How Rezolve.Ai Powers Up Automated Employee Support Using Microsoft Teams

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How Rezolve.Ai Powers Up Automated Employee Support Using Microsoft Teams
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In 2021, employee support is critical and needs to be carried out with utmost care and precision. Employees today require personalized attention and solutions that are tailored just for them. Effective employee support is often one of the biggest factors behind the engagement and productivity of an employee. helps you power up employee support by integrating your service desk with Microsoft Teams. Combining a collaborative platform and an AI-driven service desk helps your employees get their issues resolved within seconds. It also empowers your HR managers to automate several processes and ensure utmost employee satisfaction. 

Before discussing how helps you optimize and "teamsify" your employee support, let us understand the importance of employee support within an organization. 

The Importance Of Employee Support In An Organization

  • Higher Employee Retention

    Especially during the employee onboarding process, an organization needs to provide seamless and personalized employee support. The first few weeks of an employee within an organization are always critical and need to be handled carefully. Without adequate support, employees are likely to switch companies and leave your organization.

    It is, therefore, important for an organization to focus on employee support to retain its employees.

  • Higher Employee Engagement

    In 2021, employee support plays a significant role in employee engagement within an organization. When provided with seamless support, the employees feel genuinely driven to go to work every day. Personalized attention to their issues makes them feel valued and motivates them to give their best.

  • Higher Employee Productivity

    When your employees are driven and motivated to work, they tend to give their 100%. Streamlined employee support allows you to resolve their issues within seconds without wasting any of their time that could have been used to complete their tasks.

  • Improved Work Culture

    Effective employee support allows you to build a positive and stimulating work culture. This provides your employees with a conducive work environment and spreads a positive word about your organization's culture. Ultimately, it helps you acquiring and retaining skilled employees without any hassles. And The Teamsification Of Employee Support is an AI-driven modern employee service desk that provides personalized support to your employees and allows them to automate several business processes to obtain better results. The use of AI within a service desk allows the platform to understand the context of the issues faced by the employees, take note of historical data, and provide them with solutions that are specifically tailored for them.

Further, helps you in powering up your employee support by integrating with Microsoft Teams – a process that the company calls "teamsification." In simple words, teamsification is the process of availing of all the features provided by the service desk through MS Teams. It helps the employees use the collaborative platform in the form of an IT service desk, HR help desk, a project management tool, and much more.

Teamsified employee support prevents your employees from switching platforms in order to get their issues resolved. It allows them to obtain personalized and seamless assistance while working on the collaborative platform implemented within the organization. This helps your employees save their time and effort, allowing them to return to work as soon as their issues are resolved.

Through teamsification, helps organizations make the most of Microsoft Teams. A single login allows the employees to access a range of features provided by the AI-driven service desk. Along with the employees, a teamsified service desk helps the management and HR professionals reach out to all the employees on a single platform. This optimizes collaboration and communication across your organization.

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Important Ways In Which Optimized Employee Support Using MS Teams

  1. Personalized Assistance Through AI Chatbots uses conversational AI to help your employees obtain quick and personalized support. Instead of finding and approaching dedicated support agents, the modern service desk allows your employees to interact with AI chatbots on Microsoft Teams.

    Your employees can ask questions or raise concerns simply by initiating a conversation with the virtual assistants. The chatbots will then scan your enterprise knowledge base and provide a personalized solution that best suits their needs. All you need to do is add relevant information into your knowledge base to resolve all potential issues faced by your employees. This will allow the chatbots to provide the first level of support to your employees within a few seconds.

    Moreover, a simple chat would allow your employees to get their cases routed to a support agent for the second level of support. Here, the chatbot would send all the details about the concerned case to a suitable agent who would resolve the issue effectively.

  2. Automated Ticketing System Using MS Teams automates the ticketing process to relieve your employees from dealing with the complexity of a manual ticketing system. Non-technical employees often face difficulties locating a ticketing platform and using it manually to get their issues resolved.

    The AI-driven service desk allows your employees to raise support tickets by initiating a Microsoft Teams chat. A simple command would create their support tickets and send the same to the support agents. Once the agent resolves the issue, the service desk would automatically close the ticket and ask the concerned employee if further assistance.

    While support agents are handling their case, would keep notifying the employee about the status of their tickets. This keeps them updated about their case without having to ask anyone repeatedly.

  3. A Teamsified Onboarding Of Employees

    Especially in the case of remote employees, HR professionals often face difficulties in onboarding them effectively. The lack of physical presence makes it difficult for an organization to ensure that the new employees are onboarded effectively and comfortable working in the new environment. allows you to onboard your employees virtually using the collaborative platform of Microsoft Teams. It helps HR managers to automate the onboarding process by selecting the right user persona. A single platform can be used for sending personalized emails to employees as they join the organization. The HR department can provide essential details through these emails like email login credentials, company policy, contact details of team members, roles and responsibilities, and much more.

    This way, helps you use Microsoft Teams to onboard employees working from any corner of the world.

  4. Automated Password Resets

    A large chunk of IT help desk issues revolve around the resetting of passwords. As employees need to reset their passwords across the year, IT support agents are always occupied with resolving these issues instead of focusing on other, more critical tasks. Ultimately, this results in a decline in employee productivity and engagement within an organization.

    As a solution to this problem, allows employees to reset their passwords through Microsoft Teams. The service desk automates the process and relieves the IT support agents from performing repetitive tasks of resetting passwords. Here, employees can reset their passwords through a convenient and easy chat on their respective Microsoft Teams accounts.

  5. Automated Employee Benefits Support

    Employees (especially the recruits) are often unaware of all the benefits provided to them by the organization. They lack a centralized platform where they can avail of all their benefits effectively. Moreover, asking HR executives directly is a time-consuming process. helps your employees in asking all possible questions about their benefits using Microsoft Teams. The platform allows employees to ask questions using natural language, making the support more holistic. This helps your employees stay updated with the benefits they are entitled to and keep track of any change.

    Moreover, the modern service desk allows the employees to be notified about any change in the company policies or the benefits they provided for staying updated.

  6. Taking Automated Employee Surveys

    Traditionally, the system of conducting employee surveys was rarely taken seriously by the management and the employees. The process was often irregular and unorganized, failing to capture the essence of employee experience within an organization.

    Through, an organization can take pulse surveys using Microsoft Teams in a systematic and precise manner. The management can send personalized questions to every employee on a period basic and collect all responses on a centralized platform.

    This allows an organization to understand how engaged its employees are and how their experience is at any point in time. The results help the management make important decisions regarding the support provided to the employees by reinforcing the processes that work and eliminating the ones that don't.

The Final Word 

These were some of the most important ways in which helps you power up the potential of your employee support using Microsoft Teams. Especially if you have implemented Microsoft Office within your organization, implementing would help you automate and streamline all your employee support processes using a centralized platform.

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