What Is Aiesm - Ai In Esm?

What Is Aiesm - Ai In Esm?
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Enterprise service management (ESM) is the use of IT service management (ITSM) concepts, tools, processes, and/or best practices for various use cases that fall outside the scope of the IT Department. 

The various use cases for ESM can vary, but some common services include: 

  • Legal

  • Facilities management

  • Marketing

  • HR

Implementing AI-powered ESM (AIESM) aims to help organizations improve efficiency, responsiveness to colleagues, workflow, and employee satisfaction across departments. 

What is AIESM?

Artificial Intelligence in ESM provides simplicity, which is a key factor in a smooth workflow. Today, businesses face many challenges, including too error-prone workflows, a high request volume, employee dissatisfaction, and more.

The smart yet efficient solution to the problems mentioned above is making use of AI and Machine Learning technology: 

  • Smart search capabilities enable employees to find answers quickly and efficiently. This can be in the form of a keyword search or a search for particular phrases.

  • Virtual agents or bots can perform tasks using natural language processing (NLP). Chatbots are present to provide employees with assistance 24/7.

  • Intelligent analytics enable workflow optimization and automation. This means that insights into the various workflows and best practices can be more streamlined.

  • Metrics from unstructured data, for example, user surveys, can be gathered and analyzed more efficiently. Drawing conclusions from surveys can be a challenge. But with artificial intelligence, useful insights can be drawn easily.

How different is AIESM from ESM?

As we transition into the AI era, service automation and service intelligence will fundamentally change the concept of service management. 

It is observed that 70% to 80% of current service organizations' resources are used for operational activities such as performing service requests, handling incident tickets, and delivering changes.

When these tasks are performed manually, they can cause a human error and delay in delivery times. However, once these are automated, Service Delivery becomes faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

While the above changes will become more prevalent, service operations' focus will also shift towards Service Design. The reason is that a well-designed automated service desk can last for many years, providing minor updates are made as new technology is developed.

What is AIESM Capable of?

AIESM, as a tool, is capable of seeing the whole pipeline for each user. The result is that it can suggest new software or features as it deems necessary for the end-user based on the analysis it performs. When it feels the need for an upgrade, the manager is prompted to approve the software.

Building a good knowledge base that can be used efficiently can be challenging. With the aid of AIESM, AI learns and fills in the relevant details as and when it is needed. Recurring incidents that once posed a problem are no longer problematic. This is because all the information regarding the recurring incident is noted down in the knowledge base and is smartly handled.


Gradually, there has been a paradigm shift towards AI due to which all services are integrating AI into them. This article discusses AIESM and its uses in the IT industry.

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