Redefine Your Employee Experience In 2022 With A “10-Second'' Service Desk

Redefine Your Employee Experience In 2022 With A “10-Second'' Service Desk

Are you aware that global business leaders plan to place employee experience over customer experience in this pandemic environment? Do you know the exact reason behind this decision? It is because most businesses have learned from the pandemic that positive employee experiences are critical to keeping their customers happy and satisfied.  Now, the question is how does a business start down the path to creating a great employee experience? How can employees work more efficiently, faster and more productively?  In the age of digitization, the need for process automation is immense to provide a seamless employee experience. Organizations around the world are implementing tools and software platforms to perform tedious tasks within a few seconds. One such invention that encourages seamless process automation is that of the 10-second'' service desk.

Now that we are in the third month of 2022, we can no longer support your employees using traditional service desks due to various reasons such as:

Reasons Why Traditional Service Desks Are Irrelevant in 2022

  • The lack of sufficient information In this remote and hybrid work environment, it is evident that employees encounter a series of issues that need instant clarification from the service desk agent. In most cases, the employee would leave the service desk for two reasons: a. Inadequate content – Employees may have difficulty finding content that addresses their specific concerns. b. Inaccurate information - It's crucial to have regular content audits and updates of employee service desks. Without this, service desks will not assist employees in finding solutions to their problems.

  • Less clarity on simple topics As an example, let us consider the leave policy at the HR Department. It is one of the areas where most remote employees have doubts and contact HR personnel despite having an employee portal. This is not an easy or ideal process since employees have to read, understand, and follow the steps on the portal. Employees who feel like it is time-consuming will contact the support agent via email or phone.

  • Poor employee support If an employee needs help, he or she will be disturbed and will look for help right away. Most employees often look for quick support - whether it is video tutorials, infographics, or live chats that provide immediate assistance. Traditional employee desks are poorly designed to accommodate how employees want information displayed.

  • Inadequate training and awareness of traditional service desks There must be adequate training and regular communication among employees about the updates on the traditional service desks. During this pandemic, this is even more prevalent when employees are working remotely.

In addition to this, traditional service desks also lack the speed, precision, and accuracy of solutions provided to resolve the issues faced by your employees. As a result, employee experience will be adversely affected. A McKinsey report states that there is a 32% growth in operating standards, collaborative tools, and financial budget pressure, which needs serious attention from the CIOs' side. Growing employee concerns mean you should take advantage of every chance to improve your employee service desk management skill set.

Today, if you are willing to leverage employee experience, engagement, and productivity within your organization, it is essential to implement a ‘10 -second modern service desk’.

What is a 10-second Service Desk?

When employees don't receive any help, they become frustrated. Organizations should provide immediate support to their employees so they can save time and do more productive work. We, at, aim to revamp how service desks operate in 2022 and the future. We aim to resolve employee queries or provide support in less than 10 seconds using a conversational chatbot.

Main Features That Make A Complete 10-second Service Desk

  1. Conversational AI For Immediate Primary Support The modern' ' 10-second'' service desks use AI and machine learning technologies to provide immediate primary support to your employees. Conversational AI allows your employees to chat with virtual assistants instead of support agents to get personalized answers to their questions. This prevents excessive dependence on agents, especially in the case of resolving basic issues.  With a modern service desk, your employees can interact with AI chatbots regarding their issues. The chatbots understand the context of the issues raised, use the twitter-age knowledge management system, and return with personalized solutions within a few seconds. This way, the' ' 10-second'' service desk stays true to their name by providing immediate support to your employees without getting the support agents involved from the first level.

  2. Invisible Ticketing System If your employees are willing to get in touch with dedicated support agents, a modern service desk allows them to do so without going through the complications of the traditional ticketing system. The' ' 10-second'' service desks make the ticketing system invisible by automating the same. allow your employees to create support tickets simply by chatting with the AI chatbots. A single chat routes their case to a suitable agent who looks into the same and provides a personalized solution as soon as possible. Also, the' ' 10-second'' service desks send all crucial details regarding the concerned employees and their cases to make them understand the context of the problem faced. This allows the support agents to reach out to the employees via chatbots and provide a satisfactory resolution to their problems.  Via an invisible ticketing system, modern service desks help your employees to create, track and close their tickets in a simple, quick, and effective manner.  It also sends updates about the ticket and gets updates about tickets in MS Teams and Slacks, making it unique from traditional ticketing systems. An employee will receive an update when the issue has been resolved, and the ticket will be closed. There is no need for employees to do anything with ticketing systems. Read More: Tip No 1 To Enhance Employee Experience; Implement Invisible Ticketing System

  3. Routine Task Automation IT support agents are often required to perform a range of repetitive tasks for multiple employees working across an organization. If performed manually, it may delay the support provided, and the agents get exhausted with the same processes carried out repeatedly. Activities like giving software access to the employees, resetting/changing passwords, configuring printers, installing new software, etc. need to be performed regularly by IT support agents to cater to different employees.  Modern' ' 10-second'' service desks allow your employees to perform these tasks within a few seconds through routine task automation. This feature allows the service to build API connections to different systems and identify the tasks that need to be automated. This way, employees can obtain automated support simply by interacting with the service desks. They no longer need to make requests to the IT support agents and wait for them to be handled. Routine task automation relieves your agents' repetitive processes every time an employee makes a request. This allows them to focus on more productive areas and helps your employees get their cases handled within a few seconds.

  4. Integration With Collaborative Platforms like MS Teams and Slack The need for collaborative platforms has been steadily increasing over the last few years, and they are here to stay. Especially in the case of organizations operating remotely, they help employees communicate and collaborate with their peers from a single unified platform.  Integrating a modern service desk with your collaborative platform would allow you to redefine employee experience. It prevents them from switching to a different platform for seeking personalized support. This way, your employees can interact with AI chatbots and get their issues resolved by simply opening a dedicated channel on the concerned collaborative platform.  This integration helps you leverage the functionality of the modern' ' 10-second'' service desks and centralize the support provided to your employees.

  5. Quick And Automated Employee Onboarding In the age of remote working and hybrid workplaces, the approach to onboarding employees needs to change. You can no longer continue with the traditional onboarding strategies to welcome on-premise employees. Modern service desks facilitate quick and effective employee onboarding by automating the process. The' ' 10-second'' service desks can provide new employees with all necessary resources based on their user persona. A single platform can be used for creating and sending personalized welcome letters, login credentials for software platforms, contact details of peers/managers, and other relevant details to your employees.  Moreover, the AI-based service desks help your new employees to get their basics cleared and questions answered within a few seconds. Especially in the case of remote employees, the modern approach to employee onboarding helps them get comfortable with the new work environment.

  6. Microlearning Platform To Train Your Employees Apart from providing personalized solutions to the issues faced by your employees, the' ' 10-second'' service desks also help your employees train themselves through conversational microlearning.  Microlearning allows you to provide limited and bite-sized training content to your employees instead of lengthy handbooks and manuals. Whether you are willing to train new employees before they start working or existing employees to teach them new skills, modern service desks help you provide them with training resources from unified platforms.’s conversational microlearning platform named ‘’ will help your employees to cater to their limited attention span and increase the retention of information provided to them. You can have your employees trained from any location by adding training materials in multiple formats (audio, video, images, articles, etc.) to your knowledge base. This allows your employees to become increasingly self-reliant, thereby improving their engagement and productivity.

Conclusion: A ‘10 second’ Service Desks for Better Employee Experience

These were some of the significant ways you can redefine employee experience within your organization with the help of' ' 10-second'' service desks. If you create a great employee experience, you build a high-performing company culture where your employees want to do their best and succeed in their roles. Thus, it is important for organizations to provide seamless employee support by investing in a modern service desk.

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