Top 10 Solutions For Better Employee Engagement In 2022
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Top 10 Solutions For Better Employee Engagement In 2022

It’s no secret that employees are the lifeblood of every business. Their efforts, interest, investment, commitment, and overall approach to their job make it possible for the organizations to operate successfully. In this ever-evolving workplace, motivating and inspiring employees are critical aspects of every company. It becomes crucial not only to be able to hire the best-fit employee but also to attract and retain and offer him all the essential tools and resources. And needless to say, if the business owner does not cater to the needs of his new hires, then his business jeopardizes losing a valuable employee after a short period. It is, therefore, imperative to keep your employees engaged in boosting your organization's overall productivity and reaching the desired targets.

But, have you ever considered the relevance of employee engagement in your company? We are sure that you have thought about it at least once, or maybe a billion times.

In light of the pandemic outbreak, the Great Resignation has become a worldwide phenomenon. The increasing inflation, employee productivity loss, increased hiring process and employee onboarding costs, etc are impacting business ROI. And that’s why employees started assessing their priorities. Creating an engaging work environment involves so much more than giving employees perks. Building a positive work environment involves values, purpose, and wellbeing. The success or failure of a company will depend on how well it handles this. And all these can be handled by implementing a well-planned and robust employee engagement platform. That’s where the employee engagement software solutions come into play.   

In this article, we discuss top employee engagement software solutions that can make huge benefits to your company. But before we begin, let’s discuss what makes employee engagement so important in 2022.  

Defining Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the essential indicators in assessing work satisfaction. When employees are engaged with their professional roles and passionate about what they do, they are more productive and provide a meaningful contribution to the company. Before the pandemic outbreak, most employees were happy with their salaries, medical support, and yearly appraisals, etc, but today, employees have an array of diverse requirements that should be taken care of by their organizations to ensure engagement.

Check out some of the latest employee requirements that must be met to help your employees stay motivated and engaged.  

Employees Need To Be Satisfied To Boost Engagement

What Makes Employee Engagement A Must-have For Corporate World?

Would your company function if your employees showed up to work every day but weren't fully engaged? Yes, it's simply not possible!

High levels of engagement, employee support, and job satisfaction are key factors that allow employees to be more productive in the workplace. According to Gallup’s survey, companies with higher employee engagement strategies witness both a decrease in negative effects—such as employee turnover and absenteeism—and a huge lift in organizational success. The survey also says that enterprises with high employee engagement see more than 23% higher profitability, 10% improved customer loyalty and engagement, and 18% more business productivity. Therefore, building greater engagement among employees is a worthwhile investment for every business.


The Business Benefits Of Employee Engagement

  • Enhanced employee productivity

  • Increased business ROI

  • Better employee retention rates

  • Reduced employee absenteeism

  • Drop-in employee burnout

  • Enhance job satisfaction

  • Improved work culture

  • Boost customer satisfaction

However, a recent study by Sage states that only 19% of employees are “very engaged,” and while 83% of HR leaders believe all people’s decisions should be based on data, only 37 % use data for that purpose. Thus, employee engagement is a must-have for the corporate world. If you want to make the most of your engagement initiatives, then you need the right employee engagement tool. And that’s why companies are investing in smart and robust employee engagement software.   

A robust employee engagement software solution will enable your businesses to build a work culture that will help to boost employee engagement and reduce employee turnover rate while improving employee experience and productivity.

What Is An Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement software is designed to measure the ‘job satisfaction’ and ‘experience’ of employees within a company. This data will help organizations enhance their overall work culture and foster positive affect towards their organization and its product among employees. They also engage employees by helping to make their day-to-day work better by enhancing productivity and performance. To accomplish that employee engagement software offers a resource for recognizing and rewarding employee success.   

Implementing the right employee engagement platform will help organizations to achieve new business heights by keeping employees connected, motivated, encouraged, and engaged.

The following are some key ways the right employee engagement platform will benefit each role in an organization.   

For C-level Executives:  

  • Better exposure to mission-critical talent statistics

  • Integrate teams with crucial business objectives

  • Obtain a clear understanding of the relationship between employee outcomes and business results.

  • Receive employee feedback whenever change management is implemented

  • Positive business results such as ROI, productivity, customer satisfaction, and others

  • Retain the right talents for a long time

For HR Team:  

  • Scale talent strategies and effectively carry them out

  • Prioritize tactical work over administrative tasks.

  • Demonstrate the significance of your talent initiatives to the C-suite.

  • Gain quick access to talent trends and their relationship to business profitability.

  • Boost talent outcomes such as engagement, efficiency, and morale, etc

For Team Managers:  

  • Improve team communication and collaboration

  • Use streamlined equipment to drive outstanding results

  • Gain knowledge about actionable employee perceptions

  • Maintain employees' attention to the right things at the right time

  • Enhance organizational objectives such as engagement, performance, productivity, team spirit, and more.

For Employees:  

  • Boost employee’s day-to-day experience

  • Feel a sense of belonging to their job, team, and company

  • Workplace relationships have enhanced

  • See distinct paths to career development

  • Feel secure in their role and how they contribute to the success of the company

Employee engagement software is advantageous to any industry in the same way that it benefits all roles. The right software makes no distinctions and can improve engagement and performance across all industries. Employee engagement software has clearly broadened its scope, boosting the employee experience to encourage employees, team, and business outcomes across all industries. Despite the fact that each industry encounters specific challenges, the common themes of employee needs are mostly similar. Implementing employee engagement software with advanced features can help your organization recognize engaged employees, analyze their productivity levels and enhance your work culture. Employee engagement software is also beneficial for employees of all sectors and levels.

Employee Engagement Software: How Does It Help Companies?

Is it worth investing in new employee engagement software? This is a hot topic that is often had among C-level executives, managers, and HR teams in every organization-regardless of its size. It is because they think the benefits of an employee engagement software are an idea that sounds good in theory but lacks in actual implementation. As per the report of G2, more than 57% of HR employees believe that employee engagement initiatives taken by business leaders will help their businesses to retain productive employees. Another report by TinyPulse, employee engagement platforms help HR teams elevate engagement initiatives and organizational culture by helping HR employees recognize what they’re doing well and what they need to enhance.

Thus, we cannot deny the fact that a well-designed employee engagement platform has many benefits that employees see in their daily experience, leading to the best results that are crucial to the development of every organization.


Now that you have understood the benefits of implementing employee engagement software let’s look at what makes the modern service desk solution perfect-pitch for enhancing employee engagement.

Modern Service Desks: The Hub for Effective Employee Engagement

In this new era of remote and hybrid work, personalized and modernized employee support is the key indicator to increasing employee engagement. For the past few years, most of the companies were depended upon traditional service desks that often provide delayed and fragmented employee support. Thus, employees across the globe have been unable to find the right person to resolve their queries or problems they encounter at the workplace. When your employees are not provided with the right solutions/supports to their issues and suitable answers to their queries, it is likely that they will lose interest in working with your organization and may switch to another firm.

This serious issue can be resolved, and employee engagement can be leveraged by implementing an AI-based modern service desk within your organization. Easy availability of employee support or resources is a necessity for positive employee engagement. Modern employee service desks are designed to ensure employee engagement never dips. AI-powered modern service desks provide instant support to employees via an integrated digital platform. With AI-enabled service desks, employees no longer need to wait for agents to resolve their issues. All they need to do is just interact with the conversational virtual assistant that works within collaborative channels and delivers a personalized solution within 15 seconds. A modern service desk serves as an IT service desk as well as an HR help desk, a finance help desk, and automated project management. It enables your employees to get immediate and efficient solutions to their issues in a matter of seconds. When your employees receive comprehensive support and personalized attention from a modernized service desk solution, you can expect an upsurge in employee engagement.

Undoubtedly, CIOs across the world are now investing in automated service desk technologies or the right employee engagement platform to discover the changing employee needs, their experience engagement, culture, etc. So, how do you pick the best employee engagement software for your organization, and how do you know when something is simply too worth a try?

Key Features To Look For In An Employee Engagement Platform


Now, let’s check them one by one. 

  • Regular Engagement with Employees

    An employee engagement software solution that offers dashboards, gamification, and activity feeds allows employees to collaborate well with their teammates. This will elevate engagement throughout the employee lifecycle.

  • Instant Employee Support

    Personalized employee support is essential and must be delivered with care and accuracy. Today's employees expect personalized service and solutions tailored to their specific needs. Employee support is one of the biggest factors behind employee engagement and productivity. An employee engagement software should offer personalized and instant employee support that will help employees to resolve their queries and doubts.

  • Goal Setting and Tracking

    The success of your employees and workplace relies upon setting achievable goals. When goals aren't regularly thought about or prioritized, they tend to get put on the back burner. With a streamlined goal platform, employees can set, track, complete, and elevate goals across the entire organization. This increases accountability and alignment so that goals can easily be accomplished.

  • Employee Training and Development

    Training and career development opportunities are one of the important things that every employee expects from his/her employer. Thus, implementing an employee engagement tool that allows managers to make and assign learning and development courses, as well as analyze their progress and track completion rates can make a huge impact in improving employee engagement. The HR team should also make sure that employees are well aware of using this platform effectively.

  • Employee Performance Assessment

    Every organization should assess the performance of their new hires right from the moment they onboard and throughout their journey with your company. Implementing an employee engagement software with an employee performance assessment feature will boost employee experience, engagement, and satisfaction, directly influencing their professional development.

  • Pulse Survey and Feedback platform

    Employees often face various struggles at the workplace. Whenever they face any such issue, they will have a clear idea about what went wrong. That is why it is critical to survey them and gather the information that will boost organizational growth. Using employee engagement software, employers can collect employees' feedback and suggestions at every stage of their tenure using a yearly basis, pulse, and lifecycle surveys to better understand what's going on and how to keep improving.

  • Employee Recognition

    There is no doubt that everyone loves being recognized for their work and efforts. Employee engagement software features make the most of these facts through employee recognition and gratitude tools. Because constant employee recognition and appreciation practices can enhance the workplace culture and help companies to boost employee morale, retention, engagement, and overall productivity. Most employee engagement tools include employee reward systems that allow employees to redeem digital recognition points for material incentives such as gift cards.

  • Collaborative Spaces/Channels

    Seamless collaboration between managers and employees are important to solve blockades, celebrate success, and build strong connections. As a result, most employee engagement platforms offer collaborative spaces to help you use your conversations. Use this platform to find tools that will help you easily conduct and record your conversations on a daily basis. Employers can easily track employee productivity at every stage, from goal setting to advanced analytics. Furthermore, you have a clear picture of employee burnout and can take steps to make their jobs less stressful.

  • Talent Analytics

    Using employee engagement tools, managers can analyze employee risk, obtain performance snapshots, and discover turnover trends to make strategic talent decisions. Companies that use talent analytics and reviews better understand employee performance.

At, we understand how important it is for companies to prioritize employee engagement and choose the best employee engagement software at the workplace. To help you, we have come up with the top 10 employee engagement software solutions that can make a huge impact across your organization.

Top 10 Employee Engagement Software Solutions


  2. Service Now

  3. Workvivo

  4. Empuls

  5. CultureAmp

  6. Trakstar

  7. Kudos

  8. Guusto

  9. Lattice


Let's take a closer look at each one.   

  1. is an AI-enabled HR service desk that delivers automated and personalized HR support to your employees via its conversational chatbot that works within MS Teams and Slack. believes that employee engagement begins from the very first day an employee join. And it is obvious that a new hire faces various challenges and confusion regarding the workflow processes, tasks, work time etc. By automating all necessary HR processes like employee recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, employee training, resetting passwords, installing new software, creating tickets, and conducting employee feedback surveys- makes it easy for the HR department to engage each new employee.

    Key Features

  • Personalized employee experience right within MS Teams and Slack

  • AI-powered conversational chatbot to provide first-level support (L1) within 10-15 seconds within Microsoft Teams and Slack

  • If the employees need a human agent’s assistance (L2 support) the case will be routed to a dedicated service desk agent or subject matter experts (SMEs). This can be done either via creating tickets or live chat – or both

  • Twitter-Age knowledge management system that allows employees to auto-learn and progressively grow

  • Invisible ticketing system that allows employees to create, update and track the tickets by simply interacting with the smart virtual assistant within MS Teams or Slack

  • Conversational microlearning platform that provides personalized training to the employees in the form of images, texts, videos, Gifs, games, quizzes etc.

  • Automated checklist and reminders that notify team leaders to engage their employees

  • An employee engagement survey tool to better understand feedback and engagement

    2. ServiceNow

    ServiceNow is a leading cloud-based platform that aims to provide a seamless and integrated experience to employees across various departments like IT, HR, Legal etc. ServiceNow offers a service model that supports employees in figuring out where the issue is coming from, and how to resolve it through self-service. By using the 'Employee Workflows' feature of ServiceNow, businesses can increase agility, boost employee productivity, and deliver a seamless experience within the business, no matter where employees are located.

    Key Features

  • Provide unified employee service experience for HR, IT, and Facilities

  • Streamlines complex cross-functional processes, such as returning to the office, to guide the flow of work across the organization

  • Enhance service desk agent productivity by providing mobile self-service access to all HR, IT, and workplace services for employees.

  • Provide an agent workspace that utilizes machine learning and AI to increase departmental productivity.

    3. Workvivo

    Workvivo is an employee experience app designed exclusively to encourage engagement and build an emotional connection between employees and workplace culture – regardless of their location. Workvivo integrates a familiar social media-like feel that increases employee engagement. It can be defined as a combination of social media, intranet, and employee app that aims to provide a seamless digital experience that every employee enjoys. It allows employees to personalize their activity feed to see more content from teammates, managers, or departments they are most interested in.

    Key Features

  • Delivers social media experience to employees

  • Seamless collaboration with managers and team leads

  • Allow managers to access engagement tools like surveys and engagement analytics to keep track of team morale through multimedia messaging within the platform.

  • Various tools, such as public shout-outs and peer-driven award nominations to encourage employees to maintain a connection with work culture, goals, and values.

    4. Empuls

    Empuls is an all-in-one employee engagement platform that focuses to promote workplace culture and create a digital workplace to life. Empuls can be used by employers to foster a culture of recognition, bring teammates together, remove silos, and give every employee a voice. Empuls reduces the hurdles of investing in and handling multiple solutions to boost people initiatives, minimizing complexity and costs while increasing business ROI.

    Key Features

  • Empuls provides built-in pulse surveys, employee NPS, and qualitative feedback to help you determine what your employees think and feel on a regular basis

  • Using a social intranet platform, Empuls helps streamline internal communications and encourage people with a reward of their preference when they deliver great performance and exceed expectations

  • Allow companies to conduct reward programs and align employee recognition programs with the organization’s culture and ethics

  • Help you to measure the influence of your employee engagement initiatives and employee emotion with real-time feedback

    5. Culture Amp

    CultureAmp is a comprehensive employee engagement software that includes everything from engagement to performance evaluation to training to coaching. It helps companies to build a culture of clear accountability where employees feel their voices have been heard and recognize their role in driving change.

    Key Features

  • Elevate employee engagement with research‑backed surveys planned by professionals

  • Personalized employee survey template

  • Offer robust insights, analytics, and personalized reports so the team leaders know exactly how to support their colleagues.

    6. Trakstar

    Trakstar is an HR talent development solution that boosts the overall performance of the employees. Trakstar's software helps organizations at the intersection where strong talent development fulfills business decisions. With Trakstar, you can focus more on achieving goals and developing strategies by eliminating human error, repetition, and administrative tasks.

    Key Features  

  • Purpose-built performance management platform to evaluate employee performance and automatically schedule performance appraisals

  • Allow managers to set smart goals for their employees

  • Real-time feedback system to enhance employee performance

  • 360-degree reviews to provide a clear picture of your employees as an HR tool

  • Get instant approvals automatically

  • Provide real-time status reports

  • Keep employee satisfaction high by sending engagement surveys

    7. Kudos

    Kudos is an employee recognition and engagement software that emphasizes reinforcement and effective communication to increase employee engagement. It aims to diminish turnover, strengthen workplace culture, and boost productivity and performance. The software delivers critical people analytics on an organization’s culture, performance, equity, and inclusion using proprietary methodologies. It also provides companies with in-depth knowledge and a clear understanding of their workforce.

    Key Features  

  • Effective dashboards and real-time analytics to help organizations to get a clear insight into their employees

  • Provide pre-built custom in-app campaigns and customized promotional materials to enhance workplace culture

  • Seamless integration with collaborative platforms like MS Office, Slack, HRIS etc

    8. Guusto

    Being an employee recognition and reward software solution that allows HR professionals to create employee reward and recognition programs that elevate workplace culture, improve employee productivity and performance, and augment employee retention rates.

    Key Features  

  • Real-time recognition programs and spot bonuses for employees

  • Delivers actionable insights to guide your people strategy

  • Engage and empower employees with peer-to-peer shoutouts

  • Employee onboarding program to boost employee engagement

  • Schedule employee wellness programs

  • Integration with channels like MS Teams, HRIS, SSO etc.

    9. Lattice

    Lattice is a comprehensive people success solution that aims to puta employee-first culture by combining all of the tools, workflows, and data required to assist corporate leaders in developing engaged, high-performing employees and winning cultures. By integrating consistent performance and management, goal-setting, employee engagement, and compensation management.

    Lattice assists the HR team by combining professional development and people analytics into a single unified solution. People and operations teams generate insights that help to create enviable cultures and drive huge business results.

    Key Features

  • Robust performance management system that makes sure that employees get support to perform better

  • OKRs and goals to improve development by connecting employee accomplishment to the company’s success

  • Employee engagement pulse surveys, eNPS, and feedback programs to understand employees’ opinions about the company and its overall work culture

  • An integrated employee development platform that assists organizations in setting clear objectives, transforming managers into career coaches, and giving employees control over their own professional development.

  • Real-time insights about employees’ performance


    Leena AI is an employee engagement platform that leverages advanced artificial intelligence technology to measure employee engagement at your organization via conversational employee feedback/engagement surveys. The intensity of employee surveys, as well as the priorities of the survey questions, vary depending on the stage of the employee lifecycle. Employee engagement software enables you to uncover hidden employee insights and pull the appropriate engagement drivers to ensure optimal employee engagement.

    Key Features

  • Real-time actionable insights via ai-enabled engagement surveys

  • The software sends personalized and real-time conversational surveys to all of your employees, perceives their emotions, reacts empathetically, and provides you with an outline of the employee pulse on your engagement dashboard

  • Platform will evaluate the feelings of employees who are highly disengaged, unhappy, and willing to leave the company

  • It helps to retain the best talent, but it also saves you money on recruiting and training

  • Allow employers to hear the opinion of every employee and act when and where it is most important  

Conclusion: Begin Your Employee Engagement Journey With A Robust Employee Engagement Platform

Choosing the right employee engagement tool in this ever-changing workplace can be difficult, but now is not the time to procrastinate. Employee engagement platforms that leverage data, build interdependency, and increase engagement are more important than ever. It's no secret that everyone wants to feel valued and heard at their workplace and do meaningful work. The best employee engagement software platforms emphasize recognition and feedback to address employee criticism, celebrate employee accomplishments, and make employees feel attached to their organization's mission and values.   

If you are looking for an all-in-one employee engagement platform, is the best bet for you. Being an AI-powered employee service desk integrated with MS Teams and Slack, leverages conversational chatbots for delivering instant support to your employees working in all the departments.

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