Why Is Teamsification Of Hr Service Desks Important In The New Norm Of Remote Working?

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Why Is Teamsification Of Hr Service Desks Important In The New Norm Of Remote Working?

Why Is Teamsification Of Hr Service Desks Important In The New Norm Of Remote Working?

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Why Is Teamsification Of Hr Service Desks Important In The New Norm Of Remote Working?

Working remotely has become the new normal for the last two years for professionals across the world. Although the trend is fairly old, it skyrocketed in 2020 when a pandemic hit the world. As professionals couldn't get out of their houses and companies couldn't afford to halt their operations, organizations started setting up virtual offices with everyone working remotely. 

Remote working was made more accessible and much more effective by various collaborative platforms across the board. Platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet found a new spike in their daily users within the short span of a few months. Microsoft Teams experienced a jump in daily users from 44 million in March 2020 to 75 million in April due to the increasing prominence of remote working. 

Since then, platforms like Microsoft Teams have been helping professionals communicate and collaborate with their peers while they work remotely. Along with seamless communication, these platforms ensure that employees can work from the comfort of their homes without letting their work gets affected. 

However, working remotely comes with its own set of challenges, especially for the HR department. As all the activities become impersonal, it becomes difficult for HR managers to make sure that the employees are working effectively without facing any roadblocks. The absence of a physical workspace makes it challenging to track the progress of every employee and monitor their work daily. 

This makes it essential for an organization to optimize its HR service desk

In 2021, traditional HR service desks are no longer relevant in catering to the needs of your employees working remotely. Organizations need to modernize their service desks to provide quick and personalized support to their employees as and when required. 

These objectives can be achieved through teamsification of your HR service desk. 

What Do You Mean By Teamsification Of HR Service Desk?

Simply put, teamsification is the process of providing automated and holistic support to your employees via Microsoft Teams. It allows your employees to get their issues resolved and tasks automated on the collaborative platform they use for working remotely. 

When you teamsify your service desk, you integrate it with Microsoft Teams to provide personalized support to your employees. Right from onboarding new employees to getting them trained in micro-skills, teamsification helps you provide ideal support services to your employees as they work remotely. 

While teamsification helps your employees obtain wholesome support on an integrated platform, it helps your HR managers streamline their processes efficiently. Integrating your HR service desk within Microsoft Teams allows you to optimize your knowledge base and put automated support at your employees' fingertips. 

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The Importance Of Teamsification In The New Norm Of Remote Working

Teamsification of your HR desk is ideal for remote working as all your processes are carried out using collaborative platforms. It allows your employees to avail themselves of all necessary support without having to switch platforms. Whenever stuck, they can log in to the service desk within Microsoft Teams, get their issues resolves, and get back to work in no time. 

Teamsifying your HR service desk helps you organize a number of HR processes that would otherwise be tedious and time-consuming for your HR managers. 

Here are some of the fundamental practices involved in the teamsification of your HR service desk to assist your remote employees: 

  1. Seamless Employee Onboarding

    Onboarding employees is one of the biggest challenges faced by an organization while functioning remotely. The lack of a physical workspace makes it difficult for HR managers to ensure that the new remote employees are in tune with the new environment and have adjusted well.

    Teamsification of your service desk helps you onboard remote employees, effectively through the collaborative platform of Microsoft Teams. When a new employee joins your organization, the service desk helps you send personalized emails to them based on the user persona. HR managers can send a personalized welcome letter, log in/new email credentials, company manuals, details about their roles and responsibilities, contact details of their team members, and all relevant details that help them get onboarded effectively. This helps your HR managers reach out to your new employees through a centralized platform and make them feel valued. If onboarded effectively, you can increase the overall employee engagement and productivity within your organization.

  2. Resolving Employee Issues Through AI Chatbots

    Remote employees often find themselves confused and lost when obtaining help and getting their issues resolved. They do not have the option of physically approaching their peers or relevant authorities to obtain answers to their questions. A teamsified service desk helps your employees auto-resolve their issues simply by chatting with AI chatbots within Microsoft Teams. The use of conversational AI allows chatbots to understand the context behind the issues raised by your employees and provide them with solutions tailored specifically for them. This prevents them from finding solutions on different platforms get their issues resolved with a simple chat.

    As opposed to the traditional service desks, a teamsified service desk does not support agents before the second level of support (L2). The AI chatbots provide all the solutions in the first level of support by scanning your enterprise knowledge base. The collaborative platform provides these virtual assistants with all historical records about specific employees, allowing the service desk to provide personalized assistance to them.

  3. Holistic And Automated Employee Recruitment

    Recruiting remote employees is often challenging for HR managers due to difficulty screening applications and shortlisting candidates virtually. A teamsified HR service desk automates several recruitment processes that help you secure the best talent for your organization. Teamsification of your HR service desk allows you to create role-specific screening questions that help you shortlist the most deserving candidates for specific jobs. It also allows you to automate answering the questions your candidates may have regarding their roles and your recruitment process.

    A teamsified service desk helps HR managers to automate processes like scheduling job interviews, taking notes, sending reminders, and many more to ensure a streamlined recruitment process.

  4. Keeping Your Employees Informed About The HR Policies

    Teamsification of your HR service desk allows you to keep your employees informed about your HR policies through the centralized collaborative platform of Microsoft Teams. Gone are the days when employees were required to go through lengthy handbooks and read manuals to access the HR policies of the organizations, they work in. A teamsified service desk allows employees to ask all questions related to the HR policies of an organization by chatting with AI chatbots on Microsoft Teams. The service desk provides them with personalized answers, ensuring that all their queries are resolved.

    Moreover, HR managers can enrich their answers by adding interactive images, videos, animations, and other engaging content formats to prevent the experience from getting increasingly monotonous. A teamsified service desk also sends automated notifications to the employees whenever a new HR policy is added, or the existing ones are modified.

  5. Getting Employees Trained In Micro-skills

    It often becomes difficult to train remote employees virtually and ensure that they have learned the relevant skills. When you teamsify your HR service desk, you can help your employees get trained in specific micro-skills via Microsoft Teams. If you need your employees to get trained in particular skills to improve their performance, you can cut down on the cost of hiring a dedicated trainer by teamsifying your HR service desk. All you need to do is add training materials and resources to your knowledge base and let your employees access them from their respective devices. This allows them to train themselves without being dependent on any trainer.

    Further, optimized knowledge management allows you to make the training content more engaging by using images, animations, videos, infographics, and other content formats. This would help you increase the retention capacity of your employees and get them trained faster. When your remote employees get trained all by themselves, it provides them with a boost of confidence, leading to increased engagement and productivity.

  6. Automated Employee Surveys and Feedback Management

    The HR department needs to obtain regular feedback from their employees regarding their support and their experience working at the organization over a specific period. A teamsified HR service desk allows HR managers to take personalized surveys of all employees via Microsoft Teams.

    This helps the management streamline the process of obtaining feedback from the employees and analyse the same to make crucial decisions to improve their services.

The Final Word 

These were some of the reasons why it is essential for an organization to teamsify its HR service desk to cater to their remote employees. It is high time you switch from the traditional service desks and automate your employee support to leverage your organization's productivity.

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