How To Auto-Resolve Employee Tickets 10X Faster With Ms Teams

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How To Auto-Resolve Employee Tickets 10X Faster With Ms Teams
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The global pandemic has seismically transformed the way we work and live. Employees look forward to more openness, advanced technology, enhanced collaboration, and greater flexibility in the workplace. As the covid-19 continues to force more and more enterprises to function remotely with a huge workforce, better, more handy and powerful collaboration tools became a serious need. 

Team collaboration platforms enable employees to communicate across and beyond their work culture by delivering access to the technology that can boost the processes and allow collaboration. As a result, business across the globe has started to adopt collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Slack, etc. to support their remote workforce and hybrid work. 

From this list, Microsoft Teams is the best all-rounder for every organization to bring all your employees together under one umbrella. It is the top collaboration platform and productivity tool for real-time conferences, video calls, document sharing and editing, and more for every business. 

Why Microsoft Teams is the best bet for businesses?

Team collaboration is focused on boosting communication in organizations to enhance collecting data and skills sharing among employees despite their location. The prime goal of team collaboration is to initiate a smooth work environment for employees, ensuring employee complete their tasks efficiently and enhance the business ROI. 

Microsoft Teams has become the pillar of every enterprise’s real-time communication in a digital world. Today, Microsoft Teams has entered into the new hub for employee collaboration and integration that enterprises choose to enhance their communication, documents and HR workflows. Microsoft Teams allow businesses to leverage advanced technologies available to work with different team members virtually. Moreover, Teams can be accessed from any device and make a rounded self-reliant work atmosphere anytime, anyplace. It manages and automates the daily activities of employees and retains the employee workflows proficiently. 

As per the reports of The Hindu – Business Line in October 2020, ever since the outbreak of novel coronavirus, Microsoft Teams is witnessing augmented usage intensity with over 115 million daily active users communicate, collaborate and share contents across their work, life, and learning. 

Though the video chat option in Teams was the leading factor for its upsurge growth and adoption, businesses and other organizations across the globe have rapidly recognized the requirement of a digital transformation beyond meetings to serve clients, support teams, streamline workflow, and boost employee productivity and wellbeing. 

Talking about the present-day scenario, MS Team, which was launched to link individuals, employees, teams, and businesses, has entered into new territory. Currently, most businesses are in a battle against time to fast-track and flourish in their digital transformation. Almost every department and function is affected by this revolution, while departments like the employee service desk are on the front line. 

Automated Employee Service Desk

Employee service teams are responsible for managing a mounting number of requests, which is the consequence of every new digital solution implementation. And that’s why a service desk itself requires innovative digital tools with automation capabilities to keep up and enhance its service level. 

This is where the need for an automated service desk comes. Automation is the foundation of every organization that desires to enhance its employee productivity, service quality, deliver fast support, and boost ROI. 

The objectives of an employee service desk are: 

  • Auto-resolve employee support tickets

  • Simplify the entire business process

  • Enhance asset management

  • Boost operational productivity

  • Enable data-driven decisions

  • Decrease the resolution time for incidents or requests

  • Improve ticket management

  • Reduce the number of calls to the Help Desk Support

  • Reduce the costs of the ticketing system

  • Enhance user satisfaction.

Service desk integrated within MS Teams

Microsoft Teams, powered by conversational AI technology, is the best place to bring your employee service desk. Many enterprises have already realized this and have started implementing automated service desks within MS Teams to resolve routine IT support issues that often result in multi-day delays for employees. 

Research by International Data Corporation (IDC) says employees have to spend around 36 % of their day searching and combine data, and almost 44 % of the time, they fail to obtain it. 

With employees working from home most of the time, they may come across various queries. This will challenge support agents/ help desk agents as their inbox will be flooded with support tickets and queries for even small and minor issues. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to build a ticketing management process that enables support agents to automate support tickets and accelerate response and resolution times. 

Modern service desk to auto-resolve employee tickets 10x faster

As your business grows, your IT support team has to stay more systematized and effective. In a traditional service desk, employees have to go through various steps to get their queries/requests related to IT, equipment, or other departments. They have to frequently check the notifications of email and portal to receive updates on their support ticket. In such scenarios, employees end up alerting their IT desk support team directly. This takes more time to resolve the issues faced by employees and ultimately affects the company's operations badly. 

Implementing a modern service desk allows employees to communicate and collaborate with a chatbot or Virtual Assistant (VA) that prioritizes and auto-resolves issues. Employees across all departments can ask questions and get quick help in real-time with ease, allowing them to concentrate more on their works without any confusion and enhance the agent's productivity—right information to the right people from the right place., integrated with Microsoft Teams, will help your organization combine streamlined collaboration and contextual ticketing to provide the best user experiences. auto-resolve your employee queries and issues faster and augments your ability to reach solutions in seconds. 

Create, manage, and auto-resolve tickets 10x faster with within Teams.

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