Improve Employee Productivity By 30% Using Rezolve.Ai Hr Chatbot

Improve Employee Productivity By 30% Using Rezolve.Ai Hr Chatbot
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We cannot deny the fact that the global pandemic and its ever-changing variants have piloted upon us a revolution of remoteness and reduced face-to-face operations in favor of virtual interactions. From the traditional office cubicles to Starbucks outlets, the large desktop PCs to mobile phones, telephones, and faxes to collaborative platforms, regional teammates to international teams – the way we worked, the place we worked, the way we communicated, the team we worked with, etc, have drastically shifted over the past two and half years. Thus, undoubtedly, we can say that the global pandemic has boosted digital-first engagement, which has become well-known as the “new normal.” However, as employees continue to remote and hybrid work for the third year, the corporate world and their employee service, IT service desk /HR helpdesk teams are faced with new challenges. Because of all those workplace changes, employee productivity might hurt the most. Since happy, satisfied, and productive employees are the backbone of every successful organization, management must come up with advanced tools that will help them to boost employee productivity. And that’s why many Fortune 500 companies and Startups rely on conversational AI-powered chatbots. But how can a chatbot be so helpful for the HR team and boost employee productivity at the same time?

In this article, we will discover how’s  HR chatbots can help increase employee productivity and engagement.  Let's first take a look at what an HR chatbot is and its benefits.

Defining HR Chatbot

All of us are well aware of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistants. But, do you know the technology behind such innovations? A chatbot can be defined as an advanced technology that leverages conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize natural language processing (NLP) and answer the queries of the user. Using a chatbot for a particular purpose requires it to be trained after it has been built. A simple chatbot could be trained to perform human resource functions, making it an HR chatbot. Apart from this, a chatbot can be integrated with various collaborative platforms like MS Teams, Zoom, Slack etc. When it comes to HR chatbots, HR managers can perform various routine tasks other than recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, and payroll. As per the research data of Fortune Integrating conversational AI in HR has improved the overall working experience of HR professionals and other employees by assisting them to utilize their time better by making administrative tasks and processes redundant.

Why employee productivity is the need of the hour?

We cannot deny that the Covid-19 has forced everyone to redefine what the future of work looks like. In-person employee engagement and communication that flourished in the physical work environment have been switched by distributed teammates collaborating via numerous digital channels and collaboration platforms. Though remote work has many advantages, the drawback of remote work is that employees are unlikely to interact with their co-workers, have an unplanned conversation, or even attend a team party. Needless to say, building and maintaining relationships with employees, making significant changes, and boosting better employee productivity and performance. Organizations that are robust and successful understand how important employee productivity is, and the value it brings to the business.

The term employee productivity depends upon how well employees are using their time efficiently to perform important, relevant tasks that will drive revenue and help reach company goals. If your employees are productive in this way, your business is using its human resources to the fullest, resulting in minimal waste. Because the amount a company spends on employee wages should be less than the amount the employee earns through their work, employee productivity is imperative.

Though Covid-19 has created some key changes to the work environment, it also resulted in a significant positive change since it also acted as a catalyst for the adoption of modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) for customers engagement and employee engagement. The Botsify survey revealed that 13% of HR teams currently use conversational chatbots to enhance employee engagement, 21% deploy chatbots to boost employee productivity, and 75% consider hiring a chatbot.

Employee productivity is crucial for every organization because it could directly result in:

In order to enhance employee productivity, it is imperative for organizations to automate their routine tasks and HR-related workflows that are often tiresome and time-consuming. But, how can companies enhance employee productivity seamlessly? That’s where’s HR chatbot comes in.

Why's Conversational Chatbot is crucial for employee productivity?

The reality of remote and hybrid work have given rise to the need for a centralized tool for all their efforts. Having to bounce from one app to another to search for some information is very time-consuming as well as tedious. is a conversational chatbot integrated with collaborative platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams where employees spend most of their work hours. The employees will have all the information they need and can keep in touch with their colleagues without switching between platforms. It would be convenient for the employees already utilizing remote engagement to assist them.

The following are some of the capabilities of "’s conversational chatbot," making it the ultimate productivity savior:

  1. Personalized support's conversational chatbot helps your employees get instant and personalized support whenever they are in need. If employees encounter troubles, they will always look for a dedicated agent to help. Integrated within MS Teams and Slack, allows employees to interact directly with the chatbot. The bot will resolve the queries by coming up with the best-suited solution within seconds. If the employees are not satisfied with the support provided by the bot, they can get their case to a dedicated support agent for a second-level of support (L2).

  2. Streamlined employee onboarding

    When it comes to remote employees, the HR team often encounters hurdles to effectively onboard them. Due to the lack of physical presence, organizations find it challenging to ensure new employees are onboarded effectively and comfortable in their new surroundings.'s conversational chatbot allows the HR team to onboard employees virtually via collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack. The HR team can streamline the entire employee onboarding process by choosing the right user persona. HR can provide essential details through these emails such as email login credentials, business policies, contact information for team members, roles and responsibilities, etc.

  3. Automated password resets

    When a new employee joins your firm, the HR team has to do many tasks. They will come across various routine tasks, including password resetting. Since employees reset their passwords repeatedly over a year, HR/IT support agents have to spend much time dealing with these issues instead of dealing with other, more critical issues. This will finally result in a decrease in employee productivity and engagement. allows employees to reset their passwords through Microsoft Teams and Slack as a solution to this problem.'s smart chatbot streamlines the entire process and reduces the HR or IT, support agents, from conducting repetitive and tiresome tasks of resetting passwords. Employees can reset their passwords conveniently and quickly through Microsoft Teams or Slack accounts.

  4. Provide employee training

    As per the Gallup report, almost 90% of employees believe the organization failed to deliver excellent and efficient training. Employee training and onboarding are crucial factors that boost employee productivity. It is vitally important that all employees receive proper training in order to be successful in their jobs. Using automated services desks like, you can improve the effectiveness of employee training and learning.

  5. Elevate team collaboration efforts's AI-powered chatbot allows companies to build teams whose abilities and behaviors enhance each other for greater success. An organization with a cohesive work environment can identify employees who benefit from working together and are engaged. Effective teamwork can be achieved by creating elaborate team structures and hierarchies that take individual abilities into account and help each other improve. Organizations that incorporate artificial intelligence into team-building exercises will enhance collaboration and make the process more enjoyable.


There is no doubt that happy and motivated employees are the foundation of every successful company. Ever since the global pandemic outbreak, we have encountered a fall in employee productivity. When you uncover the factors that influence your employee productivity, you can take the crucial steps to address the issue and provide employees with the solution. That's why companies depend on conversational chatbots.

Chatbots can enhance employee productivity to the next level, as chatbots focus on routine and time-consuming tasks so that the employees can focus on essential works that need more attention. Integrating into your business makes some employees' tasks more accessible. It provides them with an exceptional experience through streamlined employee support, smooth onboarding, and easy recruitment.

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