This Week In Microsoft Teams - 11Th June 2021

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This Week In Microsoft Teams - 11Th June 2021
MS Teams

What’s New in Microsoft Teams: June 2021 

Microsoft Teams has recently added several advanced features to its webinars and meetings sections. A new update called Dynamic View automatically adjusts elements within a meeting atmosphere, enhancing the user's viewing experience. The other additions include presenter mode, larger meetings, custom registration, content sharing, updated video settings etc. 

Microsoft Teams is one of the best team collaboration tools for creating a flexible and productive work environment. Yet, if you are not using it for employee support, you are not reaping its benefits. 

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5 Microsoft Teams Security Best Practices for Better Collaboration 

Many companies are adopting remote work following the outbreak of COVID-19, resulting in the increased use of collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams. Employees have the responsibility to tighten up the security loopholes to ensure all data remains secure without compromising the ability of users to collaborate. Teams were created for just this purpose. 

To ensure high levels of data protection, the engineering team of MS Teams continuously enhances and adds new security features. This makes Teams one of the best, reliable and secured collaboration tools. 

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Microsoft Teams rolls out new reporting dashboard for meetings and webinars 

The meetings and webinars section of Teams is getting a new reporting dashboard. Organizers of meetings and webinars will have access to a dedicated tab that contains all the essential information about the attendees within the detailed section. 

Teams is the best platform to organize meetings and webinars successfully and smoothly. Organize webinars directly through the Teams to deliver a unique experience for the attendees 

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Microsoft Teams is getting annotations support for PowerPoint slides 

Teams added a bunch of cool features as part of its June 2021 update, including the ability to delete private conversations and integrate PowerPoint Live. The new features will be accessible on Windows 10 and macOS. PowerPoint Live integration would benefit educational institutions as this feature allows teachers to highlight various points using annotations. 

Enhance your virtual learning environments through collaboration and communication using Microsoft Teams 

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