The Itsm Automation Revolution Is About To Change Your Business: Here’S How!

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The Itsm Automation Revolution Is About To Change Your Business: Here’S How!
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Gone are the days when ITSM was a set of complicated processes that did not suit all employees working in an organization. Over time, the advent of digitization across the board has allowed ITSM to evolve and make it simpler. 

The ITSM automation revolution deals with the implementation of a single unified platform powered by AI. AI allows an IT service desk to make your employees auto-resolve their issues with a few simple clicks. This helps your employees save time and effort in getting their work done and obtaining seamless support from the modern IT service desk. 

Before getting into the features of the ITSM automation revolution, let us understand the significant drawback of the traditional ITSM tools that called for a revolution. 

Major Drawbacks Of Traditional ITSM Tools

  1. No Centralized Platform

    The traditional ITSM tools often provided fragmented support to employees working in an organization. They lacked a centralized platform that can be used to obtain seamless IT support without any hassle. This often led to different employees using different ways of obtaining IT support.

  2. A Complicated Ticketing System

    Using the manual ticketing system is one of the biggest challenges faced by employees using traditional ITSM tools. These platforms are not designed for non-technical employees who have little to no knowledge of working on complicated platforms. When an employee cannot use a ticketing platform effectively, they will resort to the more traditional ways of seeking support, thereby delaying the assistance obtained.

  3. Lack Of Personalization Of Support

    The traditional ITSM tools provided employees with largely generic support that added little value to the solutions provided. These platforms often fail to understand the context of the issues and tailor the solutions accordingly. When an IT service desk provides generic solutions to specific problems, it is never a reliable source of employee support during times of emergency.

  4. Exhausted Support Agents

    The traditional ITSM tools out support agents from the very first level when an employee needs help. This involves even the simplest queries being routed to the agents, making them overburdened with cases. When a handful of agents deal with many cases, the quality of support often goes down. This is because the primary focus of the agent shifts from providing a personalized solution to resolving as many cases as possible.

  5. Inadequate Utilization Of Enterprise Knowledge Base

    The traditional ITSM tools fail to optimize the enterprise knowledge base to provide quality support to the employees. The resources and information stored within the knowledge base often go underutilized because of suitable tools.

The ITSM Automation Revolution With The Modern Service Desk

All the issues discussed above can be resolved effectively by implementing your organization’s modern IT service desk. These service desks are powered by AI and understand the context of every issue raised. It allows you to tailor the support according to the specific needs and preferences of the concerned employee. 

One of the most significant factors responsible for the ITSM automation revolution is integrating a modern service desk with collaborative platforms. By integrating your AI service desk with your collaborative platform, you can allow your employees to obtain seamless and automated support on the same platform they use for work. This prevents them from switching platforms to get their issues resolved. 

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How A Modern IT Service Desk Resolves Issues Using AI Chatbots

One of the biggest highlights of a modern IT service desk is the use of AI chatbots. These virtual assistants replace support agents to provide the first level of employee support. Also, they help your employees navigate through the platform and perform many activities according to their preferences. 

Here are the major steps involved in obtaining automated support via AI chatbots

  1. Obtaining The First Level Of Support

    Instead of reaching out to the support agents directly, the AI chatbots provide your employees with a seamless first level of support. Here, your employees can obtain personalized answers to all the basic questions regarding the organization or their job.

    On feeding your knowledge base with relevant resources, the AI chatbots scan the platform to look for the best possible solutions to the issues faced by your employees. Once a question is asked, or an issue is raised, the chatbots return with a personalized solution within a few seconds.

  2. Routing The Cases To Support Agents

    The modern IT service desk provides your employees with an ideal mix of automated assistance and dedicated support agents. If an employee is willing to handle their case by a support agent, they can initiate a chat and give the required command.

    This would make the chatbots route the concerned case to the most suitable agents who would look into the matter in detail. Once the issue is resolved, the chatbots would communicate the solution with the employees by connecting the two.

  3. Live Interaction With The Agents

    Finally, if an employee is willing to interact with the agents themselves, a modern IT service desk would allow them to initiate a chat on the collaborative platform. This helps your employees interact with the support agents via chat or call.

    This way, the ITSM automation revolution ensures that all the issues faced by all your employees are resolved in the best way possible. Right from obtaining the automated first level of support to facilitating live interaction with the agents, the modern service desk guides your employees every step of the way in obtaining personalized support.

  4. Getting Issues Auto-resolved Through An Automated Ticketing System

    Another important factor leading up to the ITSM automation revolution is making ticketing systems automated. The modern service desks automate all the steps involved in a ticketing system to relieve employees from feeling lost and confused. Instead of going through the elaborate process, modern service desks allow employees to create tickets simply by chatting with AI chatbots. A simple chat allows them to create support tickets and get the same routed to an agent.

    The chatbots send all relevant details about the case at hand to the concerned agent. This provides them with enough context to provide suitable answers tailored according to the specific needs of the employee. While the agents are handling the case, the service desk would keep sending updates about the status of their case. Finally, when the issue is resolved, the service desk would automatically close the case and record all relevant information to provide personalized help to the concerned employee in the future.

    This way, a modern IT service desk allows your employees to auto-resolve their issues with a few simple clicks through an automated ticketing system.

  5. Getting Your Employees Trained Via Microlearning

    The scope of modern service desks is not limited to providing solutions to the issues encountered by your employees. They also help you in getting your employees trained in specific skills through microlearning.

    Microlearning helps your employees in obtaining education and knowledge about specific topics in the form of bite-sized content. Instead of getting them exhausted by making them read manuals and handbooks, microlearning allows you to train your employees by spending not more than 15 minutes every day. The breaking up of a topic into smaller segments allows you to be in sync with the limited attention span of employees. When they consume smaller bits of information daily, the chances of your employees retaining the lessons increase significantly.

    All you need to do is add the necessary training resources to your enterprise knowledge base. Your employees can access this information from any location and at any time at their convenience. Moreover, you can have your senior employees share valuable training materials with their peers to facilitate holistic training.

    One of the biggest advantages of microlearning is that you can use engaging forms of content to get your employees trained. Instead of using plain text, you can add images, videos, infographics, animations, and other forms of content that help get your employees trained effectively. Moreover, microlearning helps you in cutting down the costs of hiring trainers and organizing on-premise workshops.

    Using the modern service desk for training purposes helps you make your employees self-reliant. The lack of a dedicated trainer makes your employees feel empowered when they successfully learn new skills and can find answers to their questions all by themselves. Ultimately, this leads to higher employee engagement and productivity within your organization.

The Final Word 

This is how the ITSM automation revolution can help your business streamline its processes and provide holistic support to your employees. The much-needed switch from traditional ITSM tools to modern AI-driven platforms allows you and your employees to leverage your business processes and obtain the traction you desire.

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