How Conversational Ai Is Changing It Helpdesks?

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How Conversational Ai Is Changing It Helpdesks?
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Needless to say, conversational AI is one major technology that has radically changed people's lives and their way of life. Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, from the food delivery applications you use to the voice assistants like Alexa or Siri, who follow your instructions. The technology is exciting because it extends beyond the services provided to clients and into regular corporate processes. In order to improve and modernize their infrastructure, CIOs and CEOs are rapidly investing in AI-powered technologies. In this present scenario, conversational AI technology is used in a variety of processes, including task distribution, workflow automation, employee experience, and customer interaction.   

Since organizations initially used it to take care of the unique requirements of their employees, employee support has gone a long way. It all began with actual helpdesks and dedicated agents who assisted employees in finding solutions to their problems and answering their inquiries. These helpdesks start to become increasingly virtual over time as digitalization starts to permeate company procedures. The traditional IT helpdesk was created as a platform for software where IT specialists were hired to offer answers to the problems experienced by the workers in a business. Nevertheless, the lack of seamless employee assistance led to a greater emphasis on the dedicated support agents than the employees.   

With only four months left until 2023, now is the right time to invest in a modern IT helpdesk powered by conversational AI, which allows organizations to address the problems of the traditional helpdesks and offer prompt, dependable, and personalized support to the employees. But do you know what exactly a modern IT helpdesk is? Continue reading this blog to know more about conversational IT helpdesk and how conversational AI is transforming the future of modern IT helpdesk.

Defining Conversational IT Helpdesk

An IT help desk is a software solution that allows corporate companies to plan employee as well as client communication and provide the right answers to their IT-related doubts instantly and efficiently. A modern IT help desk platform supports your dedicated IT support agents to track and resolve IT issues like troubleshooting VPN, configuring laptops, installing software etc – that are generated from diverse channels with the power of advanced technologies like conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). An AI-enabled IT helpdesk platform can automate tedious tasks, save employees time, and encourage faster and more effective resolution of issues, thus improving the overall user experience and driving business ROI.   

In this challenging time, a robust and AI-powered IT helpdesk is critical for every successful company (whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a start-up). Since the objective of a modern IT helpdesk is to deliver quick and robust support to employees' internal queries, when employees get the right support, it will enhance their productivity, improve customer satisfaction and result in business growth. But if your organization is still relying on traditional helpdesks or service desks, your employees and ROI suffer.

What Make Traditional IT Helpdesks Irrelevant?

  1. Lack Of Consistent Support

    One of the main problems with traditional IT helpdesk is the lack of consistent support. When employees don't get the right support from the service desk agents, they start searching for relevant information which consumes their work time. As a result the actual work will be delayed. 

  2. Poor Knowledge Management

    Traditional IT helpdesks often fail to take advantage of the enterprise knowledge base's potential. Due to the lack of cutting-edge technology, the helpdesks would respond to inquiries with a few basic text pages and manuals. A helpdesk has not achieved its goals if an employee has to search for these materials to find specific solutions.

  3. Poor Quality Of Support

    The level of service will inevitably decline if there are more requests for assistance than agents available to handle them. The agents frequently offered generic and subpar support rather than personalized assistance because of the pressure to handle the issues quickly and reach as many employees as possible. In addition, organizations frequently turned to employing new employees—who weren't always the best—to handle the influx of too many requests. This caused the level of support given to the employees to decline further.

  4. Not Applicable for Modern Workforce

    Traditional help desks are no longer functional in today's business, which is undergoing rapid change. The majority of traditional helpdesks are created using outdated structures and even outdated mindsets, which results in an inadequate level of employee focus. Instead of using a conventional helpdesk, employees prefer to contact support agents by phone and email. The evolution of the workplace culture has also led to changes in employee needs. Instead of scattered support, employees prefer immediate support. Whether it is a large-scale or small-scale organization, the business will not succeed if its employees are dissatisfied with the support or lack enthusiasm.

Role Of Conversational AI In Transforming IT Helpdesk  

Conversational AI is an advanced technology that enables human-computer interaction using big data, machine learning, and natural language processing. According to Accenture figures, AI technology will increase worker productivity by 40% by 2035. By identifying and translating speech and text input into computer languages, they enable human-like interactions and provide a degree of communication similar to that of humans. As a result, it is a constantly improving technology since it absorbs new knowledge. The employees may concentrate on preventive efforts to lower security threats and network disruptions while the employees can manage everyday duties better.   

In recent years, rising client expectations have prompted an equal increase in employee expectations. First-level support that takes longer than 24 hours results in less productivity and dissatisfied employees. Employee support was fragmented and distributed before artificial intelligence and automation, making it challenging for employees to find wholesome and suitable support. Integrating conversational AI into IT helpdesks makes employee support highly automated, while users receive a more personalized experience. The artificial intelligence-powered IT helpdesk has shifted the focus from agents to employees needing assistance.   

With conversational AI, automated technology has advanced further, giving workers access to a system they can communicate with. Now, smart chatbots and voice assistants may respond to questions from employees and offer the solutions they need in the same way a support agent would. Therefore, businesses of all sizes are increasingly adopting conversational AI and empowering their employees to get support. Organizations may improve client experiences and increase their return on investment in this way.


Modern IT helpdesks like leverage conversational AI to guide their employees and deliver them with integrated support. The boundaries between human interactions and a machine's efficiency are becoming blurred by technology. Thanks to the modern IT helpdesks, you may let your employees interact with the system and get answers to their queries. Automated AI chatbots are used to carry out these exchanges. These smart chatbots follow your employees when they access the service desk, pay attention to their commands, and offer them all the assistance they need until they are pleased.

The following are the crucial steps on how conversational AI is changing the IT helpdesk:  

  1. AI-powered Smart Chatbot To Welcome

    An AI-enabled chatbot that will assist them in resolving their problems welcomes anxious staff as soon as they register into the IT helpdesk. It offers the staff a range of alternatives, including the ability to automate repetitive tasks and receive inquiries and replies.

  2. Getting The First Level Support (L1)

    Now, to get L1 support, your employee would either ask the question they have or bring up a specific problem. In contrast to the conventional helpdesk, the AI chatbot manages all L1 support requests independently without involving a support agent. Employees across all organizational departments share this as a common interest. When a query is posed, the chatbot will search the knowledge base, look up the employee's profile, and then provide them with a response that is personalized just for them.

  3. Assigning A Dedicated Support Agent

    In case your employee is unsatisfied with the L1 support provided by the virtual assistant, you can also forward it to a qualified support agent. The chatbot will immediately forward the case to an agent, give them background information on the circumstance, and allow them to do their investigation.

  4. Ensure Robust Communication To The Employees

    To ensure smooth communication and streamline the support system, the AI chatbot serves as a connecting link between your employee and the relevant support agent. Your employee will be informed via the virtual assistant when the agent is prepared with a customized solution. Additionally, the system would continue to update the employee on the status of their case in real-time.

  5. Interaction With Live Agents

    Once the issue has been resolved, your employee can resume work. The conversation is documented in the system for future use. Employees might choose live agent engagement if they are still dissatisfied with the solution. The dedicated support agents can communicate with your employee in real-time via call or online chat to better describe the problem and comprehend the remedy. This feature is available on modern IT helpdesks.

    AI chatbots handle the entire process of seamless employee care in this way to guarantee that your staff receives all-inclusive support up until the point where they are thrilled with the outcomes.

  6. Automating Routine Tasks And Workflows

    Every organization completes various activities every day, and if you choose manual methods, it will force your staff to put in a lot of time and effort on jobs that can be done automatically. A contemporary IT helpdesk will benefit employees by automating tedious and time-consuming routine tasks and processes like hiring, onboarding, and leaving applications. With a modern helpdesk, you can automate several repetitive tasks that are complex and multi-step, like obtaining access to documents and verifying identities. The workflow approval process is an important feature of a modern IT helpdesk.

  7. Robust Knowledge Management System

    Companies can leverage AI-powered IT helpdesk's advanced knowledge base and deliver quick, consistent, and personalized solutions. Well-designed knowledge management is an important factor of every modern IT helpdesk. Every time an employee has a question, they just need to add the question, and all the relevant context will be displayed. On a single, integrated platform, employees may quickly access all necessary information in the form of articles, videos, FAQs, handbooks, user manuals, etc.

  8. Invisible Ticketing System

    Most employees dislike traditional ticketing systems, while some are unsure how to utilize them. To file complaints, they would instead call or write emails. Since most employees don't want to leave their collaboration platform, an AI-powered IT helpdesk makes tickets invisible. Employees may create tickets, view the status of their problems, and chat with an agent from within MS Teams and Slacks, thanks to the modern helpdesk's conversational AI interface. Once the problem has been fixed and the ticket has been closed, the employee will receive an update.

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