What Is It Service Desk?

What Is It Service Desk?
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IT Service Desk

A Service Desk acts as a one-stop-shop for all the employees. The support staff of an organization attends to the problems and pain points of employees. If the issues are complex, it is escalated to higher support agents and provides an overall positive employee experience. 

Here's an example. 

Consider an employee registers a ticket through the portal. If it's an L1 ticket, it is auto-resolved through the portal with AI in the modern service desk. If the ticket cannot be auto-resolved, it'll escalate to L2 or L3, depending on the issue's complexity. After which the tickets are resolved with the help of upper-level support agents. 

What is the Service desk capable of?

Service Desks are considered the primary point of contact for monitoring incidents/tickets raised by users, addressing user requests/questions, and connecting them with the respective support staff for a fast resolution of their problems. 

When we speak about Service desk, there are a few terms which keep occurring, these are: 

Incident Management, Problem Management, Asset Management, Self Service portals, CMDB and Knowledge Management 

Let us take a look at what some of these terms mean. 

Incident Management: 

Incident management is the process of specifying, analyzing, and validating threats to prevent an incident's reoccurrence. These incidents within a structure are generally handled by either an Incident Response Team (IRT), an Incident Management Team (IMT), or Incident Command System (ICS). 

Problem Management: 

It is an ITSM module responsible for managing the life cycle of all problems. It uses basic analytics to identify the root cause of repeated incidents and help the IT and support teams identify the changes that need to be made to prevent them from reoccurring. 

Asset Management: 

Asset Management comprises the processes responsible for tracking, reporting the value, and the ownership of the assets belonging to an Organization throughout the asset's life cycle. 

Self Service portals: 

A Self-Service portal acts as an interface for users to independently resolve incidents/problems, gain knowledge for establishing personal devices on the firm network, or oppositely interact with main IT purposes without cataloging a support ticket. 


A CMDB (Configuration management database) contains every form of item in the institution. The purpose is to create an exact directory of each item, to which degree system calculation tools are used to demonstrate to you how each system relates to each other. 

What are the benefits of having a Service Desk?


Service desks that are well managed with the right integration between human staff and AI and its tools can reduce and handle staff's overall workload. We conclude as investing or having engineering teams and subject matter experts on tickets raised, which mostly revolve around simple problems, is not all that ideal. Instead, they can focus on activities that add more value to the company. 

Helps in improving overall experience: 

Since the service desk is the one-stop-shop for all employees, it is crucial to ensure that employees have a great overall experience. Therefore, the interaction between the employees and the portal/support staff is also important. Monitoring this interaction provides valuable insight into user satisfaction, sentiment towards services and features and can also help identify the pain points and solutions that can be designed which cater to these problems. 

Identify Potential Problems: 

The use of AI in the modern Service desk helps identify tickets' patterns and behaviors. This can help identify and address service issues. 

There are various Service Desk solutions out in the market from companies like, ServiceNow, Zoho, Jira, etc.

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