Does Process Automation And Integration Help Organizations Prevent Employee Burnout?

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Does Process Automation And Integration Help Organizations Prevent Employee Burnout?
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It is true that employee burnout is one of the significant challenges that the modern workforce faces today.  According to a Forbes report, ever since the pandemic outbreak about 70% of employees have felt burnt out, and they feel their employers don't do enough to address their feelings. Since happy and satisfied employees are the most critical factors that bring huge success to any business, prioritizing employees' needs is more critical than ever.  It is crucial for employers to understand more about employee burnout, the factors driving employee burnout, and its impact. Do you know what employee burnout exactly is? As per the definition given by WHO’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), employee burnout can occur when an employee feels exhausted at work, when he/she dislikes the job or workplace, decrease professional efficacy etc. All these symptoms could be resulted by overloaded work. But there are other possible reasons that can result in employee burnout. Those are:

Burnout can be caused by anything that demotivates, exhausts, or frustrates employees. Employers who seek to protect their employees need to identify the possibilities of problems and take measures to prevent them. How can employers address these issues?   This is why a large number of employers are investing in process automation and integration technology.  In this blog, will explain the basics of process automation and integration and how this technology can assist employers in building a productive workplace culture.

Process Automation And Integration

Once upon a long time ago – there used to be ticketing systems that were stand-alone systems. These ticket trackers believed that there was no reason to integrate with other systems and that tracking tickets were enough. We would like to tell you that most of the ticketing systems/service desk solutions have moved on from that era – but we would be lying if we told you that. Unfortunately, most service desk solutions still live in the old era. believes that for accomplishing everyday tasks and processes in an automated fashion, an employee support solution should be integrated with most common enterprise SaaS applications.

Why Integration Hub Is Important?

Let us think of a few common tasks and processes that employees might need to take part in from time to time – and see if the integration hub will make a difference.

  • Manager wants to add a new team member to the distribution list

  • A contractor wants access to a marketing database

  • Employee wants to check for leave balance and maybe, apply for leave

  • Application and other systems need to be provisioned for a new hire

Can a traditional ticketing system help anyone with any of these requests?  Nope! All you can do in a traditional ticketing system is to create tickets and more tickets for all these requests. However, with a well-integrated system like, all these tasks or processes can be accomplished by the system. And that creates a huge difference in terms of the employee experience as well as agent productivity.

Given below is a short list of applications that integrates with – and the kind of tasks it can accomplish. More applications are added to our integration hub all the time.

Desired Process Automation And Integration Hub Features

  • Out-of-the-box Integration Many common integrations should come out of the box, thereby reducing the time to set up task automation.

  • Reusability Integrations, once established, may be used for different tasks and processes. Truly plug and play automation reduces time-to-market.

  • Easy approvals over MS Teams Business processes or tasks need approval. How nice it would be if you could approve or deny a request to MS Teams – without ever having to go to the corresponding ticket at the back end.

  • Interplay between chatbot and integration A chatbot or conversational AI has become one of the “Actors” in a process or task. Any integration should automatically provide a way to interplay with chatbot. (Example - Chatbot responding to the request for database access kicks off the approval process. Once approval is achieved, the system kicks off again and provisions the required access and closes the ticket).

  • Easy testing in staging environment More complex processes and critical integrations might need to be tested in a staging environment – so look for solutions that offer that.

  • Ability to add new integrations You might want to add new integrations – and the solution should allow you to do that. For example, if you want to add an integration with your existing RPA automation – the solution should allow that.

  • Teamsification The need for automation of processes and workflow goes beyond the IT service desk. Typically, enterprises do not have a great way to create easy automation. Older process automation tools were expensive and time-consuming. RPA was good but involves too much maintenance – and only took off due to the intense need for automation. For many processes automation needs – enterprises end up buying new applications. Example – need to automate Covid-19 related workflows, buy a new app. Want to automate expense submission – buy a new mobile app etc. However – given that MS Teams is an easy channel that employees use all the time, it makes sense that automation is brought to and accessed from MS Teams. calls this process “Teamsification”.


All these above-mentioned features will help organizations prevent employee burnout by reducing the workload of employees and enhancing the quality of the respective tasks.   Ai-powered service desks like can help you bring robust and easy automation via our integration hub right into MS Teams allowing you to tackle the tedious and time-consuming processes that contribute to employee burnout. API-powered automation is the way of the future. The service desk can lead the way to wider automation using

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