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Top ServiceNow ITSM Alternatives
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ServiceNow is a cloud-based tool that provides an extensive range of features for IT service management. It provides knowledge management, incident management, change management, virtual agents, employee centers, workforce optimization, and several other features. 

It is an all-in-one tool. However, it comes with glitches that you cannot avoid, especially when times call for more competitive approaches and modern technology like GenAI to manage your IT services. But there are some ServiceNow ITSM competitors that can help you here.

A tool should be easy for your employees to work with, integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, and provide you with deep insights into your organization’s metrics. 

ServiceNow falls short when it comes to becoming ‘THE TOOL’ and according to users, “ You won't regret ServiceNow ITSM, but you probably won't love it” 

They also find the UI to be complex, difficult to navigate and use. They find the reporting features average and slow loading to be some of the most common problems with ServiceNow. 



So, to help you find a better tool that suits your needs, we have listed the Top 5 ServiceNow ITSM alternatives here. 

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Top 5 ServiceNow ITSM competitors to

1. is a GenAI-powered ITSM solution that works within your Microsoft Teams interface. It combines the power of AI with the best ITSM features to create a seamless AITSM tool that streamlines your operations, anticipates your requirements and automates processes. It is designed for enterprises to auto-resolve issues, enhance employee support and experience, and equip the support team with the power of GenAI, replacing the traditional service desk. 

Key Features 

1. Service Desk Powered by GenAI: This GenAI bot of transforms the traditional scattered support services into a unified solution where employees can chat with the bot within MS Teams. They can ask anything and get faster issue resolution. You also get detailed analytics and reporting to identify trends, KPI tracking and insights into the overall performance of your IT service desk. 

2. Agile Knowledge Management: learns from the organizational knowledge stored on the website, PDFs, URLs, Sharepoint folders, and office documents to provide support to employees. It evolves with every interaction and provides citations and links. It is an agile knowledge base available anytime, anywhere. 

3. Process orchestration: is an automation-first platform that simplifies your support system with Chat GPT like GenAI. From employee onboarding to configuring project management software, laptop configuration, software installation, and resetting passwords, it automates many such processes saving time and service desk resources. 

4. Conversational Ticketing and Live Chat:  The smart ticketing offered by effortlessly creates, updates, and tracks tickets within MS Teams. It makes raising tickets as easy as having a conversation. It automatically creates the ticket, auto-assigns it to the right agent, and provides notification as the ticket matures through the resolution pipeline. 

5. Live chat: Users get real-time support through live chat and can even ask the chat for intervention from a service desk agent anytime during the conversation. It automatically summarizes the chat and creates/updates the ticket for you.

6. Desktop Automation: There are only a few tools that provide you with desktop automation as of now. Powered by GenAI, takes charge of tasks like software installation, network printer installation, enabling and disabling USB drives, OneDrive troubleshooting, cache cleaning, device configuration, new laptop setup, monitoring your device and creating tickets, and so on. 

7. Incident Management: helps you streamline your incident management with structured workflows and automation. It enhances overall operational efficiency with features like deflected tickets, smart ticket creation, GenAI-based ticket summary, and so on. 

  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Excellent implementation support and customer support, which ensures a smooth transition
  • Integration with MS Teams makes rolling out a piece of cake
  • Highly trainable Knowledgebase 
  • Offers a unified platform for ITSM, HR service desk and employee engagement.
  • Creates tickets from within the chat without hassle and the need for a separate user portal 
  • There is no separate portal for users to log in and access

Made available upon request.

2. Freshservice 

Freshservice is a cloud-based ITSM solution. It is a comprehensive tool that helps streamline and enhance the IT support process and simplifies IT operations. It helps you with incident management, change management, and asset tracking, simplifying overall IT operations. 

Key Features

1. Intuitive service desk: Freshservice offers an intuitive UI platform for knowledge management, service requests and changes which helps IT teams to prioritize and categorize tickets efficiently. 

2. Incident management: It intelligently routes incidents and offers several useful tools for technicians to resolve issues on a single platform.

3. Unified service catalog: You can deploy extensible workflows  using this unified service portal for all service requests and streamline service delivery. 

  • Good automation features 
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI 
  • Good ticket management system that offers the ability to categorize, prioritize and assign tickets to specific agent
  • Slow response time from customer support 
  • Asset management and mobile functionality require improvement
  • Limited customization 

Source: G2


Starter: ₹1,399/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹2,099/agent/month (billed monthly)

Includes Incident Management, Knowledge Base, Self Service Portal, and more.

Growth: ₹3,599/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹4,299/agent/month (billed monthly)

Everything in Starter plus Service Catalog, Asset Management, and more.

Pro (Popular): ₹6,999/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹8,599/agent/month (billed monthly)

Everything in Growth plus Freddy Copilot, Problem Management, and more.

Enterprise: ₹8,799/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹10,799/agent/month (billed monthly)

Everything in Pro plus additional advanced features.

Jira Service Management 

Jira Service Management is a versatile tool for IT and business service management. It is designed to streamline workflows and improve collaboration. It integrates with the broader Jira ecosystem seamlessly offering a comprehensive suite of tools for incident and change management, request management, and so on. 

Key Features 

1. Request Management: Jira service management offers a suite for request management that includes a service desk, AI-powered virtual agent, request queues, self-service portal, service level agreements (SLAs), dynamic forms, reports and metrics and more. 

2. Incident and Problem Management: This feature helps you bring your development and IT operations team together to respond and resolve incidents quickly, alert on-call management, escalate major incidents, etc. You can also group incidents and fast-track root cause analysis to find solutions to major problems. 

3. Change Management: Using this feature, you can enhance the decision-making and performance of your IT team. It helps you in referencing change requests, extracting data CI/CD tools, automating low risk changes, configuring efficient workflows and so much more. 

  • Easy ticket creation using customer portal 
  • Allows mixing common support requests for long-term product updates and bug issues
  • Excellent integration with Jira ecosystem
  • Comes with a learning curve. However, once you learn to use it, it becomes a breeze
  • Limited mobile functionality 
  • Does not allow closing tickets in bulk


  • Free plan: Allows Up to 3 agents, unlimited customers, 2 GB file storage, and 100 email notifications per day
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $49.35/ agent with a monthly total of $66.15. Includes all features from the Free plan, support for up to 10,000 agents, 250 GB file storage, business hour support, and unlimited email notifications.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at $22.05/ agent with a monthly total of $148.05. Includes all features from the standard plan, advanced incident management, unlimited file storage, asset and configuration management, and 24/7 support for critical issues
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact sales team 


Moveworks is an AI-based ITSM tool that helps with IT support and service management within the organization. It streamlines and automates IT issue resolution, automates workflows, and searches content within the chat platform of your organization. 

Key Features

1. AI Copilot: This is a single interface to interact with hundreds of business systems. It helps the support team to take quick actions to help employees find answers to their queries, in an easy conversational manner. 

2. Ticket Automation: This streamlines and unburdens your support teams by taking care of L1 tasks and ticket routing. It auto-resolves, finds answers, files, tracks and updates tickets. 

3. AI Knowledge Management:  This feature aims to improve support teams' productivity by auto-generating knowledge articles from your organizational data. 

  • The conversational AI is great
  • Simple straightforward UI 
  • Some limitations around where the data can be sourced from for self-hosted articles
  • Off late, there are delays in issue follow-ups 
  • It takes a lot of work to fine-tune the knowledge base articles



Made available upon request to the sales team


SysAid is a comprehensive ITSM and help desk tool which offers a range of features like service requests, incidents, problems, changes and asset management. It comes with ticket and task automation, workflow automation, self-service portal, third-party integrations and more. 

Key Features 

1. Self-service portal: SysAid self-service portal enables users to independently submit requests, access knowledge articles and track ticket status reducing the load off the IT service team. 

2. Automations: SysAid automates your routine tasks and workflows, which saves time and improves efficiency. It automates ticket routing, ticket escalation, self-service automation, workflow automation, and more. 

3. SysAid for Teams: This feature focuses on employee experience and helps them raise tickets from their MS Teams. The automation feature auto-resolves, auto-routes and enables quick resolution. 

  • Good customer support service 
  • Process automation, custom report generation, and multi-channel support are standout features
  • Mobile app functionality is very limited 
  • Buggy UI and clunky interface
  • Customization functionality is not up-to-the-mark



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Imagine chatting with GenAI-powered bot within your MS Teams to raise tickets, get auto-resolutions and articles enabling self-service among your employees, feels like a breeze right? 

While ticketing tools like ServiceNow are a good option, you need a ServiceNow alternative that can cater to your individual needs, can become seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, and harnesses the power of modern technology like GenAI to streamline your workflows and support your ITSM teams. stands true to its name and resolves a lot of your ITSM requirements in just a few clicks. Its agile knowledge management system and automation-first mindset offer not only a robust ServiceNow ITSM alternative but also a user-friendly approach to ITSM. 

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