What Is Artificial Intelligence Employee Service Management (Aiesm)

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What Is Artificial Intelligence Employee Service Management (Aiesm)
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AIESM Basics

Artificial Intelligence Employee Service Management (AIESM) uses artificial intelligence to capture ITSM concepts and processes that make them more effective and efficient.  

Artificial intelligence can augment, mimic, or substitute the work of help desk analysts and automate the processes which are repetitive and mundane.  

AI is used to make these tasks more intelligent and independent. Rather than simply following preconceived or written instructions, AI recognizes and performs them automatically and supports application management processes.  

Employees can contact the help desk, send email requests, open support tickets, or visit self-service portals for information. It takes practical steps to fulfill such incoming requests from employees. Without AI, it can take hours, days, weeks, or even longer to attend and resolve such queries.  

Employees using AIESM communicate with the chatbot and immediately get two-way support. Employees can ask for support in a window they use for collaborating. This technology uses the concepts such as machine learning, in-depth learning, and natural language processing. The virtual assistant or chatbot understands the request and responds appropriately within seconds. Instead of waiting for someone to take action, AIESM can display results in seconds to the employees and create a ticket on behalf of the employee.  

Thus, automating the process without an actual agent's interaction. This helps in making room for the service desk agents to focus on more complex and intricate issues.  

Why is AIESM more effective?

Guidance with AIESM: AIESM is about improving and planning. It can now identify and propose changes to the key or new services that have been learned from the success of other organizations. This method uses communication and endpoint tools to identify and make recommendations based on the employees' needs.  

Learning with AIESM: Building a knowledge base is a long-standing problem for any organization. With AIESM, you can monitor your knowledge base completely. AI keeps track of solutions that apply to employee queries over time and resolves issues.  

Strategy with AIESM: Classically, ITSM-problem management often involves someone who takes the time to review past events patterns and develop content that helps employees. However, many changes, delays, and obstacles exist. Thus, by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the service desk can be completely automated, allowing it to work more effectively and efficiently.  

Final Word:  

AIESM is fast and accurate, and since AI has been used to automate complex operations at any level of operation, IT professionals will be given time to focus on innovation and development to achieve corporate goals. Artificial Intelligence is ready to shake up the service desk industry.

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