How Is Ai Changing Employee Service Management (Esm)?

How Is Ai Changing Employee Service Management (Esm)?
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Artificial intelligence has been revolutionizing several industries as digitization keeps stepping up with every passing year. The technology has made it possible to combine the accuracy of machines with human-like analytical thinking. 

Statistics show that the global artificial intelligence market is expected to reach a whopping $267 billion by 2027. More than 50% of businesses operating in any sector have reported a boost in their productivity after implementing AI within their organizations in some or another way. 

AI-based tools take business automation a step further and allow users to get their work done in a faster, easier, and more efficient way. You can say that artificial intelligence makes businesses feel as if they have hired a digitally developed employer! 

AI And Employee Service Management

Looking at the efficacy and results achieved by ITSM, it has paved the way for employee service management (ESM). With ESM, businesses have been taking the ITSM principles and applying the same to other departments. This has only made business processes more scalable and effective to increase the overall productivity and driving more sales. 

Along with seamless automation and personalized approach, artificial intelligence is changing the way ESM tools are used by enterprises to achieve the desired results. Without replacing human employees with automated tools, artificial intelligence has made sure that the employees from all departments and the senior management reduce the human effort put in for performing repetitive tasks and channel their time and energy to core business issues. 

How Does AI Affect Enterprise Service Management?

Since the introduction of AI in enterprise service management, employees have been able to work faster, and managers have been able to analyze performances more efficiently. 

Here are some of the major ways in which AI has served as a boon to ESM: 

  1. Smarter Employee Support
    It is common for employees in every organization to hit roadblocks and seek assistance to carry on with their work. The AI component in ESM allows businesses to be there for their employees whenever they are in need.
  2. Instead of going the traditional way of raising tickets, sending emails, making calls, and looking for solutions on different platforms, AI-enabled ESM provides them with smarter support by crunching all resources within a single unified platform.
  3. With this, your employees can simply log into their systems and type in the specific issue they are facing. The system will automatically scan the vast knowledge database, look for the best resources, and provide them with suitable answers in a matter of seconds.

  4. Personalized Employee Service Desk
    Gone are the days when organizations implemented an employee service desk that provided generic information for every employee working in the company, making them spend a good amount of time looking for answers.
  5. With AI joining hands with enterprise service management, employees can get the support that is tailor-made for them. AI-driven service desks make sense of the specific issue raised by an employee and provide them with a solution that is dedicated to the concerned issue.
  6. Some of the most prominent organizations use such service desks., the AI-based employee service desk used within MS Teams, makes sure that the users get specific answers to their specific questions in an interactive manner.
  7. Right from process and workflow automation to microlearning, an automated employee service deskprovides holistic support to employees working in all departments.

  8. Tracking History
    As mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence makes ESM smarter and more scalable. ESM platforms with AI functionality keep track of all the interactions the system has with the employees. This information is stored in a database that is scanned and analyzed to provide customized solutions to specific employees.
  9. If your employee is logging in and raising a query, the system will take all their past queries as a reference and provide solutions accordingly. This increases the accuracy and effectiveness of the solutions provided by the ESM software to your employee.

  10. Self-service Solutions
    One of the biggest advantages of AI-based enterprise service management is that it makes employees self-reliant. This throws the need for creating tickets and approaching executives out of the window!
  11. As the system keeps track of all the activities performed, questions asked, and issues raised by the employees, it provides personalized suggestions to them for resolving the issues by themselves. You can compare this feature with Google suggesting search results based on tour previous searches.
  12. The use of artificial intelligence in ESM allows the machine to understand your employees based on their actions and help them out with self-service solutions, ensuring that the solution prevents them from asking the same question again.

  13. Increased Productivity
    Essentially, an organization is nothing without its employees. They are the building blocks of a company and are directly responsible for its performance in the market. AI-driven ESM platforms allow businesses to exploit the full potential of their employees, increasing their productivity.
  14. Several businesses had to let go of their employees over the course of the last year, owing to the disastrous pandemic that engulfed the world. This void left by a reduced workforce can be more than compensated by automated ESM tools.
  15. Moreover, these tools reduce the need to train employees using traditional training and user adoption techniques. Employees can now find personalized solutions by themselves and learn on the job as well.

All these benefits lead to your employees focusing more on their work, which is in turn made simpler by process automation. 

The Final Word 

The introduction of employee service management had already made matters easier for organizations in terms of streamlining their services. Adding the technology of artificial intelligence has definitely proven to be the cherry on the cake, helping businesses to optimize their processes through seamless automation. 

AI-based ESM platforms understand the specific needs of your employees and provide them with solutions that are tailored just for them. They are designed to make sure that businesses, especially the ones struggling with employee numbers (the retail industry), are able to maximize their productivity and prosper in the market they are operating in.

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