Modern Helpdesk: A Must-Have For State And Local Governments

Modern Helpdesk: A Must-Have For State And Local Governments

Modern Helpdesk: A Must-Have For State And Local Governments

Modern Helpdesk: A Must-Have For State And Local Governments

The past few years have been a rollercoaster ride for the corporate world and State and Local government organizations, with the pandemic exacerbating the already-existing pain points. Many organizations face the threats like Great Resignation, Recession, Quiet Firing, Quiet Quitting, Great Attrition, etc., regardless of their industry. Along with the above-mentioned challenges, most government organizations are often saddled with the age–old traditional helpdesks or legacy software. Implementing such outdated helpdesk software for government organizations could only offer fragmented and bogged-down employee support and IT services for the employees.

Recently, I came across a shocking report by Statista, which states that the wave of " The Great Resignation " continues, with over 4.2 million US employees leaving their organizations in November alone, for a total of 46.6 million last year. That's quite a huge number, doesn't it? Surprisingly, State and Local government employees were among those who resigned or considered leaving their organization in 2022. Rockefeller Institute of Government reports that more people left the state and municipal government positions than ever before in 2022, leaving many organizations understaffed and unable to replace them. It is evident that employees leave government organizations because of the lack of personalized employee support, poor employee experience, lack of robust technologies, a desire for better compensation etc, creating a shortage of willing and qualified people to take their place.

So, here is the million-dollar question that every public sector CIO face, ie ‘How to enhance employee productivity of State and Local government employees in this rapidly changing workplace’? Well, as a manager of a leading AI-powered employee helpdesk software, my answer would be pretty obvious. Investing in AI-powered employee helpdesk software for government organizations is the best bet! Because a modern employee helpdesk is powered by advanced technologies like conversational AI, and machine learning (ML) which enable State and Local governments to quickly and efficiently streamline the overall performance in this new hybrid workspace.

Would you like to know more? Continue reading this blog to gain insight into the importance of implementing robust yet modern employee helpdesk software for government organizations. Before we begin, let’s start by discussing the pain points faced by the State and Local government agencies and why relying on a traditional or a legacy service desk is no longer a permanent solution.

Let’s begin! 

Pain Points of State and Local Government Organizations

  • Outdated Technology

  • Poor Employee Support

  • Lack of Right Information

  • Traditional IT Infrastructure

  • Tedious Manual Workflows

  • More Human Errors

  • Poor Data Security

  • Poor Communication and Team Collaboration

Let’s check them one by one.  

  • Outdated Technology

    In their daily work, State and Local government employees face a wide range of technical and nontechnical challenges. Working with outdated technology is one of the main challenges.

    Many local government agencies operate on tight budgets and may not have the resources to upgrade their hardware and software regularly. This can lead to slow system performance and a lack of compatibility with newer technologies, making it challenging for employees to complete their tasks efficiently.

  • Lack of Right Employee Support

    One of the most significant pain points faced by State and Local government organizations is the lack of timely and efficient employee support. With the increased workload and understaffing issues, it can be challenging for the existing government employees to get the necessary help. Moreover, relying on a legacy service desk or traditional helpdesk software for government employees is no longer viable. Since most employees work in a hybrid setup, chances are high for them to encounter IT or HR-related issues. Errors in password resetting, Outlook login issues, issues related to employee payrolls or access denial of updated work policy documents etc, are the major pain points.

    Whenever such cases happen, employees must create tickets, write emails or make calls to the helpdesk and wait for more than 12 hours for a helpdesk agent to show up and address these issues. As a result, they often feel like they are just another ticket number, leading to frustration, a lack of engagement and dissatisfaction. Finally, it will reflect the overall employee productivity and the organization's ROI. Implementing an AI-powered employee helpdesk software for government organizations can address this pain point by providing personalized support to each employee, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

  • Lack of Right Information

    Another major challenge for State and Local government employees is the limited availability of relevant information. Modern employees indeed need information related to policies, top processes, and other essential data. As reported by Mckinsey, employees often spend around 1.8 hours per day to find relevant data to perform their routine work. State and Local government agencies often have multiple systems for different departments and functions, such as finance, human resources, and public safety.

    Managing and maintaining these systems can be time-consuming and requires specialized knowledge and skills. Since most State and Local government employees work remotely, they may encounter this pain point when they have difficulty accessing the right information because it is dispersed among various sources or the volume of information is overwhelming.

    Oftentimes, these data could be incorrect or outdated. This leaves employees frustrated because they need help understanding or using the information provided because the language is either too complex, unavailable in their preferred language, or presented in an inaccessible manner.

    Thus, employees need a robust knowledge management tool that can help them improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their day–to–day operations by allowing them to access and share information easily. A cutting-edge knowledge management tool can also help to improve collaboration and communication among different departments and agencies within the government, leading to more informed decision-making and better use of resources. A knowledge management platform also enhances the level of service provided to citizens by allowing government employees to quickly access the information they need to answer questions and provide assistance.

  • Traditional IT Infrastructure

    A Spiceworks research state that limited budget and high cost are cited as the top challenges in local government IT infrastructure by 45% of IT decision-makers. This means State and Local government employees may not have access to the latest tools and technologies and may have to work with limited resources. They are also often limited in resources and budgets to maintain their IT infrastructure and adequately manage their software assets, resulting in delays in IT services for government. They frequently outsource these jobs to agencies but still require their IT employees to respond faster to service consumers and increase their capabilities.

    To facilitate digital transformation, State and Local governments must catch up to private sector companies. Several organizations rely on outdated systems, raising security and managing risk.

    An aging or traditional IT helpdesk software might also make it challenging to stay up with market needs as new technologies that can assist expedite tasks and cut costs are developed. Investing in a traditional IT helpdesk software for government employees might potentially pose a significant security risk because it may be unable to protect against the most recent cyber threats. This can result in data breaches and other problems that harm a company's brand and ROI.

  • Time-consuming, Tedious, and Manual Workflow

    Indeed, State and Local governments have to perform manual, time-consuming routine tasks or processes that are outdated, inefficient and rely on paper-based. And obviously, paper-based workflows slow down government procedures, making it difficult for people in the public sector to accomplish their tasks efficiently and effectively. These tedious and time-consuming processes and workflows necessitate an employee's active participation in every step of the request and consume valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

    Implementing modern government helpdesk software can eliminate these pointless tasks and unnecessary procedures. Employees can handle such claims more efficiently with tools like digital form submission and automated workflows, which reduce the need for the inefficient back-and-forth.

  • More Human Errors

    One of the main issues with traditional helpdesk software is that it often relies on time-consuming, manual processes, which can lead to human errors. For example, if a government employee requests new software or hardware, he or she may need to manually fill a form and submit it to the service desk agent. However, if they make a mistake on the form or provide incomplete information, the request may be delayed or rejected. This can lead to frustration for the employee and decreased productivity.

    In another case, if an employee is having an issue with their IT-related query, he may need to submit a ticket and wait for an IT service desk agent to come and fix it. This may take several days or even weeks, during which the employee cannot work. In addition, traditional service desks are typically not equipped to handle the increased volume of requests and issues that arise in a remote or hybrid work environment, which can further contribute to delays and inefficiencies.

  • Poor Data Security

    Data security is a significant concern for almost every organization, regardless of its industry. When it comes to State and Local government agencies it is responsible for protecting sensitive information, such as the personal data of citizens, confidential government documents and financial information etc. Implementing traditional helpdesk software for government employees is not a good option in this ever-evolving hybrid and remote workplace because chances are high for employees to face various IT-related challenges in their routine tasks.

    Outdated technology, managing multiple systems, data security, limited connectivity and network coverage, budget and resource constraint etc, are the top pain points when traditional helpdesk software is used.

    As a result, the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks is a constant threat. To ensure robust IT services for government employees, State and Local government agencies must invest in the right tools and processes to protect against these threats. Overcoming these challenges requires specialized knowledge, appropriate tools, and a commitment to ongoing education and training.

  • Poor Team Collaboration and Communication

    Undoubtedly, team collaboration and communication are integral for any business to succeed. But when it can be delayed in traditional helpdesk setups because of the lack of proper tools. It can be challenging to effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues in today's ever-evolving workplaces, where most State and Local government employees work from home. A lack of communication and collaboration among team members can delay work efficiency and productivity. Since traditional helpdesk software for government employees typically relies on email and phone calls, it can also be time-consuming and inefficient.

    Moreover, it may not be easy to share documents quickly and easily, and there may not be real-time communication and collaboration tools, such as instant messaging and video conferencing. Furthermore, traditional helpdesk systems may not be able to handle remote work environment requests and issues that arise. To overcome these challenges, it may be necessary to implement new tools and processes like an AI-powered employee helpdesk that are specifically designed for remote and hybrid work environments. 

Say Good-bye To Your Aging Traditional Helpdesk

State and Local government organizations have long relied on traditional service desks to support their employees. In today's world, relying on the age-old traditional helpdesk software for government organizations has proven insufficient, as it fails to address the needs of modern employees, creating a number of pain points for both employees and organizations. Because the traditional helpdesk is incapable of dealing with all of the issues highlighted by employees in a timely and effective manner. In most traditional help desks, outdated IT infrastructure is used that is not focused enough on employees rather, it is focused on helpdesk agents. That is why traditional helpdesks fail to support staff even during the most challenging situations.


As a result, most State and Local employees prefer to contact help via email or phone rather than a traditional helpdesk- leading to a heavy workload for the service desk or helpdesk agent. Today, employees want immediate assistance rather than scattered support which is often delayed. If your employees are not happy with the support they receive or feel disengaged, leading to a huge drop in employee productivity and business ROI. In my opinion, in order to address these major pain points, State and Local government organizations should adopt automated employee helpdesk software that enhances employee services.

Why To Invest in AI-powered Helpdesk Software for Government Organizations?

Since, State and Local government organizations are facing a number of pain points with traditional helpdesks, but by adopting an AI-powered employee service desk, organizations can revolutionize the way they support their employees. A recent Mckinsey report states that automation is the best bet solution that will allow State and Local government agencies to enhance employee productivity, improve quality, increase dependability, and provide high-performance gains. In the corporate world, IT automation has been highly beneficial in tackling this difficulty. Automation enables many industries and business sectors to enhance their internal workflows, customer satisfaction and business productivity.

Today, automation is becoming increasingly appealing to State and Local government agencies as a means of better serving their citizens. Using cutting-edge technologies like AI-powered helpdesk software powered by conversational AI and machine learning in the government sector can significantly improve the services and support provided to employees and citizens in various institutions, hence increasing satisfaction. Investing in AI-powered helpdesk software in government organizations can help reduce numerous paperwork and procedures, decreasing delays and increasing the efficiency of public office business.

With the ability to provide efficient, personalized, and effective support, AI-powered employee helpdesk software can help State and Local government organizations to create a more positive and productive work environment for their employees and achieve their goals.

Are you still unsure? Let me take you through some key benefits of implementing an automated employee helpdesk in State and Local government organizations.


Benefits of Automated Employee Helpdesk for State and Local governments

  • Enhance Employee Performance and Productivity

    The prime goal of an automated employee helpdesk is to increase productivity. Many State and Local government agencies continue to rely on traditional helpdesk software that necessitates human intervention and supervision. This results in significant human resource overhead and technical debts that necessitate significant financial resources.

    State and Local governments can boost employee productivity by automating their time-consuming routine tasks and processes. Automated helpdesk also ensures State and Local government’s operational capability while also maintaining high-quality administrative support. This implies they'll be able to accomplish more with fewer resources, as well as save money on management and upkeep.

  • Modernized IT Infrastructure and Support

    Since many State and Local government offices still rely on traditional IT helpdesk technologies, they can only provide fragmented employee support. The disadvantage of employing a traditional helpdesk is that employees will always be behind in adopting or implementing contemporary technical methods. It will impact their day-to-day activities and result in poor customer satisfaction. This is especially true in this age of remote work and digital transformation, which is why having a future-proof IT infrastructure is critical.

    State and Local governments must adopt digital enablement initiatives and modernize their IT infrastructure to remain agile in enabling current practices. This includes enabling automatic upgrades on their systems, securely managing company resources, automating IT procedures, and future-proofing their technology stack.

  • Reduce Operational Cost and Maintenance

    Many organizations hire additional employees when faced with several processes to manage, but that should not be the case. Implementing a modern employee helpdesk for government organizations, officials and IT teams can enhance service delivery, minimize maintenance requirements, accelerate technological improvements, and ultimately lower costs by automating numerous tedious processes.

    Furthermore, State and Local governments can better allocate funds and enhance the quality of life for individuals by improving regions.

  • Instant Availability of Information

    As discussed earlier, it is true that employees often have to use the service desk or employee portals to get relevant information anytime they require clarification on their revised leave policy, dress code, health insurance, and so on. However, if the organization is still relying on a traditional helpdesk, chances are high that it consistently fails to deliver the correct information when employees require it, and the employee will leave the service portal/service desk and eventually leave your organization.

    Adopting a conversational AI-powered employee helpdesk can be helpful for government organizations as it offers a robust knowledge management. An automated service desk's knowledge management capability enables government employees to obtain accurate data at the right time in a single location without any involvement.

  • Seamless Asset Management

    State and Local governments must manage their hardware and software IT assets and resources. When a new employee is onboarded, HR and support departments deliver new equipment like laptops, new software, printers, etc. Newly onboarded employees are forced to configure the new printer, reset laptops or install and deploy new software manually. This takes a long time and is prone to errors or inefficiencies, often affecting employee productivity.

    Utilizing automated helpdesk software for State and Local governments can distribute software to numerous systems at the same time. Investing in a modern helpdesk can also ensure government employees are notified when patches are available and help them maintain and update assets.

  • Reduce Support Calls and Tickets

    Implementing an automated employee helpdesk in State and Local governments can reduce tickets and call volumes by providing government employees with self-service options to find answers to common questions and troubleshoot issues independently. This can include a smart conversational AI-powered chatbot, a searchable knowledge base, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and step-by-step guides for resolving common issues.

    By providing employees with these resources, the number of tickets and calls submitted to the helpdesk may decrease, as employees can find the information, they need without contacting the helpdesk agents directly. Automated helpdesk software for government agencies can also route and prioritize tickets based on their urgency, which can help to further reduce the volume of tickets and calls. This will reduce the workload of helpdesk agents, allowing them to focus on more serious tasks. The Robust State and Local Government Helpdesk Software  


It goes without saying that State and Local government offices often face unique challenges regarding managing employee productivity, providing personalized employee support, and enhancing ROI. A key part of addressing these challenges is implementing a robust yet modern employee service desk and support software solution that can auto-resolve employee queries and provide personalized support and IT services for government employees within seconds. If you are looking for one such cutting-edge employee helpdesk software for government organizations, is the perfect pitch. is a next-generation employee helpdesk software for government organizations that can provide personalized and automated IT and HR support to employees within 10-15 seconds. The platform leverages conversational AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to drive up self-service and auto-resolution rates while reducing service costs. Being the most preferred AI-powered helpdesk, allows employees to receive quick support within the collaboration tool they use daily – MS Teams. In most cases, everyday issues and inquiries can be resolved immediately by the conversational AI-powered intelligent chatbot that works right inside the MS Teams- and others can be referred to experts or a dedicated helpdesk agent.

At, we believe in “auto-resolving” most of the repetitive issues every employee encounters over ‘auto-tracking’. Employees can gain quick and personalized support within seconds by just having a conversation with the app within MS Teams. Apart from being a fast auto-resolution engine, it also works as a “Twitter-Age” knowledge management tool and a process automation engine. It can auto-resolve up to 45% of employee tickets and enhance helpdesk efficiency and employee productivity by 70%.

Apart from automating service requests and tasks – also streamlines time–consuming routine manual processes of State and Local government organizations, such as employee recruiting, employee onboarding and offboarding, employee training, and other vital processes. It integrates with all significant IT tasks like password resetting, troubleshooting Outlook issues, laptop configurations, instant software provisioning etc, along with HR tasks like HRIS, payroll, and benefits systems to provide employees with a “single window” solution. Using a centralized platform, makes it easier for helpdesk managers of State and Local government organizations to engage with every employee. 

Top Features Offered by for State and Local Governments

  • Built-in AI-powered Chatbot is a modernized MS Teams-based IT chatbot that provides instant and personalized employee support and experience to State and Local government employees allowing them to offer exceptional services to the citizens. Using conversational AI, Machine Learning (ML) and natural processing language (NLP), act as an intelligent IT chatbot that right data and first-level of support (L1) to employees via collaborative platforms, rather than waiting for a helpdesk agent.

    Using, State and Local governments can get personalized support by resolving IT-related queries automatically, streamlining manual IT tasks, automating desktops, routing employee tickets, and configuring workflows. With just a single click, automates the IT services of government organizations, like configuring laptops, installing new software, checking VPN connectivity, or automating workflows, etc.

  • Knowledge-base with Smart Feedback Loop

    A robust knowledge management system is a critical component of any employee helpdesk. Being the most preferred helpdesk software for government organizations, is a smart information source for all technical questions across prominent SaaS platforms and internal tools and apps. This can include a searchable database of frequently asked questions, a self-service portal for employees, and the ability to submit and track requests for new information.

    Government employees can utilize Microsoft Teams apps to access the app and ask their queries. will answer common questions like "How do I access the revised HR policy?" and "How do I reset the new password?" The bot will provide personalized answers in simple and engaging formats like text, photos, videos, or FAQs allowing employees to access the information they need to do their jobs efficiently.

  • Invisible Ticket Creation

    For many years, organizations have been using traditional ticketing systems. Rather than creating tickets, most employees make calls or send emails to helpdesk agents, which slows down the agent's productivity. is the perfect employee helpdesk for government employees that the ability to create, track, and resolve employees' tickets. allow employees to create tickets by chatting with the bot that is integrated within Microsoft Teams’ and create tickets in seconds.

    Employees don’t need to spend hours searching for data on the employee portal and filling out details. With, State and Local government employees can also check the status of their tickets right from within MS Teams’. They will also get updates and notifications if status of the ticket changes.

  • Live Agent Interaction

    Being one of the best government helpdesk software, focuses on “auto-resolving” most of the tedious and repetitive issues that employees face. State and Local government employees can get support within seconds by having a human-like conversation with the smart chatbot that works within MS Teams. In case, if the employees are not happy or satisfied with the first-level of support(L1) provided by chatbot, it can also pull-in a dedicated service desk agent for live chat for more complex issues. And it does all within 10 to 15 seconds!

    The agent can provide second and third-level of support (L2 and L3) to the employees by either providing the right information, triaging an issue, or performing a task. Implementing such solutions in the government sector will help employees to resolve citizens’ issues in a better and dedicated way.

  • Access Management

    The State and Local government helpdesk software also needs to have robust access management capabilities. This includes the ability to control who has access to sensitive information, and to restrict access to specific systems and applications. The best employee service desk software for government organizations will have a variety of access management features, including role-based access control, multi-factor authentication, and the ability to easily add or remove access for employees.

    Government helpdesk software should also have robust monitoring and reporting capabilities, to ensure that access controls are being properly enforced and that any suspicious activity is identified and addressed. When you use to boost IT services for government organizations, it can quickly provision users and assign needed licenses in dozens of leading platforms. also obtains required approvals and keeps your users updated on progress.

  • User Provisioning

    Provisioning new users is an important aspect of access management. This includes creating new accounts, setting up permissions, and granting access to specific systems and applications. With's automated user provisioning capabilities, you can save time and reduce errors when managing government employees. Whenever the State and Local government employees need to access a new software, fixes employee needs within less than 10 seconds without any human intervention.

    Employees can interact with the chatbot that works within Microsoft Teams and collect relevant data based on their requirements. also initiates any needed approvals. In just a few seconds, the platform will provide the required applications.

  • Automate Routine Tasks

    A few days before, I found a statistic from Simply Flows, which states that routine manual tasks often consume more than 40% of employees’ work time. Be it the public or private sector, repetitive manual tasks are one major reason behind the drop in employee productivity. Rather than resolving these serious problems, employees are often compelled to perform mundane tasks that contribute little to the organization's long-term success.

    When State and Local government organizations adopt the helpdesk solution, it will help employees to streamline the common routine tasks like sending welcome emails, resetting passwords, gathering reports, providing approvals or feedbacks etc within seconds. All they have to do is interact with the chatbot.

  • Work Flow Approvals and Process Automation

    One major feature of a government helpdesk should be its ability to automate time-consuming, mundane processes. This can include automated approvals, automatic routing of tickets, and automated provisioning of access and permissions. A robust employee helpdesk software for government organizations must have robust workflow automation capabilities, which can help to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and save time for employees.

    With, State and Local government staff can manage all approval processes, such as leave applications, expenditure approvals, and so on, within MS Teams. The bot will provide instant access to all information, such as the requester, and the status, and users can monitor the request. With, government employees can create unique workflows and processes without coding. Its user-friendly and simple interface is interactive and interesting. Users may simply automate complex or multi-step processes by dragging and dropping or selecting multiple checkboxes.

  • Seamless Employee Onboarding

    Undeniably, onboarding new employees is a complex process for every organization, including the State and Local government sector. Traditional onboarding takes a lot of time, and it often leaves employees confused. When you implement an outstanding government helpdesk software like, you can provide a seamless and personalized onboarding experience to your new hire.

    Being the cutting-edge helpdesk software for government organizations, automates the process of setting up new employees with the necessary access, permissions, and information to do their jobs. It also ensures that the new hires get right employee training.

  • Service Desk Integration with MS Teams

    Many government offices already use MS Teams for enhancing communication and collaboration, so it's important for the government helpdesk software to be able to integrate with MS Teams. is a perfect employee helpdesk solution for government organizations that integrate with Microsoft Teams so that employees can access service desk functionality directly within Teams. This can include the ability to submit and track tickets, access knowledge bases, and communicate with service desk staff directly within the Teams app.

    As more and more government employees are working remotely, it's important for government helpdesk software to have advanced collaboration features that enable remote teams to work together efficiently. is the best employee helpdesk software for government organizations integrated within MS Teams, making it easy for remote or hybrid teams to stay connected and work together as if they were in the same office.

  • Out-of-the Box Integration Skills

    Once implemented, the automation functions are embedded into the application and do not require complex setup, customization, add-ons, or anything else. It enables government staff to increase self-service by automating day-to-day operations such as software installation, laptop configuration, password resets, and so on, freeing up time for higher-priority duties. 


Whether it is a government organization or a well-functioning Fortune 500 company, well-performing employees are critical for its success. Your company will flourish when you provide outstanding service and personalized support to your employees and end-users. CIOs in both the public and private sectors have been asking what can be done to prevent the mass exodus since 2023 began. As a helpdesk manager of, I suggest implementing an automated employee helpdesk software is the best option to enhance employee support and IT service for government organizations.  

Because investing in automated helpdesk software can improve employee productivity and address significant pain points for State and Local government offices. By evaluating the features and capabilities of different solutions and considering factors such as scalability, ease of use, and cost, organizations can choose the best employee service desk to meet their specific needs. And if you are looking for cutting-edge and automated government helpdesk software, is your call.

Now that we are already in 2023, it's time for State and Local governments to implement changes that will benefit their constituents for decades. Using conversational AI and machine learning technology, can auto-resolve 65% of the time-consuming, manual and routine tasks and operations of State and Local government offices. This will allow government employees to work more productively and efficiently handle citizens' issues. As a helpdesk manager, I strive to persuade local governments to see implementing government helpdesk software like as an opportunity to enhance growth.  

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