Here'S How And Why To Use Microsoft Teams As A Help Desk With Rezolve.Ai

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Here'S How And Why To Use Microsoft Teams As A Help Desk With Rezolve.Ai
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Microsoft Teams has played an important role in helping organizations function remotely, especially over the last two years. Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the collaborative platform has helped professionals communicate and collaborate seamlessly. When it comes to providing automated support to employees, MS Teams helpdesk has allowed organizations across the world to offer personalized assistance to their employees from a single unified platform. 

Owing to the platform's advanced features, the use of technologies like AI and machine learning, and the credibility of Microsoft, MS Teams helpdesk has led to a significant increase in the engagement and productivity of employees across the board. Unlike traditional helpdesks, the MS Teams helpdesk allows MS Teams users to centralize their processes and obtain personalized support on the same platform used for work. 

Integrating With Microsoft Teams is an AI helpdesk that provides quick, automated, and personalized support to employees working in all departments within an organization. The helpdesk can be used as an IT service desk and HR helpdesk to streamline employee support and automate the activities undertaken by employees. can easily be integrated with Microsoft Teams – a process known as teamsification. Through teamsification, leverages the employee experience by allowing the management to provide the employees with seamless support. With MS Teams helpdesk, makes sure that the AI-based platform understands the context of the issues faced by your employees and tailors solutions based on their needs and preferences. 

To get started and integrate with the MS Teams helpdesk, you can visit the official website of by clicking here. 

Why Should You Use Microsoft Teams As A Helpdesk With

  1. AI Chatbots To Automate Primary Support

    Traditional helpdesks route all the cases coming from employees to the support agents. This led to increased dependence of employees on support agents to get their issues resolved. When every case is routed to the agents, irrespective of how big or small it is, they tend to get overburdened by the same. This leads to a decrease in the quality of support provided to employees and unnecessary delays in communication.

    To remediate this issue, with MS Teams helpdesk automates the primary support provided to your employees with the help of AI chatbots. These virtual assistants interact with Microsoft Teams users as they enter the helpdesk and raise an issue. The use of conversational AI allows users to talk to chatbots and convey their issues. Based on the historical data stored within your enterprise knowledge base, the AI chatbots would understand the context of the problem and return with a suitable solution within a few seconds.

    In most cases, the issues are resolved at this stage, filtering the cases going to the support agents. However, if your employee is not satisfied with the issue, the MS Teams helpdesk would route the case to an agent who would look into the case. This way, allows MS Teams users to avail themselves of quick and effective primary support simply by interacting with the chatbots.

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  2. Automated And Simplified Ticketing System

    One of the biggest issues faced by employees while using traditional helpdesks is that of creating support tickets. Employees often get confused while locating and operating the ticketing platforms. This results in the support getting delayed and makes them resort to the more tedious ways of obtaining support (calls, emails, etc.) with MS Teams helpdesk simplifies the entire ticketing system by automating it. For getting their cases dealt with, Microsoft Teams users can simply initiate a chat to get their cases routed to the agents. This would prompt the MS Teams helpdesk to automatically create a support ticket and route the concerned case to a suitable agent. The platform would also send all relevant information about the case and the employee to the agent to provide them with context.

    The agent would now look into the case and provide a personalized solution to the employee through the helpdesk. When the case is resolved, the MS Teams helpdesk automatically closes the case. Moreover, the details of the case are recorded within the knowledge base for future reference. This further improves the experience of your employees when they seek help from the MS Teams helpdesk.

    This way, ensures that your employees can create, track, and close their support tickets with a few simple clicks. The integration with MS Teams helpdesk allows users and agents to communicate smoothly and effectively.

  3. Automated Employee Onboarding

    Especially in the case of remote employees, HR managers often face difficulties in onboarding them. Without their physical presence, it becomes challenging for the management to provide them with the required resources and ensure they are provided with a cordial work environment. with MS Teams helpdesk allows you to onboard your employees with seamless automation. While onboarding remote employees, HR managers can send automated emails to the new employees based on user persona. These emails can be attached with a personalized welcome letter, contact details about their peers and managers, login credentials, and other important necessary for them during their initial few days.

    These emails can be sent and received using the centralized platform of MS Teams helpdesk used with The integration allows seamless onboarding of employees without the need for the presence of your HR professionals. Moreover, the AI-driven helpdesk can be used by new employees to resolve their issues effectively.

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  4. Automation Of Repetitive Processes

    Most IT employees are often occupied with undertaking repetitive processes like changing and resetting employee passwords. This often takes up a lot of their time that could have been used for more productive purposes. with MS Teams helpdesk relieves your IT employees from this burden by automating such repetitive processes. Whenever an MS Teams user needs to change or reset their password, they can simply initiate a chat with the helpdesk. Their request would then be connected with the back-end, initiating a trigger that verifies their identity. Once their identity is confirmed, they are set new passwords for themselves without any human interference. While this relieves your IT employees from repeatedly carrying out the same activities, it helps other employees get their work done without facing any hassles.

  5. Training Employees Via Microlearning

    Microlearning is a relatively new model of digitized learning where users are provided with bite-sized content on a centralized platform. with MS Teams helpdesk facilitates this learning mode by allowing your managers to provide relevant training material to your employees.

    Instead of spending a fortune on hiring dedicated trainers and organizing workshops, managers can add the required training content to the knowledge base. This content can be accessed by the employees from any location for getting trained. Due to people's limited attention span in the age of microblogging, microlearning allows your employees to retain more information and get trained effectively. allows you to get your employees trained in specific skills on the platform of Microsoft Teams without them having to sacrifice their work hours.

  6. Seamless Communication Of Employee Benefits

    When new employees are recruited to an organization, they are unaware of all the benefits they are entitled to. To know more about the same, they often keep reaching out to the HR managers, which is tedious. with MS Teams helpdesk facilitates seamless and automated communication of employee benefits on a single unified platform. Whenever an employee needs any information about their benefits, they can interact with the chatbots and be provided with relevant answers. All you need to do is add all data related to employee benefits to your knowledge base. This makes it easy for on-premise and remote employees to obtain information as and when they require it.

    Similarly, employees can obtain any information about company policies by interacting with the AI chatbots without reaching out to the management. The centralized platform helps your employees save time and effort that could be used productively.

  7. Streamlined Harassment Reporting

    Workplace abuse and harassment often cause employees to report to the management, but they hesitate to do so. provides your employees with a platform to raise their concerns about harassment to the concerned authorities securely and anonymously. The platform of Microsoft Teams can be used for your employees to report harassment cases which the management would look into with strict actions being taken.

The Final Word 

These were some of the crucial reasons why you should use Microsoft Teams as a helpdesk with The integration is designed to help you provide all possible support to your employees without hassles, delays, or inconveniences. The AI-based platform understands the issues of your employees and makes sure that they are resolved in the best way possible.

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