5 Secrets To A Seamless Employee Experience In The Digital World

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5 Secrets To A Seamless Employee Experience In The Digital World

5 Secrets To A Seamless Employee Experience In The Digital World

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5 Secrets To A Seamless Employee Experience In The Digital World
Employee Experience

Are you looking for the best way to modernize your hr help desk and offer a seamless digital employee experience across different devices and channels?   

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In the last week,’s COO Manish Sharma was happy enough to share screen space with our guest panelist, Steve Goldberg, an HCM/HR Tech Practice leader, to speak on something that enterprises often look for in a digital workplace: a seamless employee experience. As a part of the HCM industry for a long time, the consultant cum analyst and practice leader, Steve talked about the path and tips to follow for transforming hr help desk and creating a great employee experience.   

Steve takes on the charge by bringing the attention of the audience to a single point– “Why many enterprises want to play safe rather than risking any new technology?’’ Shouldn’t they abandon the conservative thinking and avoid slowly declining into obsolescence?? Here are a few secret tips directly from industry leaders to change this situation for the better and faster:   

“Taking no action might be the riskiest thing people can even think of”  

Let’s move on to the main topic. Sit back for a moment to recall any positive experiences your employees had in your organization recently. Maybe it was from a new employee at the time of onboarding where the joiner found the entire process welcoming, personal, and free from any orientation. Or maybe it was when senior authorities kept in touch with employees through slack or MS Teams and groomed them for future projects. Do you know the common factor in these two examples? Comfort. Making sure your employees feel at ease is crucial for your hr help desk to create a seamless employee experience.   

Undoubtedly, continuing with the current trend of the digital workplace and remote work culture is a big challenge. It often leaves your employees with a disconnected and disappointing experience. Going into the post-COVID era, your HR help desk must be capable to deliver an integrated engagement framework so that employees can communicate seamlessly with coworkers while staying engaged and growing in productivity.   

So, what can be done to improve the employee experience in your organization? According to Steve, there are five different areas to weigh in on the efficiency of your hr helpdesk system and improve on:   

Based on all these areas, you are recommended to consider a few expert tips to upgrade and make sure that your hr help desk is equipped to deliver a seamless EX. It’s when your enterprise practices these secret tips that you can engage your employees and have a positive employee experience. Here are key pointers and secret tips that Steve has already mentioned.   

1. Why the employee experience is more important today - A positive employee experience is more than a priority for enterprises. It’s mainly because of three reasons:   

  • Catastrophic or unprecedented events like COVID - There is nothing horrible than enterprises not being ready to keep up operating during disastrous events such as COVID19. This hampers business continuity and prevents employees from delivering value. 

  • Efficiency drives employee productivity - There is a direct relationship between employee experience and their productivity. When your hr helpdesk process is automated, it results in an elevated employee experience. The more is elevation in their experience, the more efficient, productive, and flexible employees turn out to be. A recent study shows that if an organization with 2000 employees can improve productivity to 5% then it converts to 10 million new values. 

  • Balance of Employer & Employee Agendas is a time to adopt more progressive and proactive thinking of striking a balance between employer and employee agendas. This promotes workplace harmony. 

2. Confluence of technologies and trends that are a harbinger of change - Working with the latest HR trends, technology, and tools, enterprises can effectively use data to serve and satisfy the employees best. Are you struggling to recruit or retain good talents? Tools like conversational AI and predictive analytics can help find the cause and solution too.   

  • New 6-Pack HR Power Tools: Typical Use Cases - By using an innovative package of 6 hr helpdesk power tools, enterprises can track and resolve their employee concerns faster, keeping ahead of the competition at all times.

    Each tool in this unique pack will go well with the employee help desk and help your organization make the enhancements required for continual satisfaction and growth. 
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)-Structured well-defined business roles empowering the IT and hr helpdesk processes.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Personalized, predictive, and prescribed (3Ps) technology.

  • VA (Virtual Agent) - Smart & intelligent system agents

  • Predictive Analytics - MLN powered analytical techniques to predict future trends

  • Virtual Reality - A digitized simulation experience

  • IoT (Internet of Things) - physical devices on the network equipped with sensors triggering actions in real-time

3. Contrasting the old and new employee experience- There is a changed focus on employee experience. It is no longer about the use of systems and technological components only. The employee’s personal experience and career coaching are two more aspects sneaking into EX these days.   

  • Technology-centric approach - This is simply not enough for employee management and engagement. Some limitations encourage modern thinking enterprises to take on employee sentiments as well.

  • Technology+employee-centric approach - The enterprise world has stepped into a new phase where technology along with the response rate of the hr helpdesk system counts for an awesome EX.

4. Path to success - and what to watch out for - The path to a positive employee experience is never a smooth ride, but watching out for a few things is going to make a big difference. Consider giving up on the old approach and trying out the following that is the latest in the industry.   

  • Change management - It covers activities, organizational changes, job changes, and technology adoptions that are pretty universal, and determining how they affect employees over a specific period.

  • Adoption - A practical, tangible approach by the enterprise and solutions like gamification, teamsification for making change a fun experience.

  • Upfront communication - Communicate clearly with employees using advanced tools and let them know what they want to know.

  • Compress period of destabilization - Focus on minimizing the chaotic period and destabilization caused by a change.

5. Metrics, goals, outcomes in 6, 12, and 18 months - HR helpdesk performance and quality metrics, and future goals and outcomes are vital to understanding how seamless your employee experience is. Incorporating them the precise way is difficult. If done properly, employee hr helpdesk metrics profit both your employees and organization.   

  • Metricize everything - Measure the accuracy of AI, what % of employee issues resolved by AI/live agents, how many process skills and knowledge base added in the past month.

  • Inverting the HR pyramid - A modern structure meant to transform hr processes, lower repeated manual tasks, support/empower valuable employees, and make them actively take part in your organization’s success.

  • Outcomes for employees & service desk- These are conservative figures that can be referred to over a period of 6, 12 or 18 months by your organization. This way you can track the effect of hr helpdesk transformation.

According to research:  

A 1000 employee organization can save 15-20 minutes every day using conversational AI in the hr help desk system. It saves 45 employee days and a 4.5% rise in employee productivity.  

There is a 20-30% savings on service desk cost and its efficiency grows by 45%.  

Practicing killer tips & tricks is the most commendable thing to build a seamless employee experience but it is often overlooked by many organizations. in conversation with guest panelist Steve suggests the following secret tips to be assured of a seamless employee experience in your organization.   

1. Cater to employee’s intrinsic needs. Allow them to do meaningful work, feel appreciated, valued, and stay productive.   

2. Give proper insight into employee’s career growth and the way your hr helpdesk is going to support it.   

3. Assure proposed fairness to employees. Be fair when it comes to treating your employees, investing more in training and empowering them.   

4. Remove enterprise friction and hassle from employee’s workday.   

5. Provide employees with instant help through automated tools and platforms including, MarshallAI for a simplified, single-window experience.   

Do you find the above tips useful? If yes, then like, share, and comment.   

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