5 Customer Kpis You Should Never Miss In Itsm Industry

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5 Customer Kpis You Should Never Miss In Itsm Industry
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5 Customer KPIs you should never miss in ITSM Industry

We live in a world where everything is quantifiable with help of digital analytics and metrics. The father of modern management studies says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. Measure your growth with KPIs.

We as business owners and employees give the best but how do we decide whether it is working or not? If example, we run an ad campaign and got we doubled our sales. The double sale is the outcome of the campaign. Here the increase in sales is success and how did you measure it? You will analyze what worked for you.

Similarly, when we provide a service to clients, we need to track different metrics that help us grow the quality of work.

Did you know there are few key performance indicators (KPIs) you should check if you are in from the service industry? Using software that automates the process of meeting the metrics is one best thing you can do but having a basic understanding of a few metrics which will help you improve customer satisfaction and productivity is a key factor.

What are 5 important KPIs you should never miss to track

  • Overall customer satisfaction (OCS):
    This is often measured as a score because it is hard to measure the emotions of people in descriptive form. Therefore, this is called Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). Ask your employees to rate your service on a scale of one to ten or use similes. This gives you a score that is measurable and the customers answer this instantly because they don’t have to write or describe in writing. This saves a lot of time. Also, tell you the overall experience of the employee or client. Make this a robust step and give a cultural twist. Use similes, images, or anything creative so people feel connected can be related. Remember to keep this as an overall score for the service and best specific if there is any improvement. Take the average of all the responses you got for a specific time and this should be 4 on 5.

  • First contact resolution:
    This is the time taken to resolve the employees’ issues while we make them satisfied by addressing their problems in the first go. In other words, an employee should never reach out to the service desk with the same problem or reopen the ticket raised earlier. For example, an employee raised a ticket to add a member to the distribution list or need access to some official information. Whether this is placed over a call or a ticket, the employee must be provided with all the details and action steps needed. You need to address all the problems and provide extra support and guide the clients completely. This makes the employee feel awesome rather than overwhelming. If you are failing to meet this KPI, conduct a survey to find out which information is missing in the first go and build a piece of content around it which improves this metric.

  • First response time:
    Some tickets might take minutes, hours or days to get resolved. This must be communicated to the employee who raised the ticket within minutes of rising an issue. Nobody likes the feeling of being left unheard for a very long time, especially when everything is a top priority. Keep autoresponders so the person gets an e-mail or a flash message on PC or mobile. This is an acknowledgment of the concern your client has. This step can be automated and must be tracked. Failing this will result in customer satisfaction.

  • Meantime to resolution:
    The factor is directly proportional to customer satisfaction. Meantime to resolution (MTTR) is the time taken to find out why and how the solution provided earlier failed. This takes some extra time and should reopen the resolved ticket. These metrics focus on providing a solution to the employee’s problem. To calculate the MTTR add the full resolution time during the period you want to track and divide by the number of incidents. It is very important to define how will you define this key metric since this is one of the most frequently calculated KPIs of any service industry.

  • Agent satisfaction:
    These are the people who can make your processor break your reputation entirely. This section of people is the information banks of your product. If these people work on solving the same problem a hundred times a day, it is a frustrating thing for them, plus, we as employers are making our resource less productive. Understand what are the general questions employees have and automate them. Improve team building actives and training the agents in other domain, this brings long term success.


We all need quick solutions for any problems we have. When the answers are provided in seconds the customer satisfaction improves, clients, come back with happy faces. The helpdesk productivity improves there are a lot me things to do. The feedbacks with key metrics mentioned in the KPIs will help you improve your business.

Which KPI do you use in your business? Or if you feel we missed any other metrics, do let us know in the comments below.

Remember, though these are the basic KPIs, analyzing what works for your industry and mixing those KPIs with above mentioned KPIs will help you evaluate your customer satisfaction and improve your services.

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