Ms Teams As Service Desk - How Does It Work

Ms Teams As Service Desk - How Does It Work
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Microsoft Teams is a trendy team collaboration tool available in the marketplace to create the experience of a sharable workspace. The service desk’s integration with MS Teams makes it easier for human agents to work into automated workflows while resolving common requests and removing backlogs. It is undeniably a fun way for the service desk team to stay connected and productive in every situation. 

MS Teams as a Service Desk - Smart & Constant User Support

The use of Microsoft Teams as a service desk allows users to get continuous support on the app they use to chat, meet, and video call. With this, the entire experience of user support from the initial reporting to problem fixing becomes more effective. If your organization’s service team is not using Microsoft Teams, it is undoubtedly missing out on an opportunity to create a smart service desk experience in Teams. 

MS Teams as a Service Desk - How It Benefits Your Company

If your users communicate through Microsoft Teams and face any technical issues at any time, they still don’t need any additional software to continue with. Neither do they have to spend time changing from MS Teams to another app, nor do they need to train on it. 

All the hassle, including changing apps and training on the app, is easy to avoid because your service desk can run within MS Teams. If users would like to chat on Microsoft Teams, they can report issues on it as well. Thus, your IT service team will receive tickets from one platform that are easy to organize in a queue, prioritize and fix. It will also prevent the sudden flow of user requests from various sources. 

  1. It is perfect for both big and small companies
    MS Teams suits both small and large organizations, even with millions of users. Irrespective of the size of the company, a service desk is needed to fix issues fast. It is an investment of a few minutes if you want to set up MS Teams as a service desk for your small organization.
  2. For a large company, implementing MS Teams won’t take more than a couple of days or weeks to complete and there will be an amazing improvement in productivity across the organization.

  3. It is easy to use without any core technical training
    The use of Microsoft Teams as a service desk is effortless. When integrating a service desk in Teams, you don’t have to focus on giving training to service operators. Thus the migration will be fast and straightforward.
  4. Your service desk team will feel comfortable using MS Teams, reducing the distance and time to get back to the user in need of help.

  5. It ensures a conversational experience just like with a human
    Service desk requests initiate a close-level conversation between the user and the service desk operator. Microsoft Teams is a great platform to raise and react to service desk tickets. It is smooth, conversational with the human feel. Conversation with a service desk in Teams makes sure that users feel like talking to humans, not any robotic assistant.

How Does MS Teams as a Service Desk Work?

MS Teams as a service desk allows users to get replies, ticket-related notifications, and reminders all inside the built-in chatbot. They can even skip switching to and froth between multiple systems, avoiding delays. 

When the Service desk integrates with Microsoft Teams, it creates a win-win situation by organizing all user tickets in a single place and prioritizing the queue according to urgency. Hence, it becomes easier for the team to rank, resolve and report them effectively. 

1. Quickly filters and allocates new tickets to the right agent 

When a user chats or calls for help, the request will be sent to a virtual basket designed for all new requests. The service desk team will then review them and assign the urgent ones to the right person in charge to respond without leaving Teams. 

2. Automates and saves defenses of standard queries 

With Microsoft Teams as a service desk, your service team can not only automate the answers to standard queries but can also save time for resolving more complicated issues. Whenever a new query pops in, the service operators will be able to edit the pre-saved answer and make it a personalized message. It will turn out to be very useful in serving your users across the world. 

3. Modernizes service desk workflow and decreases waiting time 

With Microsoft Teams as a service desk, it is possible to simplify the ticketing system, not at one but both ends. This will help both the user and service desk agent to get going. MS Teams enable the agents to work on and resolve fast the tickets they are already assigned with. 

4. Enables service agents to act quickly on tickets 

Your service agents are free to quickly act on a ticket they have; reply, add a public/personal note, and more via the MS Teams. 

5. Approval or cancellation of service requests within an eye blink 

Out of all the incoming service requests, the unnecessary ones can be rejected or the important ones can be accepted in MS Teams very fast. 

6. Easy commands available to filter, fetch, track and update requests 

MS Teams as a service desk has simple commands when it comes to fetching, filtering, or tracking any user request. 

7. Integrating and leveraging incident management features 

Your service team can integrate and make the most of incident management features to avoid any disaster. It can create, tag, post-incident updates, and publish solutions from MS Teams as a service desk. 

Start collaborating & transforming your service desk

Regardless of the size of your company, Microsoft Teams as a service desk can be a smart tool for integration with a conversational AI solution offered by Consider using it to minimize wait times, streamline user requests and automatically answer standard queries. is here to help you live your dream of MS Teams as a service desk, offloading and automating requests. From starting chats and arranging Team meetings to sharing, updating, reminding, and sending documents, your service team can enjoy anything and everything with us. We make the concept of modern service work for you, whenever you want. Contact us at to learn more!!

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