Microsoft Teams And Automation- Better Together

Employee Experience
Microsoft Teams And Automation- Better Together
Employee Experience
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In this fast-changing where technology evolves every day, there is a demand for constant adaption and transformation of our workplaces.

The automation of repetitive and mundane processes have significantly assisted the organizations to deliver at record time.

The integration of natural language processors, virtual bots giving 24x7 coverage, and artificial intelligence, etc have drastically transformed the industry into an employee experience enriching hop notch.

Unfortunately, the gust of technologies has left the employees confused as there is no centralized platform as their go-to place.

Which encompasses all the features, documents, chats, meetings, and much more!

Nevertheless, MICROSOFT TEAMS is the platform that supports all of this, which is the ultimatum to all your work-related problems.

Organized, reliable, and fast which together with automation becomes the ultimate platform for any organization!

MS Teams

MS Teams is a platform that offers multiple support solutions for the workplace such as chats, video conferences, file storage complete with various application integration.

All of this with automation makes all the procedures and processes completely automated.

It is a no-code solution for the automation process but rather observes the pattern and employees themselves can create their department personalized automation procedures that could be followed.

And did you know 77% of remote workers report greater productivity while working off-site?

Microsoft Teams is the digital transformation of an open office space which integrates multiple application for better communication and working.

The features of Microsoft Teams are:

  • Chat - this feature is augmented with artificial chatbots which are available 24x7 for employee support providing the information and solutions on the spot.

  • Meeting - collaborating has never been this easy with integration from various apps which takes into consideration the availability of the team members. The automation assists in sending the automated emails for confirmation and frees an employee from sending various mails and leads to focus on more complex issues.

  • Call - helps in the calling directly or externally from the Microsoft Teams and the automated voice bots help the caller reach the required department without any receiver just to re-direct the caller.

  • Collaboration - stacks all of your documents from files, PPT, images, PDF, excel sheets all in one place organized with the relevant folders and tags so that employee does not lose anything and I can be searched anytime and anywhere. The document can also be edited by multiple users at a time to reduce the time in forwards.

  • Market availability - makes the Microsoft teams available to the widest range of audiences by supporting 53 languages and 181 markets as the natural language processors detect the regional languages to adapt and serve better!

  • Privacy and security - with automation, there is an extra added layer of encryption and security which one time passwords and non-repeatable employee credentials to keep the information encrypted and safe.

  • Multiple operating system support and availability as the mobile app, desktop app via a web browser so that employees take their workspace on the go and stay updated with the daily updates and important reminders supported by the automated systems.

Automation allows the employees to create flows or workflow automation for a query or tasks such as approvals, updates, and onboarding processes.

Average registration takes about 2 weeks manually while after automating the process is drastically reduced to only about 40 minutes.

Microsoft teams together leveraging the power of automation is the optimal solution to simplify multi-layered complicated processes that simply took too long or too many sign-offs or approvals.

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