6 Ways To Enhance Your Digital Employee Experience

Employee Experience
6 Ways To Enhance Your Digital Employee Experience
Employee Experience
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For many businesses, developing an employee experience strategy is a challenging task. It necessitates a significant shift in perspective—changes in how businesses recruit, engage, develop, and keep talent. Today, technology and the employee experience go hand in hand. The digital employee experience lifts the lid on how equipped and empowered employees are to accomplish their duties, wherever they are located, whether they are on-site, at home, or a combination of the two. There is no doubt that the modern workforce relies on digital interfaces to collaborate, innovate, and communicate effectively. For many businesses that support a remote workforce, these digital experiences form the company's backbone. According to Workspace365, companies with engaged employees experience a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% boost in productivity  

In order for you to fully grasp the concept, in this blog, we have examined what the digital employee experience is, why it matters to your employees, how to start building a great digital employee experience, how digitalization influences employee experience, and examples of excellent digital employee experiences.

What Is Digital Employee Experience?

The term "digital employee experience," or simply "DEX," refers to how a company's technological environment affects its employees. Digital employee experience emphasizes the impact of this process on employees as it drives the evolution of the modern workplace. Digital experience can also be determined by how effectively people interact with their workplace's digital tools, enabling them to be competent, engaged, and productive

Why Digital Employee Experience Is A Must-Have For Organization?

It is crucial that employees have a positive digital experience because it directly impacts engagement and productivity. It's likely that you have dozens of digital communication tools, employee apps, email management software, and scheduling tools at work. These devices are made to streamline the life of your employees. And everything runs smoothly when they execute their jobs. Therefore, it is crucial to continually evaluate your digital experience and ask employees for upward feedback on digital transformation in the workplace.

Key Benefits Of Having A Good Digital Employee Experience  

  • Maximizing productivity

    Hassle-free digital environments and app suites make it easy for employees to utilize their utmost potential and exceed their performance targets.

  • Minimizing frustration

    Frustrating software and confusing processes add to workplace frustration and can contribute to employee burnout over time.

  • Decreased down time

    A good digital experience results in less time wasted on tech support and allows businesses to stay running outage free.

  • Increases employee engagement

    A good digital experience can result in more engaged employees that are able to carry momentum across shifts and focus on the tasks at hand in an effective manner.

  • Retain and attract the right talent

    It is proven that happier and more productive employees lead to lower attrition rates in digital workplaces that are designed with end-users in mind.


Now that you have understood the basics of digital employee experience, let’s take a look at the top six ways to improve an employee’s digital experience.

Top Ways To Enhance Digital Employee Experience

  1. Provide the right support to the employees via conversational service desk

    In this ever-changing workplace, companies need to provide the right employee support. Implementing technologies like conversational AI-powered employee service desks ensures your employees receive the right support and personalized assistance. Modern employee service desks like allow employees to chat with conversational chatbots and provide personalized responses to their queries. With, employees need not interact with support agents to resolve basic issues.’s smart chatbot understands the context of the issues raised by each employee and provides personalized answers within 10-15 seconds.

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  2. Automating routine tasks and processes

    Service desk agents often need to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks for multiple employees throughout an organization. If the process is performed manually, it may delay the support provided, and agents become fatigued from repeated processes. Service desk agents must perform routine tasks and processes like resetting or changing passwords, configuring laptops and printers, installing software, accessing documents, onboarding new employees etc. very carefully. Automating routine tasks and processes with the help of the right helpdesk will provide a personalized experience to the employees and reduce the workload of service desk agents.

  3. Personalized devices

    A key part to ensuring a good digital experience is ensuring that your employees are equipped with the tools to effectively interface with the digital world. Reliable hardware and comfortable peripherals like right- or left-handed mouse and bigger screen sizes reduce strain on an employee considerably and ensure comfort while working.

  4. Provide personalized employee training via microlearning

    Changing to a predominantly digital environment isn't easy, and employees may need upskilling or crash courses in certain applications and software before they can fully utilize them. Microlearning is an easy way for you to provide your employees with short and bite-sized training content instead of lengthy manuals and handbooks. Modern service desks allow you to provide employees with training resources from unified platforms, whether you are training new employees or teaching them new skills. '' by offers conversational microlearning that caters to your employees' limited attention spans and increases their retention of information. Adding training materials to your knowledge base in multiple formats (audio, video, images, articles, etc.) can allow you to train your employees from anywhere. The result is that your employees will become more self-reliant, which will enhance their engagement and productivity.

  5. Focusing on employee wellbeing

    By providing employee well-being programs, among other benefits and incentives, organizations may guarantee a seamless employee experience in this constantly changing workplace environment. Employees who believe their requirements are unmet will search for alternative employers. One of the best ways to keep your employees is to provide wellness benefits. The digital first platform offers benefits like online therapy, consultation and wellness programs that can be leveraged by both employees and their employers to ensure a mentally, physically healthy workforce.

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  6. Integration with collaborative channels

    Over the past few years, the need for collaborative platforms has continuously risen, and the pandemic outbreak has proven that collaborative channels are here to stay. Modern collaborative channels like MS Teams, Zoom, Slack etc assist employees in collaborating and communicating with one another from a single, unified platform, which is especially helpful for organizations that operate remotely. You may reinvent the employee experience by integrating a cutting-edge service desk with your collaborative platform. They are unable to use a different platform to look for individualized support because of it. In this method, your employees can communicate with AI-powered chatbots and resolve their problems by opening a specific channel on the relevant collaboration platform. 


Needless to say, digital employee experience is key to the success of any modern business, ensuring that employees can effectively digitally interface with an online first environment is crucial to higher engagement and retention. Thus, employers and senior management must practice tactics that support employees in having a positive and productive digital work experience. When properly used, the strategies mentioned above will contribute to a successful and enhanced digital experience at work. Of course, you'll enable exceptional interactions between your business and your employees if you create a compelling narrative, create an integrated strategy, and activate effectively by lining up your people, processes, and digital technology.

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