Top Service Desks Built For Ms Teams

Top Service Desks Built For Ms Teams
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Microsoft Teams is a partnership work area alongside Microsoft Office that creates a core environment for different interactions, teams workspaces, video callings, and enhancement of the documents to help workers in a more integrated manner.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams has gained popularity and users have increased drastically. Organizations have started to understand its significance and are Employee Service Desks are rapidly coming to MS Teams with time.

Benefits of integrating service desk within MS Teams

  • It helps organizations to build the ticketing system with a more interactive environment.

  • Allows Employees to independently diverge the tickets efficiently

  • Get ticket notifications according to pre-established settings

  • Reallocate tickets to the correct representative without logging out of Microsoft Teams

  • Shoot up delayed tickets directly from the interface.

Service desks

Many Service Desks are available in the market. Here are some of the best ones

1) is a Modern, conversational AI-based employee service desk that is integrated right within MS Teams. They provide autonomous Level 1 employee support services with the support of advanced AI and amazing IT Helpdesk skills. While working on MS Teams, provides automated AI-powered Services alongside MS Teams.

With the help of an interactive service delivery model, there is no requirement for phone calls or emails. There will be a separate application in MS Teams which acts as the core support channel for all the Employees. With quick, reliable, and effective support is here to guide you effectively.

2) Atera

The remote and administration system of Atera will combine your various businesses and will provide you with some interactive abilities. It generally comprises of only-

  • Ticketing System

  • Customer Feedback System

The ticketing system of Atera will delegate different tasks to different team leaders to keep track of the progress. It will help you in creating several log solutions and save a lot of time. It can also be used as a platform for different service desk checklists and solution parts. This system was crucially created for the managed service providers, but it also serves a significant role as an interactive and fantastic helpdesk service.

3) Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is the first context-sensitive helpdesk provider in the ITSM industry. It focuses on the latest technology and is available via the cloud. The incredible thing about Zoho Desk is the mobile application, which allows the member of the organization to be aware of customer support from anywhere in the world.

It is a highly flexible mobile application, which will give you all the necessary features. You will be able to create your ticket, link all the contacts, update, alter, and allocate to holders. It also comprises various templates that will help you in responding rapidly to any access.

4) Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an AI-based independent service solution with stirring abilities. It comprises of a knowledge-focused, a company conference, document cataloging, and a direct access portal. You can also provide your users with the necessary information required to solve all the queries of the consumer.

The technical team can also post the solutions for all the necessary queries, which makes it more interactive. It can transform messages into tickets and will let you classify them according to the organization and requirements.

5) Acquire

Acquire is not entirely an IT helpdesk tool but can be used as one. This program was primarily created for the sales departments. Acquire works with the help of pre-programmed messaging, which answers the basic queries rapidly without any separate connection.

With its interactive dashboard, visitors will be allowed to quickly start a new chat and see which representative will be working on their ticket. You will also be able to personalize the conversation that will be viewed by your customers and will be able to represent your brand.

Benefits of Service Desks

1) Versatile

Service Desks guides you in regulating the procedures across different divisions. With the help of ITSM tools specifically built for bracing these functions in a specific ITSM framework.

It is essential to complete a particular task with the help of the most appropriate ITSM tools for any organization like the workflow administration system guides the IT staff in the completion of their projects. These tools are implemented in many other parts of a specific organization.

2) Quick Employee Support

One significant benefit of the employee Service Desk is that it provides different teams to control various assignments in a more detailed and systematic manner—these help in clarifying different strategies that are being executed. Progress administration system uses Artificial Intelligence which takes less time and effort and provides you with the best results.

3) Better Employee Processes

For understanding the primary processing of the workflow, Service Desks help you in an easy understanding of the workflow. They help in identifying the areas which need to be simplified. Picturization also executes cost analysis, which provides less time on calculating if any switch will lead to less time and cost.

4) Reduced Costing

With the implementation of AI-Based Service desks, costs also reduce. The abilities of service desks to guide various organizations to analyze the workflow and easily understand the necessary changes that need to be executed and save a sufficient amount of time and money.

Using these products in a combined way in Microsoft Teams is an amazing method to create an interactive working experience. Since they all are quite simple to integrate, even if you are creating software, managing assignments, or taking feedbacks from the employees. Since new applications are available in Microsoft Teams, your next dream project is just some clicks away!

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