Conversational Ai And Employee Service Desk

Conversational Ai And Employee Service Desk
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Conversational AI is an advanced form of Artificial intelligence and ML technology. It offers a next-generation conversation experience to both employees and customers. 

Businesses are slowly adapting to predictive or conversational AI to break away from manual and monotonous operating processes. The employee service desk is not spared from it either.

Conversational AI - Intelligent & Smart Assistance on Roll 

Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon are the best examples of conversational AI chatbots you can easily relate to. They are more sophisticated, intelligent, customized, and efficient than the basic task-specific bots. With such innovation already being a part of the IT service desk, things are expected to change significantly in future offices. 

Service Desk without Conversational AI Is No Fun

From its introduction to IT service desks, conversational AI, chatbots can be seen automating recurring tasks, freeing up human agents, and quickening decision-making. All this is done while ensuring an amazing one-on-one user experience. 

Conversational AI adds value to the service desk, which has always been flooded with complaints, queries, and calls for technical support all the time. Though the service desk is a core service, it is under-funded and overburdened to keep serving customers on time. 

In the absence of conversational AI, the service desk might take ages to serve customer requests, leaving them angry and frustrated at the end. The consequences could be as bad as poor employee productivity, the long waiting time to raise and resolve a ticket, high dissatisfaction, exhausted service experts, and soaring support costs. 

Service Desk & Conversational AI - Unlimited Possibilities 

CIOs have tried every means, from investing in better call routing procedures and ticket raising software to outsourcing to low-cost call centers, but hardly get the results they expect. 

The use of conversational AI brings unlimited table possibilities to disturb and change the IT service desk in the following ways: 

How Conversational AI Changes the Service Desk - At a Glance 

  1. Automatically responds to the same kind of service requests (unlock accounts, reset passwords, increase storage, and troubleshooting the app)

  2. Fastens resolving a service order without any human involvement. It uses and learns from pre-existing enterprise data while making the judgment and recommending the best solution.

  3. Initiates a context-wise personalized interaction with real humans, which is the best outcome of deploying conversational AI on the service desk.

  4. Maintains an omnichannel support approach (online form, email, chat, voice, etc.)

  5. Supports and integrates business formats

  6. Delivers knowledge throughout the enterprise

  7. Easily integrates with the knowledge base, ticketing, and IAMS

  8. Improves user acquisition and engagement


Conversational AI is no doubt showing quick and positive results in employee/customer support. It transforms the way a traditional service desk operates by kicking off a series of cost-savings and efficiencies. 

Conversational AI automates repetitive service requests, retrieves information 24/7, adapts and learns like a human, and resolves employee cases faster. Most importantly, it supports employees best with easy automation and NLP when building exceptional customer experience.

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