How A Modern Service Desk Can Save You Money

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How A Modern Service Desk Can Save You Money

How A Modern Service Desk Can Save You Money

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How A Modern Service Desk Can Save You Money
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One of the key aspects of running an organization is to manage your finances. Businesses design all their processes in a way that helps them in cutting down their costs and increasing the ROI. Entrepreneurs focus on an array of practices for saving money – from switching to automated software platforms to the smart allocation of resources. 

When it comes to providing holistic support to your employees, the ideal way to save money is by investing in a modern service desk

The modern service desk has a solution for almost every issue your employees might have with their traditional counterparts. It makes use of AI and seamless process automation to provide personalized and context-based support to your employees. All they need to do is log into the platform, and they can have their issues resolved with a few simple clicks. 

There are two major ways an organization can save money: increasing their revenue and cutting down their costs. The modern service desk fulfils both the requirements to ensure that you save enough money for your organization. 

Saving The Cost Of Implementing Multiple Service Desks

The traditional service desks did not have an integrated approach to providing support to all the employees working in an organization. It required companies to set up dedicated service desks and support platforms for different employees working in different departments. Naturally, this increased the overall budget allocated for providing employee support. Moreover, multiple helpdesks led to more confusion and chaos when it came to obtaining streamlined support. 

On the other hand, a modern service desk allows you to save a fortune by providing an integrated approach to employee support. The "single window" approach allows employees working in all different departments to obtain support from a centralized platform. A single modern service desk can act as an ITSM service desk, HR helpdesk, Marketing helpdesk, Finance helpdesk, and even a project management tool. This way, a one-time investment in a single unified platform provides you with higher returns and value for your money. 

Saving Money With An Automated Ticketing System

In traditional service desks, arguably the most prominent issue encountered by the employees was the self-service ticketing system. This ticketing system required them to support rickets and track them on a dedicated platform. While this wasn't a major issue for the IT team, other employees often found it challenging to use the platform due to a lack of technical knowledge and finesse. 

A traditional ticketing system often resulted in confused and helpless employees using other means to resolve their issues (making calls and sending emails). If you follow this approach, your investment in the service desk is likely to go in vain. 

When you invest in a modern service desk, you can provide your employees with an automated ticketing system. This ticketing system allows your employees to auto-resolve their issues without having to create tickets manually. The modern service desk handles all the processes about creating, tracking, and closing tickets itself, relieving your employees from scratching their heads to get their issues resolved. 

On implementing a modern service desk, you will not be required to invest in a ticketing system and ensure that your employees can auto-resolve their issues efficiently. 

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Cutting Down The Cost By Hiring Limited Support Agents

The traditional service desks required organizations to spend a fortune on hiring multiple support agents to handle a plethora of requests and cases. This is because they deployed the agents from the very first level of support. Every issue faced by employees, irrespective of urgency and complications, would be routed to the support agents, making them overburdened with requests. 

This shifted the agents' focus from providing personalized support to settling all the routed to them daily. This led organizations to spend money on hiring more support agents without adding any substantial value to the support provided to their employees. 

The modern service desk eliminates the need for support agents in the first level by using AI chatbots. These virtual assistants perform the duties of support agents (and a lot more) to provide personalized support to your employees. 

The use of conversational AI by a modern service desk allows your employees to interact with chatbots and get their issues resolved by themselves. The chatbots assist them as they log into the service desk and help them navigate effectively through the platform until their issues are resolved. 

The employees can ask questions, convey their issues, and give specific commands to the virtual assistants by chatting with them. Once a question is asked, the chatbot scans your enterprise knowledge base and comes up with the most suitable solution within a few seconds. Most employee cases are resolved at this stage without any involvement of the support agents. 

If your employees are not happy with the solutions provided by the AI chatbots, they can get their cases routed to a support agent for better assistance. The chatbots will now create a ticket and route the concerned case to a suitable agent, along with the context required for them to provide a personalized solution. 

When support agents are involved, chatbots act as connecting links between your employees and the agents. Once the agents are ready with the solution, they communicate the same to your employees via these virtual assistants

The modern service desk provides you with all these functionalities (and many more) without making any additional investment. It helps you provide streamlined and personalized support to your employees with the help of limited support agents. 

Making The Most Of Your Knowledge Base

Your enterprise knowledge base can serve as a gold mine of context-based information required for holistic employee support if utilized well. The traditional service desks hardly optimized the knowledge base for improved employee support and provided generic answers to the questions, asks, and solutions with the "one size fit all" approach. This did not provide value for the investment made in traditional service desks. 

The modern service desk overcomes these shortcomings through optimized and automated knowledge management. Investing in AI-driven service desks provides you with a range of features that ensure that your knowledge base is used to provide tailored solutions according to your employees' specific needs and preferences. 

The modern service desk keeps track of all the interactions carried out with your employees and takes note of their preferences and core areas of issue. Artificial intelligence allows the service desk to understand where your employees are coming from and provide them with suggestions and customized solutions. These service desks function the same way as Google, Amazon, or any major online platform makes sense of your actions and provides you with suggestions accordingly. 

Moreover, effective knowledge management allows you to provide support to your employees in engaging content formats. Unlike traditional service desks that provided support in plain text and view images, modern service desks allow you to get more creative by providing interactive content formats to your employees, including videos, animations, infographics, etc. 

Cutting Down Training Costs

In the age of digitization, where technological advancements are frequent, learning is a never-ending activity. Organizations often spend a good amount of money training their employees in specific skills that add to their productivity. 

With a modern service desk, you can cut down the cost of hiring trainers and organizing training sessions by allowing your employees to train themselves. These service desks come with the microlearning feature that allows you to get your employees trained in specific micro-skills. 

All you need to do is feed your knowledge base with relevant training resources and allow your employees to access them at their convenience. This helps your employees to learn specific skills without having to consult anyone, making them self-reliant. 

Especially for new employees, being self-reliant increases their engagement and productivity as they get genuinely driven towards the work they do. Further, optimized knowledge management allows you to make the learning process engaging and interactive. You can add videos, provide links to articles, and set milestones to be achieved by your employees as they get trained in learning new skills. The use of such interactive content improves the retention capacity of your employees, helping them get trained faster and better. 

Letting The Service Desk Carry Out Repetitive Processes

When it comes to carrying out repetitive IT processes such as resetting passwords or changing them, organizations often hire employees dedicated to performing these jobs. The modern service desk helps you cut down on these hiring costs by automating such repetitive processes. It allows your employees to set/change their passwords themselves by connecting them with the back-end system and authenticating their identity. 

The Final Word

These were some of the many ways you can cut down on your costs and get a handsome ROI by implementing a modern service desk. It is time for you to step up and start leveraging your support services!

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