Taking Employee Experience To The Next Level With Twitter–Age Knowledge Management

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Taking Employee Experience To The Next Level With Twitter–Age Knowledge Management
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We are already familiar with the popular old quote ‘knowledge is power’ and it is becoming more obvious to us every day in our professional and personal lives.

The series of unprecedented events in recent years have shown that there seems to be a lack of 'high-end', technological expertise, which is vital for many businesses and large organizations. Needless to say, it takes a lot of investment to get highly qualified employees. The best way to do this is by nurturing and cultivating those who already understand the first place. According to the statistics of Document 360, more than 74 percent of organizations believe effective knowledge management practices increase company productivity by 10-40 percent. It also states that poor knowledge-sharing practices cost Fortune 500 companies around $31.5 billion annually.

The core concept of knowledge management is enabling people to gain access to the information they need in order to succeed at their jobs. Boosting employee experience and productivity are critical parts of that, which benefits both businesses and employees. In response to the global pandemic, businesses across the world have had to make significant changes to the workplace, causing a comprehensive disruption to the employee experience. From the new normal of remote work to ‘Great Resignation, employees have to encounter various events-affecting employee experience and overall productivity. Thus, it is crucial for organizations to invest in technologies or innovations in order to provide all necessary support to the employees whether they work remotely or from the office. With the help of the right knowledge management system, organizations can provide seamless support to their employees. Do you know how?

In this article, team summarizes the crucial role of Twitter-age knowledge management in boosting a positive employee experience.

Why do employees need a robust knowledge management solution?  

According to the Employee Experience Survey 2021, more than 95% of employees say that improving employee experience will be a significant priority in their organization over the next three years. It is true that the outbreak of Covid-19 has created a paradigm shift in the workplace, and employees are revaluating their priorities and reconsidering their bond with their job. If employees receive delayed and fragmented support from their employers, they often feel dissatisfied, disengaged, and isolated in the workplace- leading to resignation. As per the 2022 research by Gartner, having internal and robust knowledge management is vital for increasing employee productivity and stability. It is because a robust knowledge management system will help both remote and hybrid employees with the tools for self-service solutions whenever they encounter an issue. This will reduce the need for internal communication with service desk agents.

Knowledge management is a smart method for boosting workplace productivity that combines technology, procedures, and organizational culture to generate, capture, and efficiently collect knowledge. Knowledge management provides employees access to all the information and documents required to work efficiently, enhance collaboration, encourage innovation, and modernize workflows. Undeniably, every employee should be able to access their organization’s expertise to stay more informed and to make instant decisions that can bring huge benefits to the business.

With an efficient knowledge management system, organizations can consolidate various documents, FAQs, and other data into multimedia formats that can be simply accessed internally and externally. 

Twitter-Age Knowledge Management: A critical factor to enhance employee experience

Organizations that provide seamless employee experiences will create a sense of psychological safety because most employees feel comfortable with the work culture and actively contribute to their work, sharing new and innovative ideas without fear of negative effects. When employees feel more psychologically in an organization, they will be able to collaborate and communicate effectively with their teammates, share skills and knowledge across teams, ask for support when they need it, and wilfully take up new workplace challenges. Thus, it is true that a positive employee experience is a win-win for both employees and businesses.

At we define Twitter-Age Knowledge Management as a feature, approach, and tool that can be used to offer the right, relevant, and applied statistics and data to the employees at the right time. Twitter-Age knowledge management will help employees to be well equipped to perform their job roles because they have plenty of information at their fingertips. It is challenging to preserve knowledge and save it since big data sets change with every technological advancement. Thus, having a Twitter-Age knowledge management platform is crucial to the growth and development of an organization. is an AI-powered IT service desk within MS Teams that allow organizations to automate their employee support. Whenever employees come across problems, like they face an issue opening a file or require help programming the best-multifaceted software that needs instant data, they can leverage the Twitter-Age knowledge management platform that provides the on-time support. Twitter-Age knowledge management will help employees answer queries from the enterprise knowledge base that don’t cause any delay since it works within MS Teams and Slack, where employees spend most of their working hours. Right answers will be presented in engaging and digestible multi-media content such as images, texts, games, videos, or gifs without changing the tabs.

Being a modern AI-powered service desk, uses conversational chatbots that help employees resolve their queries and problems within 10-15 seconds. Here, employees need not interact with a service desk agent; instead, they can directly communicate with the intelligent chatbot (L1 support) and instantly get their solutions. If the chatbot fails to find a satisfying solution to their issue, employees can generate a ticket and route it to an expert agent. Instead of delivering comprehensive support to employees, ai-enabled knowledge management offers support to the specific needs of each employee and delivers an exceptional experience to the employees.

How Twitter-Age knowledge management system boosts employee experience?  

Every business can greatly benefit from their employees sharing, modernizing, reusing, collaborating, and learning data. Consequently, it would be wise to implement knowledge management techniques in your business to maximize the benefits of knowledge management:   

  • Instant availability of information

  • Autoresolution of employee issues

  • Streamline routine tasks and workflow

  • Save time

  • Develop projects completion and elevate employee performance

  • Decrease communication costs

  • Enhance employee productivity and engagement  


Having a Knowledge Management system is no longer a luxury or an unnecessary expense. Nowadays, companies that harness their human and knowledge capital dominate the business landscape. Implementing’s Twitter-Age knowledge management system is crucial to gaining an edge on your competition, enhancing employee productivity, and creating a happy and motivated work atmosphere for employees.

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