How Rezolve.Ai'S Twitter-Age Knowledge Management Can Help You And Your Employees?

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How Rezolve.Ai'S Twitter-Age Knowledge Management Can Help You And Your Employees?
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When it comes to driving organizational performance, knowledge plays a key role. No matter what industry or business niche an organization specializes in, employees possess valuable knowledge that should be shared. According to the statistics of Deloitte, despite the fact that many organizations recognize the importance of developing a workplace that respects and encourages the accumulation of knowledge, only around 9% of them are taking action to cultivate such an environment.  

It is true that the global pandemic has forced every organization to invest in knowledge management to document their business processes, articulate standard operating procedures, file their records, catalogue their products, and collect all relevant information for their service delivery. But do you know what is Knowledge Management? What makes knowledge management so important for businesses?

In this article, you'll learn what you need to know about knowledge management systems and how’s Twitter-age knowledge management system boost business productivity.  

What is Knowledge Management?

It is true that an organization cannot survive without knowledge and collaboration. The greater the amount of information your employees have at their hand, the better equipped they are to work. Maintaining knowledge and keeping it current is difficult because big data sets are constantly changing with every technological development. Thus, it is necessary for an organization's growth and development to have a knowledge management tool. Using knowledge management systems, companies can organize various documents, FAQs, and other information into formats that can be easily accessed internally and externally. With robust knowledge management, employees access all the necessary information as part of a smart and transparent work environment. By providing employees access to the repository of information, the knowledge management system ensures that deep, profound, open communication occurs. It helps organizations to keep documentation up-to-date.  

An organization's knowledge management process strives to capture, structure, retain, and share its employees' knowledge and experiences. The use of knowledge management systems can be internal to organizations or teams but can also be used to center your knowledge base for the benefit of your employees.  

What value does a KMS bring to your organization?

When it comes to employee support, we react rather than plan ahead. It's hard to be proactive and work on strategies that can help your team be successful when you're swamped with support tickets. Also, agents almost always see the same questions and concerns coming up repeatedly – which will often cause delays in their work and affect the employees too. In order to conduct successful business (no matter it is Fortune 500 or start-up), you need a well-crafted plan, which requires a thorough understanding of the market, technical proficiency, and effective employee collaboration to execute. Hence, knowledge management is important. Businesses can significantly boost employee efficiency and productivity by investing in a robust knowledge management system.  

A powerful knowledge management tool is essential for every organization's decision-making capability to be more efficient. All employees should have access to the company's expertise to make more informed, quick decisions that benefit the business. Knowledge management is an approach to organizational productivity that combines technology, processes, and organizational culture to better share, apply, create, capture, and store knowledge.  

While, lack of knowledge management can duplicate efforts, compromise quality by using less-than-best practices, waste time searching for resources, and compromise business opportunities when personnel don't share knowledge. While robust and well-designed KM enhances the generation and flow of useful information for decision making, builds smart organizations by making learning routine, and engenders a culture of trust that fosters innovation and productivity.  

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What makes's Twitter-age Knowledge Management so important for organizations?

Does your company information seem scattered throughout the organization, making it difficult to track down and find the right information when you need it? Is it difficult for your support agents to resolve employee requests that have already been addressed but not saved or appropriately documented? Do your new employees have trouble generating passwords, installing software, finding work policy documents, and creating headaches on their first day at work? Have you ever faced such challenges and are looking for a permanent solution?  

With one efficient knowledge management tool, you can solve all these problems. That’s where’s Twitter-age Knowledge Management tool comes in. At, an AI-driven employee service desk within MS Teams, we believe that it is crucial for an organization to streamline its employee support. Our Twitter-age knowledge management system makes sure the right employee always gets the right help, whether they can't open a file or need help programming the most complex software. In this way, every employee can receive the right help and answers to their questions from the enterprise knowledge base without causing any delay. If an employee has a query regarding HR/IT, the answer will be displayed in engaging and digestible formats such as images, texts, videos or gifs, which can be accessed by the internal knowledge management system and SharePoint.

In today's environment, employees don't want to seek fragmented and slow support. Your employees can get exact answers to their questions with the least effort when you automate the process. assists in managing knowledge, helping to store and deliver holistic training materials to your employees. AI platforms like automate knowledge management by removing the need for manual ticketing. leverage conversational virtual assistants to help employees resolve their issues within 15 seconds. Instead of directly interacting with a support agent, employees can interact with the AI-powered chatbot and get their questions answered instantly. If the chatbots cannot resolve the issue, they create a ticket and route it to a dedicated expert. Instead of providing generalized assistance to employees, ai-driven knowledge management tailors support to the specific needs of each employee. Whenever your employees interact with the chatbot, it scans your enterprise knowledge base and presents them with solutions that are unique to the issue raised by your employees. As a result, employees spend less time searching for support and receive precisely personalized answers to their questions. Moreover, ticket creation and management take place here without the employees' knowledge. does its best to exploit your knowledge base as fully as possible to provide the best solution for your employees' issues.’s Twitter-age knowledge management tool can be beneficial for every company, no matter how big or small. Here are the top business benefits of implementing’s KM tool.  

  1. Information available within seconds

  2. Resolve problems more efficiently

  3. Simplifies workflow and reduces time consumption

  4. Accelerate projects and boost employee performance

  5. Take advantage of existing expertise

  6. Streamline repeated procedures

  7. Reduce communication costs

  8. Provide better employee experience and customer service

  9. Boosting employee satisfaction and retention through training, development, and innovation

  10. Enhancing organizational agility


Today we live in a time when process automation is at its top, and artificial intelligence is flourishing. Your enterprise knowledge base is a treasure trove of information to assist your employees in resolving any issues they might have. Therefore, leveraging AI capabilities will be a game-changer in how knowledge management tools empower organizations to build and manage their organizational knowledge. It is imperative to choose a software vendor that keeps knowledge management running smoothly. Implementation can positively affect employee productivity and contribute to a culture of knowledge sharing the sooner it is completed.  

No matter how complex your business processes are,'s Twitter-age knowledge management makes it possible for your employees across your organization to access advanced and automated support whenever and wherever they need it.

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