This Week In Microsoft Teams - 04Th April 2021

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This Week In Microsoft Teams - 04Th April 2021
MS Teams

Microsoft added all these features in Teams’ February and March

Microsoft added several new features and improvements to the Teams experience in the past two months (February and March). Examples of these include Live transcription with speaker attribution, Meeting recap, Meet Now, new bypass lobby option and more.

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Our hybrid workplace philosophy

Microsoft has already made additional work sites available in 21 nations (roughly 20% of our global employees), and on March 29, our Redmond, Washington headquarters and nearby campuses will also begin to accommodate these workers.

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Microsoft Teams for education in March 2021

All the files you need for the class or meeting can be accessed in one place, such as recordings, transcripts, notes, and files. Students can view the recordings, transcript, and files in the chat or channel for the meeting or private sessions by expanding the meeting in their calendar and clicking on the “Details” tab at the top. The meeting's recording can be played, along with access to class transcripts, by those who missed the meeting, joined late, or want to revisit what was discussed.

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Microsoft Mesh lets you share virtual experiences with others.

Microsoft Mesh, a new mixed-reality platform powered by Azure, allowed attendees to showcase some of the experiences possible on a wide range of devices. Microsoft developed the platform over years of research and development in hand and eye-tracking and HoloLens development and AI modeling and artificial intelligence that could create expressive avatars.

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