which is one of the latest trends in the Service Desk Industry, is helping the service industry in four ways:

  • 24X7 Employee Support

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Knowledge Curation

  • The Future

  1. 24X7 Employee Support:
    Artificial intelligence is improving the ability to provide a 24X7, first-contact automated chatbot experience, which means help is always available, even if the real support staff is unavailable.
  2. Chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and auto-resolve simple and repeated queries and requests before getting into live interactions with the support agents. Chatbots automate many tasks such as resetting a password, deploying software, and so on.
  3. Though many chatbots depend purely on scripting and knowledge development processes, others build and update knowledge bases independently.

  4. Predictive Analytics:
    AI also automates categorization, prioritization, and routing of incidents and auto-resolving tickets. Predictive analytics or prefilling the form fields in a ticket that suggest appropriate incident priority, classify and assign tickets are offered by some tools. Artificial intelligence is tasked with helping human operators to act faster, as they might rescind options.

  5. Knowledge Curation:
    Another new potential is AI-assisted knowledge management, which can read and comprehend not only texts but also the meaning. It also replies to emails by end-users with likely solutions using an autoresponder.
  6. A good ITSM tool provides appropriate information to service desk agents using the recent and the previous incidents, changes, problems, errors, and knowledge bases. Good ITSM tools have better KTSM capabilities and provide IT operation management functions.

  7. The Future:
    AI capabilities in support software will soon integrate more process and social analytics into the core system with adaptive dashboards. AI can also predict and identify errors and provide an automated fix.
  8. The focus of AI in the help desk will be on high-volume and low-value tasks in the future, which may potentially offer large datasets for better decision making. Artificial Intelligence can assist any business in automating and enhancing its support functions.

Conclusion: integrated within MS Teams provides the best solution for your business. Despite the challenges and concerns involved with AI, it has greatly impacted the help desk strategy. This will enhance the ticketing system and focus on providing quick support in a single window.

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