Rezolve.Ai Shines Bright In G2 Winter 2023 Report With New Badges

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Rezolve.Ai Shines Bright In G2 Winter 2023 Report With New Badges
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As they say, there is no better time to celebrate than December! Lights, snow, enchantment, feasts, and Santa are all part of this season. And it looks like Santa came early with some incredible news from the G2 Winter 2023 Report!

And yes, we have some exciting news to share. This season, has once again outperformed itself with multiple new badges and earned the trust and love of our customers. These five new badges are regarded as one of our greatest achievements. Obtaining a G2 badge is like receiving a Grammy for service desk, because it highlights our commitment to our valuable customers.

Acknowledging our organization, products, and partners is critical as we continue to rise and earn recognition as a game-changing service desk provider. Our accomplishment in the G2 Winter 2023 Report represents our consumers' real-world experiences; therefore, we are delighted when G2 recognizes our efforts!  

We are happy and proud to give these special reports and elegant badges while remembering earlier G2 awards and recognizing improvement in many places.

About G2

G2, the largest, most reliable and renowned software marketplace and review platform, supports over 60 million customers annually in making intelligent software decisions through verified peer reviews. G2 analytically assesses products based on data from product reviews provided by G2 users and data aggregated from web sources and social networks. G2 publishes Reports, which provide readers with a clear view of the best technology solutions available. Based on the user comments and data acquired and analyzed by their algorithm, they issue quarterly awards and reports of the best software companies.  

In the Winter 2023 report, received the following G2 badges and other accolades in various categories:

High Performer 

G2's High Performer badge is often awarded to organizations with high levels of customer satisfaction. G2 has recognized a 'High Performer' in its Winter 2023 report. Our customers are satisfied because they can rely on a dependable, robust service desk to help them accomplish their goals. We have been honored with this award for our commitment and dedication to providing exceptional customer service and delivering an exceptional product.

Easiest To Do Business With

The "Easiest To Do Business With" label affirms our commitment to becoming true partners to our clients. As a team, we're striving to make one of the best workplaces. G2 defines this category as "The Easiest to Do Business With."  

This badge is often given to products with the highest Ease of Doing Business On the Relationship Index. According to G2. "As of November 22, 2022, all products included in the Relationship Index for Service Desk | Winter 2023 have received a minimum of 10 evaluations and five responses from authentic users".

Easiest To Use

There is no doubt that the "Easiest To Use" badge is one of our most remarkable achievements in the G2 awards for the Winter 2023 report. was named the 'Easiest To Use' product in the Usability Index, with the highest Ease of Use rating in the category. It is an honor to be recognized as the "Easiest To Use" company in recognition of our efforts to develop service desk solutions that customers and partners want to use. was also considered the best in terms of usability.  

The Usability score of a product is determined by a proprietary algorithm that considers real-user satisfaction ratings for various use-related review items.

Users Most Likely To Recommend

Every organization relies heavily on recommendations and referrals. has been awarded the "Users Most Likely To Recommend" badge by the G2 Winter 2023 Report. Customers have referred us to their friends and colleagues due to our exceptional service. Buyers trust a product with more reviews, and a higher number of reviews suggests a more representative and accurate portrayal of the customer experience.

Easiest Setup has also received the "Easiest Setup" badge on the Winter 2023 report, which assesses products based on customer satisfaction with the installation process. The product with the greatest Ease of Setup rating in the implementation index is the Easiest Setup. The Implementation score of a product is determined by a proprietary algorithm that considers real-user satisfaction ratings for several implementation-related review items. Buyers of software in the Service Desk category can compare items based on their Implementation scores to shorten the purchasing process and rapidly locate the most easily implemented products based on their peers' experiences.

G2 ranked first in terms of simplicity of use.

To Our Customers

Thank you very much!  

Receiving such fantastic support from our clients, as well as seeing the results of our team's hard work and dedication, is what keeps us going. We'd like to express our gratitude for the honour, and we're pleased to continue this momentum in 2023, assisting more businesses to benefit from our next-generation service desk solution.

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