Make Employee Engagement And Support Simple With Rezolve.Ai'S Invisible Ticketing

Make Employee Engagement And Support Simple With Rezolve.Ai'S Invisible Ticketing
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The first few weeks of an employee in an organization often determine their engagement and productivity. If they can adjust well to the new work environment and their peers, employees are likely to add value to the companies they work for. To facilitate seamless employee engagement, provides organizations with the feature of an invisible ticketing system

What Is's Invisible Ticketing System?

One of the most significant issues employees face while using traditional service desks is creating and tracking support tickets. The older ticketing platforms were fairly complicated for employees, especially those who were not tech-savvy. This resulted in the employees spending a lot of their time locating the channel or platform for creating their support tickets. As this process caused delays in support, employees resorted to making calls and writing emails to the concerned authorities, reducing the value provided by the service desks. 

Moreover, the traditional ticketing system favoured the agents more than the employees. It provided complete control of creating and managing tickets in the hands of the agents while the employees struggled to get their issues resolved. This approach is no longer relevant in providing support to employees in 2021 and beyond. provides users with an invisible ticketing system as an antidote to the traditional ticketing system. The AI-based employee service desk allows your employees to auto-resolve their issues without being conscious about creating support tickets. The platform automates every stage of the ticketing system to relieve the employees from making tedious efforts to handle their cases. 

Moreover, is a service desk integrated with Microsoft Teams, helping users obtain seamless support through a centralized platform. To create tickets, employees can interact with the AI chatbots. If they are willing to obtain live assistance from the support agents, the platform would automatically create support tickets and send the cases to suitable agents along with all relevant information. Once the agents look into issues and provide personalized solutions, the tickets are automatically closed by the platform without the need for your employees to make any effort. 

Enhancing Employee Engagement and Support With's Invisible Ticketing System

In this remote environment, HR managers often face challenges in providing adequate resources to the employees and ensuring that they are comfortable in this new atmosphere. The modern service desk within MS Teams like allows your HR managers to provide streamlined employee support and enhance your employee engagement to next-level. 

Here's how you can elevate your employee engagement with the help of's invisible ticketing system

  1. Providing Automated Primary Support

    Unlike the traditional approach, the invisible ticketing system by prevents the system from routing all cases to the support agents. In this new normal of remote work, employees often experience technical and non-technical issues that need to be rectified soon. Too much delay in addressing those issues will affect employee productivity as well as business ROI. Employees seek instant support from the agents. allow the employees to interact with virtual assistants to get their fundamental issues resolved. When an employee asks a question, the chatbot scans your enterprise knowledge base and develops a personalized solution. This allows employees to obtain seamless employee support without manually creating tickets.

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  2. Automating Repetitive Processes

    Today, employees are not willing to spend their time and effort carrying out repetitive processes. When the new employees find themselves undertaking repetitive tasks every day, it may reduce their engagement and productivity.

    To prevent this, the invisible ticketing system by allows your employees to automate their tasks. For example, you can automate resetting and changing your employees' passwords using This allows your employees to make necessary changes simply by giving appropriate commands to the chatbots. When users are able to change and reset their passwords by themselves, it relieves your IT employees from performing these tasks for them regularly.

  3. Conversational AI for seamless knowledge management

    Using an invisible ticketing system, you can automate knowledge management seamlessly and efficiently. It makes it possible for your employees to resolve issues with AI chatbots.'s smart chatbots can offer the right information on the issues your employees face.

  4. Track Various Issues

    An invisible ticketing system helps you keep track of a wide variety of problems at single time. Because of its organizational structure, this system will handle requests with less work. Moreover, it will take a few minutes to resolve any issues. In this way, employee productivity will rise, and human errors will be reduced.

  5. Streamlined communication

    There are many times when more than one person is required to solve a technical problem. In addition, it's crucial to inform the employees about the progress of the solution. Having an invisible ticketing system enables clear communication through easy internal messaging, helping to maintain constant communication between employees and agents.

The Final Word 

An invisible ticketing system allows your employees to receive personalized support without relying on traditional communication methods. It helps employees to create, track, and close their tickets without them making any extra effort. Invisbile ticketing system by is designed to automate and simplify the support provided to your employees, allowing them to get their issues resolved in a hassle-free manner and boost employee engagement.

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