A Closer Look At Enterprise Service Desk In 2021

A Closer Look At Enterprise Service Desk In 2021

A Closer Look At Enterprise Service Desk In 2021

A Closer Look At Enterprise Service Desk In 2021
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An organization thrives on the efficiency of its employees. If you are able to cater to the specific needs of your employees and answer the specific questions they have, you can easily leverage the overall productivity of your organization. 

For several years, a traditional enterprise service desk used to offer employee support by providing general information to solve their hassles. Moreover, employees often had to wait for long before their basic queries were answered. This left many employees clueless about obtaining satisfactory support from the enterprise. 

However, the scenario is rapidly changing with the advent of automation and artificial intelligence in the realm of employee support. Employees no longer need to look for basic answers on multiple platforms and be the victims of the fragmented first level of support. 

The enterprise service desk of 2021 is driven by artificial intelligence and process automation. Organizations across the world understood the importance of digitization and virtual workplaces in 2020 due to the catastrophic global pandemic. There is no way in which a traditional service desk would function in such a situation. 

How Does The Modern Enterprise Service Desk Function? 

The modern enterprise service desk was created with the aim of relieving the employees from doing all the hard work. It is a single integrated platform to cater to the needs of employees across multiple departments in an organization, unlike the older ITSM tools that were focused only on the IT department. 

Whether you need employee support for the HR department, Marketing department, IT department, or Finance department, a single service desk will do all the work, without different employees reaching out to different agents. 

The highlight of the modern enterprise service desk is the use of virtual assistants. Thanks to conversational AI, you can now provide unified front-line support to all your employees by making them engage with chatbots. 

The entire working process of an AI-powered enterprise service desk in 2021 can be summarized by the following major steps: 

1. Reaching out to the chatbot (L1 support)

Everything starts with a concerned employee wanting to get their problem resolved. They log into the service desk and engage with the virtual assistant. This is the first level of support, which is common for all your employees. 

2. The chatbot trying to solve the problem 

Once your employee starts interacting with the chatbot, it goes to your enterprise knowledge base and provides the most suitable answer/resources to the employee, based on their specific issue. 

The AI technology allows your virtual assistant to understand the context of the question asked, track the history of previous conversations with the concerned employee, and provide them with a solution that is tailor-made for them. In most cases, the issue is resolved at this stage. 

3. Routing the issue to the experts (L2/L3 support) 

If your employee is not satisfied with the solution or if the chatbot is not able to find a relevant answer in your knowledge base, it would automatically create a ticket on behalf of your employee and route the problem to the dedicated expert. 

4. Expert communicating through the chatbot 

After the virtual takes the problem to a suitable expert, they look into the matter, come up with the best possible solution, and communicate with your employee through the chatbot. Here, the support ticket is created, managed, and closed without your employee knowing about it. 

5. Live interaction with the expert 

Finally, if your employee is still not satisfied with the solution, the enterprise service desk provides them with the option of creating a ticket manually and interacting with the experts by themselves. 

This is how a modern service desk makes sure that every issue raised by your employee is resolved in the best and the most organized manner. 

The same technology is already used by several notable organizations and collaborative platforms, one of the prominent names being Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams can be used as an AI enterprise service desk, with solutions like, for providing personalized and unified support to the users. From answering the most basic questions understanding important business processes to provide microlearning resources and holistic employee training, makes sure that the users get the right support at the right time. 

Why Is The Modern Enterprise Service Desk Important? 

Here are some of the major reasons why an enterprise service desk is important in 2021: 

  1. Personalized Approach
    Instead of handing generic information to your employees, a modern service desk will provide answers and resources that are unique to the employee.  

  2. A Humanoid Touch
    The use of conversational AI helps your employees get their issues resolved in a systematic and organized way as if a human agent is guiding them all the way to the solution.  

  3. Scope For Employee Training
    You can cut down your training costs by implementing a modern enterprise service desk as it can provide every member of your team with relevant training resources, making them self-reliant and less dependent on the senior management.  

  4. Engaging Content
    Instead of relying on long written text, an AI enterprise service desk provides the content for employee support in a variety of formats. The use of charts, images, videos, and animations automatically increases the effectiveness of the message conveyed.  

  5. Portable Employee Support
    A modern service desk comes with seamless mobile customization, allowing your employees to avail of instant support at any time and from any location. Not every employee has access to a laptop/desktop, and this feature makes your service desk accessible to every employee in your organization.

The Final Word 

Organizations are already moving towards increased process automation and machine learning at lightning speed. Looking at the implications of installing an AI enterprise service desk in your organization, it is safe to say that the technology is here to stay. 

The well-being of your employees is directly connected to the prosperity of your business. If you manage to get all their issues resolved in a seamless way, you are bound to see a spike in your overall productivity!

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